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Huolongguo Finance: what is the role of blockchain deployment in enterprise LAN?

Time : 30/03/2022 Author : 9lptwg Click : + -
        Currently, the blockchain system is usually an IT application system, located at the application side of it, and deployed on the enterprise LAN and the Internet. The typical deployment diagram is shown in the following figure. MEC is generally deployed in the access layer and aggregation layer of the operator's network. It adopts a virtualization architecture and supports flexible loading of software through virtual machines / containers. MEC provides the user plane function of the operator for local data diversion and other wired and wireless access capabilities, and can deploy a variety of edge feature applications. In addition to enhancing the network of operators, MEC also often serves local networks such as enterprises and parks. The MEC deployment location is at the edge of the CT domain, and its typical deployment diagram is shown in the following figure.
        From the perspective of whether the blockchain system is deployed on the MEC resource pool, there are three deployment modes for the integration of MEC and blockchain: onmec (the blockchain is deployed in the MEC resource pool), offmec (the blockchain is deployed outside the MEC resource pool) and hybridmec (hybrid deployment). Onmec means that each node of the blockchain system is fully deployed to the resource pool provided by MEC, enabling MEC and providing services and applications through MEC. Offmec means that each node of the blockchain system is deployed to the private cloud and public cloud of the enterprise. The resources used are not related to MEC. The blockchain system provides services and application interfaces for MEC applications to enable MEC.
        Hybridmec integrates the two modes of onmec and offmec. Some blockchain nodes are deployed to MEC nodes, and other blockchain nodes are deployed to enterprise private or public clouds, forming a hybrid networking mode. The selection of deployment mode mainly depends on the business needs of industrial users and existing deployment conditions.
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