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JD digital blockchain connects different industrial entities and gives data credibility

Time : 18/04/2022 Author : c37nzs Click : + -
        Recently, with professional technical product services and rich scene verification practices, JD digital technology group has won a number of awards in the blockchain industry with its strength: for example, in the third "cyberspace trusted summit" organized by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute under the guidance of the Network Security Coordination Bureau of the state network information office, JD digital technology group won two awards at one stroke & mdash& mdash; Zhizhen chain digital deposit platform won the network trusted service solution award, JD & amp; Wyeth infant formula blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability project won the network trusted technology application case Award; In the first global supply chain Digital Economy Summit and 2019 China logistics and supply chain industry blockchain application annual meeting, JD digital technology Zhizhen chain digital deposit platform won the "top ten blockchain application cases" award.
        In the boom of blockchain development, how to drive the application with technology and give play to the real value? In the view of JD digital technology, the blockchain can be called a "connector" between different industrial entities, and it is also an ecological environment in which each has its own beauty and the United States and the United States. It needs to be combined with the actual application scenarios to create in-depth value. JD digital blockchain combines IOT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, focuses on the two major directions of trusted supply chain and digital finance, deeply cultivates industrial scenarios, and serves the trust economy. As one of the blockchain solutions of JD digital technology, the Zhizhen chain digital deposit platform is designed to meet the business needs of enterprises that a large number of electronic data need consensus and cannot be tampered with. It ensures the legal effect of electronic data through blockchain, hash verification, electronic signature, trusted timestamp and other technologies, and is applicable to a variety of application scenarios. It supports electronic protocols, electronic contracts, orders, emails Web pages and other forms of information.
        When the user's information is stolen or a dispute occurs, a lawsuit can be filed through the litigation platform of the Internet court to achieve rapid verification; The judicial institution determines the authenticity and integrity of the electronic evidence by comparing the linked evidence information, so as to provide an effective and reliable evidence reference for the judicial trial; It also saves time and labor costs for enterprise users in handling disputes. It is understood that the Zhizhen chain digital deposit platform is also one of the first deposit applications connected to the trusted electronic evidence platform of Guangzhou Internet court. In April this year, it realized the connection with Guangzhou Internet court and its "Netcom legal chain" alliance chain. All deposit information on the Zhizhen chain digital deposit platform will be synchronized to the trusted electronic evidence platform of Guangzhou Internet court and the relevant judicial institutions on the "Netcom legal chain" alliance chain, It realizes the functions of multi-party trusted storage and convenient access to evidence.
        At present, more than one million blocks have been deposited through the Zhizhen chain digital deposit platform. JD Xiaobai credit leasing platform & mdash& mdash; Transaction information of Jingxiao rent, JD Auction & mdash; The historical tracing information of the auctions witnessed by the collection has been deposited through the digital deposit platform of Zhizhen chain. Consumers have enjoyed convenient after-sales services and rights protection such as online transaction deposit brought by the blockchain. Taking the electronic signature blockchain deposit as an example, arbitration can be reduced from 60 days to 7 days through electronic signature + blockchain deposit. The deep value creation combined with the actual application scenario is the starting point and the foothold of the blockchain technology.
        JD digital technology Zhizhen chain constantly explores the application field of blockchain and develops a structured application platform to support the systematic application of blockchain in these scenarios. At present, Zhizhen chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform, digital certificate storage platform, pharmaceutical traceability platform, and blockchain ABS standardized solutions are proven, mature and stable SaaS application platforms and solutions that have been fully open to the society and provide "out of the box" blockchain services. JD digital technology not only has its own open-source blockchain underlying engine jdchain, which has realized the throughput capacity of 20000 transactions per second in a single chain, but also fully supports the national cryptographic algorithm to ensure the safe application and audit in the fields of government affairs and finance.
        In terms of the core technology of cryptography, JD also pioneered a supervised signature algorithm, which can not only ensure the anonymity of the signer, but also ensure that the supervisor uses the root certificate to reveal the identity of the signer so that it can not be repudiated. In order to enable enterprises applying blockchain technology to quickly establish enterprise alliance chains and easily cross the threshold of blockchain technology, JD digital technology's blockchain platform products & mdash& mdash; The smart chain blockchain as a service platform (jdbaas platform) has embarked on a technology compatible and open route, which can support a variety of blockchain engines such as jdchain, fabric and stellar; It can also be used in a variety of operating system environments.
        In addition, it also implements a multi cloud strategy in storage, supporting private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. As one of the core technical capabilities of JD digital, blockchain continues to connect online and offline with digital technology to promote better integration with the real industry. In the future, JD digital technology will continue to increase the R & D investment in blockchain technology and the polishing of application products, form a strong mutual thrust between blockchain technology and practical application, and promote the construction of China's network trusted space and blockchain application ecology.
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