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46 pieces of information and 30 projects, Chengdu released the first batch of blockchain application scenario supply list

Time : 20/03/2022 Author : urdi54 Click : + -
        On October 29, 2020 Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship Fair & mdash; The first international blockchain Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the 2020 innovation Fair) was held, and a list of urban opportunities was released. At the press conference, Chengdu released the 8th batch of urban opportunity list, in which the first batch of Chengdu urban block chain application scenario supply project list was specially collected and compiled. Li Jialin, deputy director of Chengdu new economic development committee, introduced that the eighth batch of urban opportunity list mainly focused on the four main scenarios of intelligent production, intelligent life, intelligent governance and green ecology, and released a total of 477 pieces of supply information. The government's demand list focuses on sorting out and releasing the information on the planning, design, preparation and information infrastructure construction of the industrial strong chain, with a total of 277 items, involving a financing demand of 45.7 billion yuan.
        The government supply list released 38 pieces of supply information on smart governance, innovation and entrepreneurship, and built public service platforms including judicial assistance platforms and innovation and entrepreneurship carriers for enterprises. The list of enterprise cooperation involves 80 pieces of demand information such as talent recruitment and enterprise cooperation in the production and operation of enterprises, including new energy vehicles, industrial robots, intelligent cultural tourism and so on, to build a supply and demand information docking platform between enterprises. "The 2020 innovation fair focuses on the theme of blockchain, so we specially released a list of blockchain topics, with a total of 46 items." Li Jialin introduced that he designed 30 projects in the fields of government services, urban governance and financial services.
        Since the first release of the "list of urban opportunities" in 2019, Chengdu has taken the initiative to release the elements of urban public resources. In promoting industrial support and enterprise development, Chengdu has changed from giving preferential treatment to giving opportunities, realizing zero threshold opening and sharing of urban resources and zero distance docking of enterprise innovation with the market. In this list release, Chengdu also joined four sister cities of Deyang, Yibin, Meishan and Ziyang, as well as cities from eight the Belt and Road related countries, including Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, to participate in the release of cities and lists, help promote regional coordinated development and link global economic development. If you need to reprint, please contact the daily economic news.
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