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Three steps of storage blockchain

Time : 25/07/2022 Author : 7ofbtx Click : + -
        Many netizens asked questions: what stage has fil developed now, why it is so slow, and whether there is any plan? Where do miners get their profits now? Briefly talk about fil's development plan and the current stage. His consensus mechanism has both existential and computational components. Theoretically, the more data are saved, the more benefits will be obtained. However, there is no one to use at this stage, so all the data stored are garbage data. Anything can be saved as long as you can make up the number. According to the description of the project party, at this stage, the pledge and reward mechanism will change to some extent. At this time, some people need to store the data they really need to store. The key to ensuring the security and stability of the data is to quickly prove that these data have been stored.
        I believe members can also see this. This is a gradual and orderly process. Only when the stability of the network is verified in the first stage, a large amount of real and effective data is stored in the second stage, and you can start searching your data in the third stage. I have written about the search method before. There is a distributed hash table in the whole network. It's like a magnetic link. After finding this string of hash codes, you can find the corresponding file path and decode it. At this stage, the network will certainly be more mature. The middle is certainly complicated. According to the white paper, there will be exchanges for information trading, because the matching and pricing of information also need to be market-oriented, and both parties need to negotiate quantitatively.
        The total number of tokens in this project is 2 billion, which is actually quite large. In the initial stage, it will be issued in the form of blockbuster income, that is, bitcoin, or currency issuing stage. In the second stage of real data storage, the project party said that the reward mechanism would be changed, and the pledge and reward would be increased, which is said to be ten times. The reward is higher and the penalty is more. The third stage is easy to understand. It is equivalent to a large number of fils have been distributed to the market. If you want to retrieve data, you need to match each other and give each other money. According to the idea of the project party, matching data on the chain, opening channels under the chain to pay, and then submitting the results to the chain.
        That is to say, the first stage has not been fully implemented, but it has only been launched for one year. I saw the interview video of the project party before. They are still full of confidence, and they think that they have done a lot in this year. In a previous article, it was written that fil needs to do more than just build a blockchain or a project to save some data for everyone. If fil is really successful and efficient enough, it will change the existing Internet status. Now these big platforms may not exist. If you think about all kinds of dapps that can be made on filecoin, the large mobile phone applications you use now can theoretically be moved to the top, and they are all decentralized, and can be realized with a certain sound and a certain hand.
        The ideal is full, but the reality is that we have not yet found a profit model. The step of storing effective data depends on someone to store it. The data must be usable. Now, in addition to its own wallet, some netizens have told me that there is an app with monitoring nodes. I didn't find any apps. However, I personally feel that if a large amount of effective data can be saved, the project will be almost as successful as success. It doesn't matter if it is slow. If you can make a breakthrough in TPS, the whole project will live. You can use your data to make money in a decentralized way. More work pays more. Then the whole market will be revitalized. The development process is similar to that of a taxi driver. At the beginning, he started to burn money and fatten everyone. First, he entered my network, and then he had real needs and began to accumulate customers.
        Finally, it is to give up completely and let users match in this network. Finally, the project side is maintenance, and the network itself is decentralized. This is fundamentally different from a certain company. Some people asked me what advice I had. I didn't know. I only said that if it was me, I would keep 10% of the position and then leave it for a few years to see. Or if you really can't stand it, you will rebound and just let him out. At the current price, it's not interesting to sell again.
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