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There are 456 domestic blockchain companies, but so far there is no successful DAPP

Time : 04/05/2022 Author : nij1bp Click : + -
        Contrary to the positive layout of large companies, blockchain startups that should exist as subversives have not produced enough blockchain products. On the contrary, as early star projects, they fell silent after getting enough funds from the online exchange. Such as early qtum and Neo projects. In the early stage, when it was necessary to build momentum, various new technologies and new ideas emerged one after another. However, when it was really necessary to produce finished products, it chose to be silent. Other projects such as beechat, SNT, GRE and selfsell, which have already landed, are basically in a state of being neglected after their initial popularity.
        It has been one and a half years since qtum started the project, and it has been almost one and a half years since Neo. But apart from all kinds of praise, is there anything that can be taken? After seeing that there was no way to continue harvesting, Neo created an ont. From the technical point of view, what ont can do can be fully realized on Neo. Why do we need to create a new public chain? The reason why we need to do ont based on Neo is only to increase the harvesting method. Moreover, with Neo's harvesting experience, ont harvesting is more convenient. It can be seen from the height control panel of ont that the harvest experience of this project is farther than that of Neo.
        It is no longer a one-off deal of Neo type, but it is much smarter than ICO by constantly pulling up and then selling to obtain higher returns at higher prices. When the value is exhausted, the fate of ont is just another Neo, and it will not die, but there will be no new surprises. In essence, blockchain technology is still a technology, and the technology must have an application direction. However, too many companies in China simply use the name of technology to circle money. In such an atmosphere, no matter how many companies there are, there is no significance for the development of blockchain technology.
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