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People's Daily: blockchain is an important breakthrough for independent innovation of China's core technology

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        From becoming the theme of collective learning of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, to the convening of the world blockchain conference, from the continuous project financing in the capital market, to the hot talk of the people after dinner & hellip& hellip; Recently, the blockchain has been on the wind and has attracted much attention. So, what is a blockchain? How does it relate to our daily life? What is the development prospect of blockchain? What competitive advantages does China have in the development of blockchain?. A common problem in daily life is that Zhang San in the village borrowed 100 yuan from Li Si. How can such a message be confirmed to be true and recorded?.
        Li Si can broadcast through the radio station in the village. After hearing the broadcast, all the villagers will verify point-to-point and record this information in their own account books. As a result, the account books of all the villagers read "Li Si lent Zhang San 100 yuan". This process is an accounting system, and blocks are arranged in chronological order. The blocks are connected into a chain, which is the blockchain. The blockchain is connected from end to end in chronological order. It can be traced, but cannot be tampered with, because they are all encrypted. Chen Chun, Professor of Zhejiang University and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, used such a simple example to explain the blockchain. He said that fundamentally speaking, the blockchain is a distributed digital ledger, which is initiated by a single point, broadcasted throughout the network, cross checked and jointly accounted for.
        Distributed ledger, decentralization and trust reconstruction are the key words for understanding blockchain technology. According to the white paper on China's blockchain technology and application development issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2016, in a narrow sense, blockchain is a chain type data structure that combines data blocks in a chronological order in a sequential manner, and a distributed ledger that can not be usurped and forged by means of cryptography. The blockchain technology originated from the paper "bitcoin, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system" published by a scholar with the pseudonym "Nakamoto cong". Around 2014, the blockchain was gradually separated from the digital currency and extended to the vertical field. Now it has been widely used in various fields of economy and society.
        Ma Zhitao, vice president and chief information officer of Weizhong bank, said in an interview with this newspaper that as a new computing paradigm and collaboration mode for low-cost trust building in an unreliable competitive environment, blockchain technology is similar to the new generation of information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things, edge computing, cloud computing and 5g. It is the infrastructure of digital information systems. If it can promote the integration and development of various technologies, It can more effectively promote the development of digital economy and digital society. When it comes to invoicing, most people think of the troublesome and cumbersome procedures. Nowadays, Shenzhen office workers who commute by subway everyday use the word "second billing" to describe the invoicing experience.
        After settlement, consumers can apply for invoicing through wechat function and apply for reimbursement with one click. The invoice information can be synchronized to the enterprise and the tax bureau in real time, which truly realizes "no paper invoice, no special equipment, full mobile phone self-service operation, transaction Invoicing, invoicing and reimbursement". Among them, blockchain technology is indispensable. Last August, the country's first blockchain electronic invoice was born in Shenzhen. For more than a year, blockchain electronic invoices have been widely used in finance and insurance, retail supermarkets, hotel catering, parking service and other industries. On October 30, the number of electronic invoices issued by Shenzhen urban block chain exceeded 10 million, and the invoice amount exceeded 7 billion yuan.
        Based on the complete traceability of the whole process and the non tamperability of information, the blockchain electronic invoice not only facilitates consumers, but also helps enterprises avoid fake invoices, improve regulatory processes, reduce enterprise costs, build a trusted system and promote the sustainable development of the ecology. The bill business is only a microcosm of the application of blockchain in people's livelihood. Many experts believe that, especially in the scenario of multi-party participation, long chain and lack of trust, blockchain, with its unique trust building mechanism, will become one of the indispensable technologies for developing the digital economy and building a new trust system in the future. For example, blockchain technology originated from cryptocurrency, which has a natural fit with the financial industry and has played a significant role in the financial field.
        In the financial industry segmentation fields such as supply chain finance, cross-border payment, asset management and insurance, blockchain has achieved many application results. The first unified voting system for the benign withdrawal of P2P (peer-to-peer network lending) online lending institutions in China launched by Shenzhen Internet Finance Association and wechat bank has been put into use in 20 online lending institutions in Shenzhen with the blockchain technology as the core. More than 80000 lenders have been introduced and the principal to be received is more than 10.2 billion yuan, effectively solving the problem of difficult decision-making by stakeholders in the process of benign withdrawal of online lending institutions. In the traceability industry, blockchain also has great potential. Ping An Property Insurance has built a smart agricultural production and marketing traceability platform in Zhongning, Ningxia. It connects IOT equipment through blockchain technology to realize the traceability management of the whole industrial chain, providing a basis for improving the planting quality and production capacity of wolfberry.
        Ant blockchain is also used in commodity traceability. It is reported that during the "double 11" of tmall last year, 150 million overseas Taobao commodities realized origin traceability, and the number of commodities with blockchain ID cards will reach 2 billion in 2019. The latest "blockchain white paper 2019" released by China Institute of information and communications shows that on the one hand, blockchain integrates traditional finance, and on the other hand, it helps the real industry. From finance, product traceability, government affairs and people's livelihood, electronic deposit cards to digital identity and supply chain collaboration, the application scenarios of blockchain are constantly expanding, becoming more and more in-depth and diversified. At present, major countries in the world are accelerating the development of blockchain technology. Cai Weide, director of the digital technology and blockchain Laboratory of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, told this newspaper that many institutions in the world, including the central banks of Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Singapore and other countries, have engaged in a number of large-scale blockchain experiments and published experimental reports.
        According to the white paper on blockchain 2019, the development stages and characteristics of the blockchain industry vary from country to country, and different emphasis is placed on encouraging technology and policy supervision. For example, Australia, South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries have actively developed the blockchain industry and formulated the overall industrial development strategy; The United States, China, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia and the European Union attach importance to the research and application exploration of blockchain technology; Meanwhile, China, Australia, France, Switzerland, Finland, Liechtenstein and other countries have successively formulated regulations on blockchain regulation. As early as in the 13th five year plan for national informatization issued by the State Council in 2016, China listed blockchain technology as a strategic frontier technology.
        On October 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective study on the current situation and trend of the development of blockchain technology, and made it clear that blockchain should be taken as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies. Ma Zhitao believes that Chinese enterprises are more oriented to promote the effective integration of blockchain and real economy, and promote more technological innovation and application scenarios than other countries. According to the 2019 global blockchain enterprise invention patent ranking released by the global intellectual property industry technology media iprdaily, among the top 100 enterprises in the list, China accounted for 63%, the United States accounted for 19%, and Japan accounted for 7%; Among the top 10, China has already occupied seven seats.
        Lu Yifan, general manager of the financial one account blockchain Business Department of Ping An Group, said in an interview with this newspaper that in terms of the number of practitioners and market cognition, China has a good foundation in the blockchain field. According to the research of IDC (Internet Data Center), the market expenditure of China's blockchain reached 160 million US dollars in 2018. It is expected that this strong growth trend will continue in the next three years. By 2022, the expenditure scale of this market is expected to reach US $1.67 billion, and the compound growth rate from 2017 to 2022 will exceed 80%. With the continuous development of technology, blockchain technology will "blossom at multiple points and accelerate the promotion" and achieve breakthroughs in all walks of life.
        Lu Yifan explained that as the underlying technology of the blockchain, most of the current projects are oriented to the B (business, enterprise) end, and the ordinary people can not feel it intuitively in many times. However, the effects it brings, such as the advantages of information traceability, tamper resistance, and data authenticity, can bring intangible convenience to daily life. "In the future, we will see more and more blockchain C (user, consumer) applications appear. Even our smart phones can install lightweight blockchain nodes, and data sovereignty will gradually return to the hands of users. At that time, the problems of personal data abuse and data privacy protection will no longer exist with the help of blockchain technology.
        ”。 Ma Zhitao also believes that with the gradual maturity of the market, blockchain applications will become more and more widespread and accelerate development. He said, for example, blockchain government applications help to achieve the goal of letting people run less or no longer; The application of blockchain justice helps to reduce the arbitration cost and improve the arbitration efficiency of the public or small and micro enterprises; The blockchain traceability application helps people to eat more reassuring Food & hellip& hellip; "In the future, the blockchain may play a role in the clothing, food, housing, transportation and even spiritual civilization that are closely related to the people. For example, the social governance application of the blockchain will help promote good deeds, optimize the social governance model and help achieve sustainable development.
        ”。 "The value of blockchain does not lie in money speculation, but in solving social problems." Jiang Guofei, vice president of ant financial, believes that the blockchain has entered the commercial era ahead of time. This is due to the progress of technology, the further maturity of system performance and data protection, the acceleration of innovation by open technology, and the snowball effect stimulated by cooperation with industry benchmarks. In the future, these three points will continue to accelerate the commercial implementation of the blockchain, and more transactions and information exchanges will establish an interconnection and mutual trust system through the blockchain, and finally realize a world of "all things connected + ten thousand chains connected". Reply keywords, Get selected articles on relevant topics hot focus: military civilian integration, the Belt and Road, electromagnetic weapons, network warfare, the situation in the Taiwan Strait, the Korean Peninsula, the South China Sea issue, the major policy guidelines for Sino US Relations: the 13th five year plan and the two sessions, the national strategic economy, military science and technology, scientific research, education, industrial policy innovation drive, informatization construction, made in China policies and regulations, industry news, military civilian integration: the transformation of civilian participation in the military, coordinated innovation achievements, major projects of military industrial mixed reform, and the third-party evaluation and innovation frontier of the national defense industry Artificial intelligence subversive technology unmanned system robot virtual reality brain computer interface wearable device 3D / 4D printing biotechnology precision medical intelligent manufacturing cloud computing big data Internet of things 5g communication blockchain quantum communication quantum computing supercomputer new materials new energy terahertz space satellite Beidou aero engine high performance chip semiconductor components technology frontier application innovation technology vanguard weapon: aircraft carrier submarine surface ship UAV New bombers, advanced radars, new missiles, new tanks, anti missile hypersonic weapons, armed helicopters and equipment to strengthen the military: military reform and training of military strategic personnel.
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