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The key to software customization development! Do you know all this?

Time : 09/03/2022 Author : fzdq4p Click : + -
        The first key to an effective customized software development project is to ensure that customized software is really needed, rather than buying packaged solutions - and there are good reasons to determine. According to a survey by relevant people, 75% of business and it executives expect that their software projects will fail, and less than one-third of the projects can be completed on time and on budget within more than one year. One way to build and purchase comparative analysis is to ask whether there is a packaged software solution that can provide more than 80% of the following functions:. If a decision is to be made, an important initial consideration is to buy from the main participants and ensure that they communicate and collaborate on the project.
        Collaborators include sponsors, users, developers, even customers and business partners outside the organization. Collaboration means "collaborating with business users on requirements, sharing knowledge among global development teams, and working together in development and operation teams to improve quality and responsiveness.". One of the key outcomes of collaboration is a clear, common vision of what software needs to do (rather than not do). It has been determined that "the organization needs to effectively define and manage the requirements to help ensure that they meet the needs of customers, and at the same time solve the compliance issues and carry out them as planned and within the budget", and "the requirement definition and management is an activity that is likely to achieve the following objectives: high and rapid return on investment.
        ”。 After the requirements are defined (they may change more than once), the application of mature modern development methods and practices can help deliver effective and even innovative software quickly and effectively. Agile development decomposes requirements into easy-to-use functions, and rapidly realizes these functions through incremental development. With the continuous deployment of functions, the feedback loop helps to find and fix defects. Devops is a combination of development and operation. It is an agile based approach that integrates software development and it operations into software design, development, deployment and support. Open source is the software source code open to the public and the development community. For example, Linux is an open source operating system.
        It can improve development efficiency by reusing software components and improve interoperability by avoiding proprietary architecture. By hosting the development environment in the cloud, cloud based development brings the advantages of cloud computing to software development. These environments support coding, design, integration, testing and other development functions to build local applications and cloud native applications, which are realized with the cost control, speed and on-demand convenience promised by cloud technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) enables software to imitate human decision-making and learning. It can be used to improve the development process. For example, natural language processing (the ability of computers and software to understand human language) can be used to analyze the requirements text and propose improvements based on best practices.
        AI technologies such as machine learning and modeling can also be acquired and integrated into applications through application programming interfaces (APIs) and services in the cloud. Blockchain is a secure digital link ledger that can eliminate costs and vulnerabilities introduced by banks, regulators and other intermediaries. Developers are using blockchain ledger and open source hyperledger technology to build new secure trading and financial applications that can release funds and accelerate business processes. Low code is a development practice that reduces coding requirements and enables non coders or citizen developers to quickly build or help build applications at a lower cost.
        Analytical technology is helping software applications and their users make full use of large amounts of data through dashboards, visualization and prediction functions. Like AI, cloud based services and APIs make it relatively easy to incorporate analytics into applications. Mobile application technology may only be necessary. 54% of global executives believe that customer purchasing behavior is changing from products and services to experience. Many of these experiences occur through mobile software. Connecting mobile applications with data to improve and enrich the user experience is a key requirement for developers.
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