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"Blockchain development" is not only the hottest emerging position in the United States

Time : 04/09/2021 Author : nj6yqz Click : + -
        According to the 2018 American emerging careers report, there is a great demand for blockchain development in the United States, and the demand for "blockchain development" jobs has increased 33 times over the previous year. The main work places are San Francisco, New York and Atlanta. The main industries include information technology and services, computer software and the Internet. 2018 is also known as the first year of blockchain application. With the continuous decline of cryptocurrency and the bear market, more and more people have seen the blockchain technology of separating bitcoin. Using blockchain technology, many companies have laid out relevant applications. On December 13, IBM and Telefonica are cooperating to implement the blockchain technology to simplify the core business process, aiming to improve the possibility and transparency of information collected by different networks when routing international calls.
        Concensys is a blockchain application service platform. In July this year, it signed a memorandum of understanding with xiong'an new area, which will provide suggestions to xiong'an New Area on how to use blockchain technology to build smart cities and improve software solutions. In China, the development and application of blockchain technology has been attached great importance by the government, and relevant policies have been issued in succession. So far, more than 22 regions have launched announcements or policies to support blockchain enterprises. In addition, more than 36 regions announced that they would directly lay out the blockchain industry. Zhejiang LingHang Technology Co., Ltd. responded to the national policy call, actively invested in the research and development of blockchain technology, and successfully combined blockchain technology with the Internet of vehicles to create a "profitable" OBD vehicle box & mdash& mdash; The leader has solved the problem of vehicle networking almost perfectly.
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