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The "net red chain" reached the top! In August, the top 10 domestic primary market blockchain financing was released

Time : 12/11/2021 Author : 5t86vn Click : + -
        On September 10, China financial information network and ceniu data jointly released the list of top 10 domestic primary market blockchain project financing in August 2019. Note: according to the ranking of the accumulated financing amount of domestic primary market enterprises in the current month from the largest to the smallest, the data source is the data of olefin cattle. Ceniu data extracts domestic investment and financing events through open channels and exclusive detection, and collects nearly 1000 financing data every month. As the primary market is very complicated, there are inevitably omissions in information extraction. From the list, there was a large number of domestic blockchain projects in August 2019. The monitoring data shows that the financing projects of trading platforms still maintain a high degree of enthusiasm. The financing track shows signs of contraction, the situation of multi-domain integration of blockchain technology has changed to a certain extent, and large cultural and entertainment projects and media projects have received more attention.
        The traceability of the blockchain and the smart contract mechanism naturally coincide with the IP assets of big entertainment in some aspects. From the list in this issue, there are 4 investments in the media field, 3 in the big entertainment field, and the remaining 3 in the big data, underlying technology and game fields. Newstar, as its name implies, aims to create a blockchain version of the Internet red economy. The value of the project is to transform the underlying economic system of the entertainment industry through blockchain technology, and to deposit, confirm, store and securitize valuable content. The angel round financing of this period has invested 20 million yuan, with an estimated value of over 100 million yuan, ranking the first in the list. It has its own halo of "Internet red".
        At present, the major live broadcast platforms occupy the entrance of user traffic. The overall scale of users is about 500 million, and the market value exceeds 50 billion yuan. Compared with the traditional centralized platform, the decentralized solution avoids the unfair sharing system caused by the dark box operation in the aspects of live broadcast list ranking, pricing and reward, and solves the copyright protection problem. However, the relationship between traffic stars and platforms is not a simple "linear" relationship, and whether the chain reform can succeed still needs further observation. 33 finance was founded in May 2018. It is committed to providing independent and objective blockchain technology and industry information and market analysis, and has launched various forms of content such as video programs, event public relations, quantitative strategy market, etc.
        It is said that its operating community sprite community has 50000 users. This financing is the first media project invested by Yuxin capital and will be mainly used for team building and platform building. After this round of financing, the estimated value of 33 finance and economics is about 50 million yuan. Yuxin capital is an investment company focusing on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and quantitative funds. Currently, it has deployed bitcoin mining machine production, cloud computing power, mining pool and other fields, and will continue to make blockchain ecological investment. Cocos BCX is a blockchain game asset trading technology service platform, which can support developers to program, debug and release decentralized applications and hybrid architecture applications oriented to the blockchain environment. At the same time, it can realize the off chain permanent storage and cross application use of assets in the application.
        The game industry has always been the most popular track in the blockchain industry. In 2018, the number of users in China's game industry reached 626 million, and the actual sales revenue reached 214.44 billion yuan. With the continuous development of the game industry and the saturation of the local market, manufacturers will take the road of global expansion. From a global perspective, compared with the traditional game digital economy model, the game digital economy based on the blockchain will have such excellent characteristics as frictionless global payment, higher reliability and transparency, higher fairness, stronger cross game interaction, even higher resource utilization and lower development and operation costs. According to the project party, Cocos open source game engine currently has 1.3 million registered developers and 300000 monthly active developers worldwide, serving 800 million players worldwide.
        According to the list released continuously, the development of China's blockchain industry has been continuously deepened. There have been four major open-source technology architectures in which batj is deeply involved, including JD chain of, xupchain of Baidu, annchain of Ping An and Alibaba, and bcos of Tencent. With the improvement of infrastructure and the formation of industrial ecology, the threshold of blockchain development will be greatly reduced, and then the real economic stage of chain transformation will be opened. (analyst Guo Xinghua).
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