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What game are you playing with the group without spending a penny on a billion dollar advertisement?

Time : 10/02/2022 Author : q2gczh Click : + -
        A new model can transform the original industry and create great commercial value, but it is difficult to find a model that can be implemented and there are few innovations that can be promoted. The advertising industry is a typical representative. In the traditional advertising industry, the advertisers are often unable to find a good delivery channel due to the capital budget and delivery risk, while the delivery channels in the hands of the media are often idle, resulting in an astonishing waste of resources. In the past 20 years, the total turnover of the advertising industry has exceeded 8 trillion yuan. Such a large-scale investment has resulted in an increasingly low conversion rate and attention. Marketing is becoming more and more difficult, which is the basic consensus of enterprises and advertisers. Whoever can solve this problem will bring new growth to the industry.
        There are many companies that want to solve this pain point, but the platform with partners is undoubtedly unique. The most attractive thing about it is that it provides a solution with almost zero threshold for enterprises: uniting national high-quality media resources, replacing the equity and sales share of enterprises, so that enterprises can put in a large number of advertisements without cash and obtain high value. The brand-new model of Hegang people means a subversion for the advertising industry. Idle resources are effectively utilized, and the brand value of the enterprise is enlarged. In fact, it subverts the traditional advertising buying method. In this process, he and his associates played the role of bridge and incubator. Moreover, when the business model of Hehe associates integrates blockchain technology and actuary, and integrates advertising, brand, new consumption, etc., the huge value it generates is not limited to business, but like a social experiment. Behind it is a trillion level community of interests.
        In view of this, while sorting out the data, giant finance and economics also had a dialogue with Mr. Qiu Chaomin, CEO of Heyou platform, in-depth analysis of Heyou platform, disassembly of its business logic and interpretation of its model. The significance of advertising is to let consumers see the products as much as possible. To achieve this goal, we must cover as many scenes as possible. In a word, spend more money and make more noise. In 2001, the turnover of the national advertising industry was about 79.5 billion yuan, accounting for 0.71% of the national GDP in that year. By 2020, the turnover of the national advertising industry will be about 914.3 billion yuan, accounting for 0.9% of the national GDP in that year.
        Over the past two decades, the investment in the advertising industry has become higher and higher, and its proportion in the national GDP has also increased. It is also 1 billion advertising expenses, accounting for 1 / 80 of the whole market in 2001, but only 1 / 914 of the whole market in 2020. For the same amount of money, the volume of sound is getting smaller and smaller. Moreover, the increasing cost of advertising has discouraged small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises are also suffering from it. Because of the large family and large business, the advertising budget is often insufficient. Looking at the media market, there are newspapers and magazines, digital advertisements, outdoor large screens, and mobile ads & hellip& hellip; The various forms are dazzling, complicated and inefficient.
        The third pain point of advertisers is that enterprises lack of judgment criteria for the value of the media, often unable to measure whether the media quotation is fair or not, and both parties stick to their own words, lacking value rating and value formula. The more critical problem is that consumers are now exposed to a large amount of information every day. They are immune to the intake of advertisements, and their attention is seriously atomized. Even if tens of millions of advertisements are launched, they may not see an immediate effect and cannot realize their commercial value. This is the fourth pain point of advertisers. The first is the waste of surplus advertising. In the operation, there will inevitably be a large number of surplus advertisements. The surplus resources cannot be stored and will be wasted if not used.
        The second pain point is that price reduction will impact the price system. The media lacks data collection and has no answer to where the target customers are, resulting in a series of consequences such as missing audiences. The price reduction and discount sale cannot be sustained for a long time, because it means an impact on the existing price system and affects its own value. The third pain point is the problem of revitalizing. Holding a large number of advertising channels, but unable to find a suitable advertiser, the value of advertising resources that cannot be sold is equal to zero, because the value of advertising can not be retained. If we do not make use of existing resources, we can only sit back and eat nothing. The traditional way is generally a zero sum game. If one side gains more, the other side may suffer losses.
        And He Gang has jumped out of this antagonistic mode and chosen a win-win mode, so that advertisers and media can become a community of interests and achieve a win-win situation. We plan to use a whole set of structures to solve the pain points of the industry. To sum up, its innovation lies in: adopting the form of equity + sales share, helping enterprises to create famous brands with zero burden, and helping advertisers to make use of surplus resources with zero burden. According to Qiu Chaomin, CEO, the design and fund management of the partner platform are very similar. It helps the rapid growth of enterprise brands by integrating advertising, marketing and capital. Before investing in enterprises with partners, we will conduct assessment in advance and select those enterprises that are ready to invest in brand building and recognize that the brand creates value.
        At the same time, the enterprise should also ensure that it has excellent products that can be re purchased for a long time, and the market segment where its brand is located is large enough, with an annual sales volume of no less than 50 million and a complete intellectual property & hellip& hellip;。 Before "Xiangma", the Hegang platform will first sign the same framework agreement with all advertisers, requiring a management authorization, get its idle resources, and use these resources to find enterprises in the market that need advertising. After a series of professional actuarial analysis and evaluation with partners, an enterprise will get a certain amount of credit. It can select through the media resource library of the partners platform and purchase advertisements with the credit line. The enterprise itself needs to pay a certain amount of shares and monthly sales share. It can solve the problem of brand advertising without cash, and the idle resources of the media can be revitalized.
        "Since enterprises can't afford the high cost of brand building, we can help enterprises to build at the cost of 0. For advertisers, we can help them to bear the burden of revitalizing idle resources." In the whole process, the platform earns the fund management fee and management share after the resources generate investment income, which is a win-win way. "Horse racing" is the guarantee for the media's income created by Heping, that is, at the beginning of the project, the investment target is selected in each category, and after the project is launched, various channel resources are inclined to it to promote its growth, so as to ensure that resources are concentrated in the hands of enterprises with higher production ratio. For the sake of risk prevention, the partners also set a "stop loss return rate", the proportion of which is determined according to the specific situation of the enterprise, and the accumulated sales share / accumulated advertising resources used by the enterprise every month is taken as the inspection standard.
        That is, the rate at which the enterprise should pay the minimum amount based on the accumulated advertising value (usually not higher than 3%) and calculate the monthly stop loss return. This "stop loss rate of return" can be said to be the reins held in the hands of the "horse racing" partners, and the best allocation of advertising resources and enterprise needs can be achieved between the collection and release. Since the sales share is used as the risk measurement index, when the sales volume of the enterprise is too low, the credit can be terminated in time to protect the interests of the media and prevent the enterprise from squandering the credit line arbitrarily. At the same time, three months of trial and error opportunities are reserved. If the enterprise fails to reach the predetermined sales volume, it can use cash to make up for the price difference, which makes the whole model have good flexibility.
        For growing enterprises, when their own brand marketing expenses are insufficient, the mode of partnering is a timely help. Those scattered high-quality advertising resources, through the revitalization of partners, give credit to enterprises through leverage several times that of cash purchase. For enterprises, after cooperation with partners, they can choose different types of advertising resources through the partner resource pool at different times and exchange them for credit lines, which is flexible and convenient. However, the media side and the enterprise side are still the same as in the past, except that the channel has become a partner platform and the cash has been replaced by a credit line. In addition, the measurement standards of both parties have also been fixed. For an enterprise, the standard that can be measured is the advertising price of cash purchase it can obtain in the market.
        For the media, the measurable standard is the current scale and future development space of the enterprise. We have specially built an advertising business management system with our partners. All kinds of contracts have been standardized and can be directly signed online. In the system, enterprises can directly contact the media, communicate online, and determine a series of issues such as publication time and production cost, which saves time and effort and avoids the money and time expenditure of offline communication. As we all know, blockchain technology is highly transparent, non tamperable, decentralized and other characteristics, which can technically solve the trust problem. When the equity, advertising data, financial information and other data of the invested enterprise are linked, everything is well documented, and the default cost of the enterprise is greatly increased, and the trust problem is solved by technology.
        Because the partners know both the media side and the enterprise side, and are familiar with their needs and pain points, they can create such a dual end model. It is also because of the attraction of the partnership model that the number of advertisers who have reached cooperation with it is increasing, and the number is updated every day. As of the time of writing, there are nearly 800 cooperative advertisers. Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd. is a Sino foreign joint venture limited liability company focusing on the dairy industry. Its predecessor is the state-owned Beijing milk station established in 1956. It has the advantages of the whole dairy industry chain. And the partners follow the new products of Sanyuan & mdash& mdash; Yoyan yogurt cooperated.
        After the product was launched, it has been advertised in major business districts, some office buildings and residential buildings in Beijing through the Hegang platform, with a total of thousands of points. Due to the outstanding performance of this product in many markets, the scale and scope of advertising were added in the follow-up of Sanyuan. As Sanyuan is a state-owned listed company, it has its particularity. Therefore, the company and its partners have solved the problem by not occupying equity, but only obtaining sales share for 8 years, fully taking into account the requirements of the partners. In the next stage, Hegang will continue to help yo Yan yogurt to become a super single product under Sanyuan shares. Shengyuan group is a Chinese company with a factory in France. It focuses on the field of mother and infant in China, producing infant milk powder and mother and infant nutrition food, and Youbo Ruimu is its high-end milk powder brand.
        As a high-end milk powder focusing on the Chinese market, Uber Ruimu is 100% French origin and canned in the original tank, meeting the dual production standards of China and the EU. Shengyuan group has seen the unique advantages of hepuoren platform, and both parties have signed a 38 month long-term contract, while hepuoren platform has given Youbo Ruimu a total of 4.8 billion advertising resources. Both parties will rely on nearly 10000 cooperative stores of Youbo Ruimu to jointly create a brand of head infant milk powder. Because Uber Ruimu is a brand rather than an independent enterprise, the cooperation with partners and Shengyuan has chosen to account for 12% of the virtual equity of the brand, plus 5% of the full caliber product sales share.
        After the signing of the contract, the advertising of Youbo Ruimu takes the store as the core, covers the surrounding 3km community, and continues to attract customers, realizing the multi frequency exposure from the elevator to the bus, and from the community to the supermarket. In Q1 of 2022, we helped Youbo Ruimu put more than 110000 advertising spots in 39 cities across the country, and the actual consumption of advertising value was more than 30 million yuan. This greatly stimulated the sales enthusiasm of dealers in various cities and boosted the morale of the whole team. With the joint efforts of various teams, the sales volume of the main stores of Youbo Ruimu has increased, and the potential stores in various cities have been effectively developed. According to relevant sources, the sales performance of Youbo Ruimu Q1 has increased significantly year on year.
        Korla Qianhe Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It has a variety of Xinjiang characteristic fruits, melons, fruits, apricots and pears. Xiyu Xiangfei has a stable and controllable national distribution network covering the county-level market. It has established sales counters in 2600 supermarkets across the country, including Yonghui, Wal Mart, Carrefour and so on. In the fresh fruit brand track, it is a typical growth enterprise. Therefore, it successfully obtained a credit line of 400 million yuan from the partner platform. In the first stage of launching the advertisement of Xiangfei in the western regions, Hegang cooperated with the promotion activities of nearly 1000 supermarkets nationwide and achieved good results.
        The star products such as Korla Fragrant Pear and Persia honeydew melon promoted by the western region fragrant Princess quickly opened the market with strong publicity. By placing advertisements at high-speed railway stations, airports, business districts in key cities, etc., the brand awareness of Xiangfei in western regions has been greatly improved. In the new fruit season of 2021, Xiyu Xiangfei signed 18 provincial-level agents. Its advance collection of nearly 10 million yuan set the best record in history. With the influence of the brand, it has created a sales scale of nearly 200 million yuan from zero in the supply chain business in one year. Simple summary and partnership mode: sign a large number of idle advertising resources, give credit to high-quality enterprises for free, exchange for sales share + equity ratio, solve cooperation trust through blockchain and other technologies, reduce investment risk through risk control, and transform short-term cash value into long-term win-win value.
        Hegang platform creatively integrates philosophy, business, humanity, blockchain, win-win, transparency, actuary, new consumption, advertising, brand and long-term ism. It not only has great value for the advertising industry, but also interprets the dreams of real idealists. The media and advertisers are supposed to be twin relations, mutually beneficial and win-win. The new model has brought new ways of playing, and has also returned the relationship between the two to its proper shape. At present, the media end of the partners platform has been able to operate itself, and a large number of high-quality enterprises and media are required to join in to complete the operation of the dual end mode.
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