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The performance of technology stocks was weak, US stocks opened lower, blockchain stocks rose, and Tesla fell more than 3%

Time : 25/07/2022 Author : tioehz Click : + -
        According to the news on financial on November 10, investors focused on CPI data and the speeches of officials of the Federal Reserve. At the same time, the company's financial results were mixed, the US stock market opened low, the Dow index opened down about 100 points, the technology sectors such as metauniverse and cloud computing were under pressure, and the gold, blockchain and energy sectors were generally up; Tesla fell more than 3%. Britain's FTSE 100 index rose 0.6%, Germany's DAX index fell 0.03%, and France's CAC-40 index fell 0.2%. The US dollar index rose moderately, and all G10 currencies such as euro, sterling and Japanese yen were under pressure. However, considering that heavy economic data will be released soon, investors are still unwilling to make large bets.
        Spot gold fell slightly, but still above 1820. So far this year, the S & P 500 has risen more than 25%. Ryan Detrick, chief market strategist at LPL financial, a US investment consultancy, pointed out that this increase may make the benchmark index perform better than average in 2022. Detrick tweeted on Tuesday that historically, the S & P 500 index rose by an average of 11.6% in the year following the year when it rose more than 25%. In the past 14 such cases, the S & P 500 index rose 12 times in the second year, with an increase probability of 85.7%.
        He also said that both the rising probability and the average growth rate were higher than the overall average performance & mdash& mdash; 71.8% and 9.2% respectively. In another tweet, Detrick said that looking back over the past 30 years, the cumulative increase of the S & P 500 index over the year from the beginning of the year to November was only 4 years. The December of these four years ended with an increase. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reiterated her view that high inflation in the United States will not last beyond next year, and said that if necessary, the Federal Reserve will take action to prevent a repeat of the price rises of the 1970s.
        With the easing of the epidemic, I expect that the price rise will stabilize and the inflation will return to the normal level of nearly 2%. She pointed out that the high inflation that continued in the 1970s and part of the 1980s has now emerged because people believe that policymakers will not end inflation, and inflation expectations have been firmly rooted in the hearts of Americans. This has not happened yet, and the Fed will not allow it to happen. According to the latest report released by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) this week, the price of Brent crude oil will drop with the increase of oil production in 2022. Meanwhile, it slightly raised the price expectation of crude oil in 2021 and kept the oil price expectation in 2022 unchanged. The specific estimates are as follows:.
        JPMorgan analyst Gregory C Shearer pointed out that the gold price rise caused by inflation and soaring energy prices could not last until the end of next year. In the past few months, the gold price has remained at the support level longer than expected. The sustained high level of basic inflation and high energy prices are one of the reasons. However, looking ahead to next year, JPMorgan Chase predicts that the global economic growth will be much higher than the potential growth rate, inflation will ease, and the upward trend of gold price will be suppressed. It is estimated that the gold price will be 1520 US dollars / ounce in the fourth quarter of 22. Rivian automotive, a new electric pickup truck, will be listed on NASDAQ on Wednesday local time. This IPO is one of the largest and most anticipated transactions in the world in the year.
        According to sources quoted by the media, rivian, a California electric vehicle start-up company, set the issue price at US $78 per share in this highly anticipated IPO, which is far higher than the upper limit of its raised pricing range. At present, the valuation of rivian has exceeded $77 billion. According to US media reports on Tuesday evening, the US District Court rejected Apple's application to extend the injunction in the epic case on the same day. The consumer electronics giant still needs to allow app developers to provide external third-party payment channels to users before December 9 according to the original arrangement. Apple said that it firmly believes that any change in business behavior should not be required to be implemented before the end of the trial, which is the main reason for its application for extension.
        The judge refuted Apple's request in court. Qualcomm has launched the Xiaolong spacesxr developer platform, a headset ar development kit, to provide developers with tools to realize creativity and transform the possibility of headset ar. Snapdragon spaces is now available to some developers and is expected to be available in the spring of 2022. The main environmental understanding features of snapdragon spaces include spatial mapping and spatial grid, occlusion, plane detection, object and image recognition and tracking, and machine perception features with user understanding capabilities include positioning tracking and gesture recognition. Netflix released five games for Apple devices on Tuesday, including "strange story: 1984", "strange story 3", "one ball into the soul", "seesaw" and "card explosion".
        Netflix launched the same game last week on devices running Google's Android operating system. Netflix's new games can be downloaded from the app store, which is in line with Apple's controversial regulation that developers are prohibited from publishing integrated game applications. The decision to allow users to register for Netflix subscription services (including games and streaming media services) through Apple's payment system shows that tensions between the two companies are cooling. It is not clear whether Netflix will eventually restore the apple payment function in its main application, but the subscription services purchased through the game will be transferred to the main application. According to the news on November 10, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Xbox, recently accepted an interview with Bloomberg. In the interview, he talked about many topics including the acquisition of game studios. He hoped that Xbox would invest more in social and leisure games in the future.
        Philspencer also said that Microsoft is currently looking for opportunities to acquire new game studios, hoping that the games made by the acquired studios will have a wider audience and a more casual way of playing, so as to enhance the influence of Xbox in social and leisure games. Doordash, the largest takeout platform in the United States, will acquire wolte enterprises (Finnish food, restaurant, grocery store and store distribution company) in the form of stock to expand into the grocery and retail fields, with a transaction value of 7 billion euros (about US $8.1 billion). The acquisition marks that doordash will accelerate its expansion into the international market and accelerate the growth of gov in 2022.
        At the same time, doordash also released its financial report for the third quarter of 2021. The company's revenue in the third quarter was US $1.28 billion, higher than the analyst's expectation of US $1.16 billion; The net loss was US $101 million, more than twice the loss of US $43 million in the third quarter of 2020. On the same day that the antitrust appeal case of Google shopping was ruled by the European Court of justice, the company won an appeal case in the United Kingdom concerning iPhone collection of user information. It is reported that on Wednesday, the British Supreme Court rejected a class action lawsuit against Google, which saved the company from a huge claim of 3.2 billion pounds (about $4.3 billion).
        Today, biontech released its third quarterly report, with a revenue of 6.087 billion euros; Net profit was € 3.211 billion. Previously, the market expected Q3 revenue to be nearly 5 billion euros, and the net profit of Q3 was expected to be 2.588 billion euros. Biontech se plans to work with Pfizer to produce 2.7-3 billion doses of vaccines this year, and it is expected that the covid-19 vaccine production capacity will be expanded to 4 billion doses in 2022. Biontech estimated that the revenue of covid-19 vaccine in 2021 was about 16 billion euros to 17 billion euros, compared with 15.9 billion euros previously. On November 10, pubmatic released its financial results for the third quarter of 2021.
        The financial report shows that it achieved a record revenue of US $58.1 million, creating a net GAAP revenue of US $13.5 million and an adjusted EBITDA of US $24.3 million; For the fourth consecutive quarter, the company achieved the best organic revenue growth of more than 50% and the net profit rate of more than 10%; The adjusted EBITDA profit margin exceeds 30%; The company raised its financial outlook for 2021. On Wednesday, local time in Germany, Infineon technology, which mainly provides key industrial chips for electric cars, renewable energy, automatic driving and other popular tracks, released its fourth fiscal quarter report and annual report for fiscal year 2021. Although the company is in the focus of supply chain tension, various financial data continue to highlight performance.
        According to the company's disclosure, the record fourth fiscal quarter achieved a total revenue of 3.007 billion euros, an increase of 10% over the previous quarter and 21% over the previous quarter; The segment result (similar to the adjusted profit) defined by the company itself was 616 million euros, an increase of 24% month on month, and the gross profit rate also increased to 41.2% from 39.1% in the previous quarter. On Wednesday, local time, the British government issued the cop26 Declaration on accelerating the transition to 100% zero emission vehicles and trucks, which was signed by some countries and automobile enterprises. More than 10 automobile enterprises, including BYD, Ford, Mercedes Benz, general motors, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover and Tata, have committed themselves to fully selling zero emission new cars and vans in leading markets by 2035 or earlier, and helping to establish the transformation of customer demand while promoting this business strategy.
        Fleet owners, operators or shared travel platforms of Uber and other enterprises promise to strive to achieve 100% adoption of zero emission vehicles for cars and vans by 2030 or earlier if the market allows. Recently, Yinchuan Xiaopeng automobile sales and Service Co., Ltd. was established. The legal representative is Li Chuxu, with a registered capital of 10 million. The business scope includes wholesale of automobiles and spare parts; Sales of new energy vehicles; Operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure; Charging pile sales; Used car broker, etc. according to the shareholder information, the company is wholly owned by Xiaopeng Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. At the telephone conference for the third quarter of 2021, Li Bin, the chairman of Weilai, said that the construction of the second production base located in Hefei Xinqiao intelligent electric vehicle industrial park was proceeding as planned. The construction started on April 29, and the main structure was capped on August 26. The equipment installation will start at the end of November, and it will be officially put into production in the third quarter of next year.
        At present, the planned maximum capacity of the two plants is 600000 vehicles per year, which can meet the needs in the short term. Lufax announced its financial results for the third quarter of 2021. The financial report shows that the company's Q3 total revenue was 15.924 billion yuan, up 21.8% from 13.076 billion yuan in the same period of the previous year; The net profit was 4.115 billion yuan, up by 90.8% from 2.157 billion yuan in the same period of the previous year; The net profit rate was 25.8%, compared with 16.5% in the same period of the previous year. The basic and diluted earnings per share were 3.51 yuan and 3.31 yuan respectively, both of which were 2.01 yuan in the same period of the previous year; The basic and diluted earnings per ads are 1.76 yuan and 1.66 yuan respectively.
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