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INSEE, network and investors discuss blockchain from birth to application

Time : 18/06/2022 Author : xanj92 Click : + -
        Focusing on the theme of blockchain from birth to application, several senior investors and blockchain enthusiasts had in-depth exchanges and discussions, bringing on-site interpretation of the development process of blockchain and relevant cutting-edge information. Bitrisecapital investment partner Guo haozheng gave a keynote speech on "blockchain evolution: from birth to application" to introduce the development history and application scenarios of blockchain. From the appearance of bitcoin to today, the blockchain has gone through several iterations. At present, blockchain + projects in different industries are everywhere, which is certainly a good phenomenon. However, Guo haozheng believes that the future will not be limited to this. For example, the Internet has brought e-commerce that was completely impossible before. Blockchain technology is fundamentally a change in social efficiency and production relations. It will also bring us a new business model in the future, which he has always expected to see.
        The round table forum of the meeting was centered on how to use "blockchain +" to enable industrial upgrading. The guests expressed their views on the questions raised by blockchain enthusiasts:. To some extent, the blockchain is a distributed data storage system. As a database, it can ensure that its data is not tampered with, which is the core advantage of the blockchain. However, the authenticity and integrity of the data cannot be guaranteed most of the time when the data is linked. The guests believe that industries that directly generate online data during application, such as finance and digital content, can directly guarantee the authenticity of the data on the chain and give full play to the utility of the blockchain. In the future, with the development of Internet of things and other technologies, more industrial data will be directly collected by computers, which will increase efficiency and security. This problem will no longer exist.
        At the same time, limited by the current problems of computer storage, calculation, analysis capacity and data transmission efficiency, the blockchain industry has not yet seen large-scale applications, and more products are tried out in a small range among blockchain enthusiasts. However, according to Moore's Law (when the price remains the same, the number of components that can be accommodated on the integrated circuit will double every 18-24 months, and the performance will also double.) We can expect that with the continuous improvement of computer performance, we will not be too far from entering the real blockchain era. As another revolutionary industry after the Internet, blockchain has received great attention from people from all walks of life in recent years.
        However, nowadays, the air foam in the blockchain market is rampant, and various projects are still playing with concepts without considering the specific landing direction. As we all know, blockchain 3.0 is an era of application. INSEE network, which won the "2018 blockchain influential enterprise award" of people's network, aims to create a distributed visual content collaborative network, and use blockchain technology to solve various unreasonable situations in the visual content industry such as film, television and advertising. "I'm not the God of medicine", which is the latest film to hit the box office, has become a rare domestic film with a 9.0 Douban score. It also reflects in the rich film and television market that high-quality content is the biggest reason for the audience to pay.
        INSEE network perfectly integrates the digital economy with the visual content industry, promotes the communication and cooperation among producers (IP producers), consumers, advertisers and investors, and transforms the visual content industry from "driven by capital" to "driven by content", and truly becomes a "Petri dish of high-quality content". Brightyu: the core of blockchain is to change the methods of clearing and equity delivery. What INSEE needs to do is, on the one hand, the actual implementation of application scenarios and, on the other hand, the lowest level protocols. INSEE, as a low-level operating system, chooses the film and television industry as the main application scenario of this project. On the one hand, the data of the film and television content industry is directly generated on the chain, which is more suitable for the current blockchain technology. On the other hand, brightyu, as a deep-seated film and television investor, has seen many unreasonable situations in the film and television industry, and hopes to bring some changes to this industry through INSEE, Solve various pain points in the industry.
        Based on the blockchain technology, INSEE can realize "contribution is transaction, transaction is liquidation, and liquidation is equity", so as to improve the equity distribution system in the industry, which is also the core value of INSEE.
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