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Blockchain should adhere to high standards

Time : 02/05/2022 Author : 71k035 Click : + -
        The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee recently conducted collective learning on blockchain, and this concept is becoming hot. Undoubtedly, blockchain is a new outlet for technological innovation and industrial transformation, and a threshold that cannot be bypassed by a new round of international competition. How to participate in the research and application of blockchain technology with a more active attitude, firmly grasp the new opportunities brought by the new outlet of blockchain technology, and seriously meet the new challenges that may be brought by the research and application of blockchain technology is of great significance to China's economy, especially the digital economy It is very important to step onto a new platform and occupy a new commanding height. China has made initial achievements in the research of blockchain technology and laid a good foundation. In some fields, blockchain technology achievements have been applied to a certain extent.
        Relevant government functional departments and local governments have also established blockchain technology management institutions and research institutions. Some qualified large-scale enterprises have even increased their investment and have set foot in the research of blockchain technology. It is a good thing that we attach great importance to this work, have high enthusiasm and strong enthusiasm. However, from the development history of emerging technologies in the past, we also need to look at the attention of all parties to this work more rationally and rationally, prevent the possible "swarm of bees", prevent the use of blockchain concepts to speculate and cheat financial subsidies, and prevent the occurrence of low-end technologies and even deception. Blockchain is a technology with high technical requirements, high level of technology, wide application of technology and great impact on future economic and social life.
        Major countries in the world have been laying out the research and application of blockchain core technologies, establishing blockchain technology research institutions with relatively high platforms, and conducting high-level blockchain technology research in some large enterprises. If we cannot adhere to high standards, high platforms and high standards in the research of blockchain technology, but are satisfied with the research of general technology, it will be difficult to gain a favorable position in front of the new outlets of blockchain, and even be marginalized due to the wide application of blockchain technology. In order to achieve the "three highs", it is first necessary to formulate a scientific blockchain technology research and application layout plan. The layout planning mentioned here does not simply require the scale of research, the number of researchers, the number of participating units, and the amount of investment. It depends on how many technological achievements and standards can be produced that are ahead of the world, whether they can have a voice in the research and application of global blockchain technology, and whether they can make China's economy more internationally competitive through the research and application of blockchain technology.
        All research institutions and units that fail to meet these standards and requirements, especially enterprises, should reduce blind entry and avoid waste of resources, policies and funds. On this basis, the formulation and implementation of relevant policies should also start from a high starting point and high standards, especially the financial support. It must be based on the support and reward of advanced technologies, especially international leading technologies, rather than showering. It is the concept of blockchain that gives financial support and support. Among them, local governments need to break the egotism and protectionism, focus on the whole country and the whole world, avoid getting involved in the low-end field of blockchain technology and application, and avoid hyping the concept of policy and fund incentives and application to the lowest end, but must be high-end, high-level and high-standard.
        At the same time, we should actively prevent possible speculation in the capital market and excessive capital intervention. New air outlets are often areas where capital madly enters. In order to ensure that the research and application of blockchain technology will not be excessively hyped by capital, we must make full efforts in system construction, policy guidance, code of conduct, technology evaluation, achievement evaluation, and crackdown on violations.
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