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Blockchain stocks,Most of the popular Chinese concept stocks closed lower on Monday, education stocks continued to fall sharply, and blockchain concept stocks rose

Time : 18/10/2021 Author : jevcnd Click : + -
        Most of the popular Chinese stocks closed lower on Monday, while education stocks continued to fall sharply; Blockchain concept stocks rose one after another, and bitcoin once broke the $40000 threshold. The number of bits soared by more than 109%, that of the ninth city by more than 54%, that of Jianan technology by nearly 16%, that of China global shipping by more than 11%, that of bit mining and e-commerce by more than 8%, that of China network, that of 21vianet and betta by more than 1%. New Oriental fell by nearly 34%, Netease Youdao fell by more than 33%, the first high school education fell by nearly 32%, Santeng technology fell by more than 29%, gaotu fell by nearly 29%, shell fell by more than 27%, tal, 51talk, together education fell by more than 26%, Puxin education fell by more than 22%, leader education fell by nearly 20%, Netease fell by more than 13%, elite education fell by more than 11%, Wuxin technology fell by more than 10%, Zhihu fell by more than 9%, JD, BiliBili fell by more than 8%, Alibaba, qutoutiao and dingdong shopping for vegetables fell by more than 7%, Ctrip 36 krypton fell by nearly 7%, Leju fell by more than 6%, baidu fell by nearly 6%, Momo fell by nearly 5%, Jinshan cloud and Weimei holo fell by more than 4%, everything new (love recycling) fell by nearly 4%, vipshop and iqiyi fell by more than 3%, and Tencent music fell by nearly 3%.
        On Monday, the Dow index rose to 35150.37 points, the NASDAQ index rose to 14863.65 points, and the S & P 500 index rose to 4422.73 points, all of which reached an all-time high. On July 24, the General Administration of market supervision and administration made a decision on administrative punishment according to law, ordering Tencent and its affiliated companies to take measures to restore the state of market competition, such as canceling the exclusive music copyright within 30 days, stopping the payment of copyright fees such as high prepayments, and not requiring the upstream copyright parties to give them conditions superior to their competitors without justifiable reasons. This means that Tencent music, including its subsidiaries, kugou music and KuWo music, no longer has a copyright moat.
        Xiaopeng automobile announced that the intelligent voice assistant small P in the xmartos vehicle intelligent system will soon be equipped with a new AI sound, and released the industry's first evaluation standard for the vehicle intelligent voice system from the perspective of users. The evaluation standard includes four dimensions, such as "how fast and how cool". On July 26, Beijing time, Boqi pet announced that Mr. Chen Di resigned from the position of senior vice president and director of the company and the position of director or senior management of the affiliated company for personal reasons, with immediate effect. It is understood that Mr. Chen Di has been the senior vice president and director of the company since 2012. Ms. Tang Yingzhi, CO chief executive officer and chief financial officer of the company, will take over the post of Mr. Chen after he leaves office.
        Aurora mobile (NASDAQ: JG), a mobile developer service provider, today confirmed that its revenue from K-12 education service institutions in China is very small. At present, the customers served by Aurora products come from different and diversified industries, and the income from China's K-12 education industry accounts for a very low proportion. According to the unaudited financial data for the fiscal quarter ended June 30, 2021, the revenue proportion of K-12 education industry customers is less than 1.0% of the company's total revenue. The company expects that the revenue proportion of this industry will remain at a low level in the future. Fanshengzi announced that it has cooperated with keystone Pharmaceutical (02616) to develop the taijihua? Concomitant Diagnostic Kit & mdash& mdash; The human PDGFRA gene d842v mutation detection kit (PCR fluorescent probe method) was given priority approval by the National Drug Administration (nmpa), becoming the first domestic concomitant diagnostic kit to enter the priority approval procedure.
        Soundnet announced that it would announce its second quarter financial results as of June 30, 2021 after the US stock market closed on August 9, 2021 (early on August 10, Beijing time). The management of the company will hold a financial report conference call at 21:00 on August 9, US Eastern time (9:00 on August 10, Beijing time). Uklian (has entered into a new local cooperative relationship with Fuxing Kitchen Equipment Inc., a Philippine household equipment manufacturer, to further expand its business in Southeast Asia. According to the agreement, uklian will provide mobile broadband (MBB) products and services for Fuxing.
        This cooperation marks the first time that Unocal has joined hands with domestic equipment industry partners to consolidate its leading position in mobile broadband data connection services.
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