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ACM conference information: the third blockchain and Internet of things conference in 2021 (biotc, 2021)

Time : 27/06/2021 Author : hgjzrw Click : + -
        It aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners and professionals from the industry, academia and government to discuss the R & D and professional practice of blockchain and Internet of things. Welcome scholars and researchers in the field of blockchain and Internet of things from all over the world to participate in the meeting, share your experience and lessons with other enthusiasts, and develop cooperation opportunities. All peer reviewed and accepted papers will be published in the international conference proceedings. The papers will be indexed by eicompendex and Scopus, and submitted and reviewed by the Thomson Reuters conference Citation Index (CPCI). For more conferences, please pay attention to: we are a platform that provides conference information for all scholars and conference release and promotion for conference organizations.
        It covers all kinds of meetings around the world.
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