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Time : 08/04/2022 Author : 8295sm Click : + -
        London, January 10 (Reuters) & mdash& mdash; According to data from market tracking agency dapprad, with the popularity of speculative crypto assets, from cartoon apes to video clips, NFT sales will reach about $25 billion in 2021, although there are signs that the growth is approaching the end of the year. NFT digital collection trading platform development NFT digital collection development development digital collection platform digital collection trading platform development digital collection trading platform app development digital collection platform building digital collection trading system development NFT digital collection trading system development digital collection app development NFT digital collection system how much does it cost to build an NFT platform NFT trading platform development software NFT development customized NFT digital collection app development.
        Last year, the prices of some irreplaceable tokens, crypto assets representing digital projects such as images, videos and even virtual world land rose so fast that speculators sometimes "flipped" them in a few days to make profits. However, in recent months, the emerging NFT market has plummeted. As the price of cryptocurrency has plummeted, investors have become more risk averse in the face of high inflation, central bank interest rate increase and economic recession. Crypto startups that have just ended the incredible bull market are preparing for the next stage of life. Just mentioning "NFT", "Dao" or "defi" may not attract investors as before.
        The variety of cryptocurrency start-ups raised now is seeking to double the score for more traditional customers instead of establishing a self referenced cryptocurrency customer base. These startups are being forced to learn from the bull market and find the truth in the previous foam. Hang, a Web3 startup, is one such startup. It hopes to build a brand customer base and help them use NFT to replace existing membership and loyalty programs. This startup hopes that by using the blockchain, users will be able to buy and sell elite membership, find the market value of the benefits provided by the loyalty program, and establish closer relations with the brands they often visit.
        "By using NFT and blockchain, there are better ways to solve the actual problems of the brand," CEO Matt Smolin told techcrunch. "We really think this is a new way to guide the new relationship between consumers and brands.".
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