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General posts in blockchain,Still hesitating? First half of 2018 blockchain industry job analysis report

Time : 27/11/2021 Author : 96i8ep Click : + -
        From the perspective of job salary, the high salary in the blockchain industry is mainly distributed in Beijing and Shanghai, with an average salary of 19K +; Nanjing, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou rank second, with an average salary of 15K +; Other cities are between 10K and 15K. Job volume map: in terms of job volume, Beijing and Shenzhen lead other cities in terms of job demand, with a job volume of 1600 +, followed by Shanghai and Hangzhou, with a job volume of 400 +, and regional centers or provincial capitals such as Guangzhou and Chengdu also have relatively high demand for blockchain jobs, with a job volume of 300 +. In the first half of 2018, the overall trend of job salary in the blockchain industry fluctuated little. The average minimum monthly salary was basically around 12.4k, and the average maximum monthly salary could reach 23.7k. In the third quarter of 2018, it showed a steady growth trend.
        Affected by the Spring Festival and the recruitment season, the number of blockchain jobs fluctuated in the first half of 2018, but the overall demand was first suppressed and then increased. It is expected that the demand in the third quarter of 2018 will show a significant upward trend. Topn popular positions: the salary of popular positions in the blockchain industry is generally 20K +, and the average salary of blockchain development engineers can reach 20.9k; In terms of the number of posts, it is clear that the posts of blockchain engineer and blockchain product manager occupy the top three, and other relevant posts are relatively few. Topn scarce high-end positions: the salary of scarce high-end positions is around 40K, and they are generally senior positions such as CTO, blockchain expert or director; The job demand is generally below 15.
        Affected by the Spring Festival in 2018, the demand for jobs in March has been adjusted back, and the demand for jobs in other periods is higher; It is expected to maintain a substantial growth trend in the next three months. According to the word segmentation and word frequency statistics of the recruitment demand, we can see that Java, Linux, architecture design, ring and python are the mainstream skills in the blockchain industry by drawing the word cloud map.
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