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Wanda network, which can't play at home, has gone abroad to do blockchain

Time : 11/11/2021 Author : 97trv6 Click : + -
        Wanda has been on and off since last year. From Wang Jianlin to Wanda, to Feifan network. It is said that 90% of the staff have been laid off. And the news of the eight million annual salary recruitment SEO makes many network people flock to it. I hope I have a chance to make a fortune with Wang Shoufu, who has a small goal of 100 million. It's a pity that three CEOs have failed to revive Wanda e-commerce. It is still in that state. If you want to make a breakthrough, you may have to rely on Wang Shoufu's own efforts. Although Wang Shoufu is not the material for e-commerce. However, with the concept of the Internet flying all over the world today, if your company does not have Internet factors in it, you are ashamed to say that you are your own enterprise.
        Therefore, it is inevitable for everyone to do the Internet. Including those very traditional manufacturing industries, they are crowded on the big ship of the Internet. The richest man of nature can't be missed. It should be said that Feifan network was born in this way. Today, I saw the report that Wanda has reached cooperation with New Zealand blockchain companies. I thought I was blind! Blockchain, which has just been fired, is of course criticized by many people as worthless. Unexpectedly, Wanda network is also connected with the blockchain. What is the sanctity of the blockchain that emerged overnight? From three o'clock sleepless blockchain to now, it is only a few days to talk about blockchain. It is the most appropriate way to describe the development speed of blockchain by saying that "it is like a spring breeze all night, and thousands of trees and pears blossom".
        However, there are not many people who can really apply it to practice?. Nor do I look down on Wanda e-commerce. However, if you can't develop in such a good environment as e-commerce, how can you cooperate with others in blockchain? I think it's better for Wang Shoufu to invest. I give money to others for blockchain. Although we don't know what blockchain is, we can still proudly say that our company is also doing blockchain. However, it seems that we invented the blockchain? And it started from three o'clock without sleep. Is it reliable?. Wanda is a very successful brand. Whether from the perspective of the enterprise or from the perspective of Wang Shoufu, it is worthy of our respect. However, when you have not fully understood e-commerce, will you be fooled by others if you invest in this strange field? It's a very good tree with Wanda's signboard.
        In my opinion, Wanda is still sinking in e-commerce. First, we should do our own internal e-commerce well. After all, there are so many Wanda Plaza and tourism industries in China. All need the support of e-commerce. Therefore, its own e-commerce cake is large enough. There is no need to join the blockchain industry in order to catch the limelight. Of course, if the blockchain is used as big data, it is beneficial and necessary for Wanda. It is unnecessary to learn from those people in investment and financing. Everyone knows that Wanda is not short of money. We can't help but admit that some people are making money with blockchain gimmicks. When the wind stops, we can clearly see the chicken feathers falling on the ground.
        Therefore, Wanda went to New Zealand to cooperate with the blockchain. Whether it is reliable or not, Wang Shoufu was advised not to touch it. Of course, because this cooperation project has brought a good publicity effect and established a good image to Wanda network, it is true that it has finally endorsed Wanda's e-commerce development. As for whether it can be done, perhaps Wang Shoufu himself did not take it seriously.
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