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I have heard that the earliest blockchain project is in Chengdu?

Time : 01/06/2022 Author : be0fn6 Click : + -
        "Nine days out of Chengdu, thousands of households enter the painting." Since ancient times, I do not know how many literati and poets have written for it, leaving famous works to be handed down for generations. Today, when we comb the urban gene and historical context of Chengdu from Kuan Zhai alley, Chunxi Road to Yuanyang Taigu lane, we will find that the best way to open Chengdu is actually four words, namely "culture" and "innovation". As the temperament and soul of the city, Tianfu culture grew up in Bashan and SHUSHUI. It has not only the simple and elegant legacy, but also the fashionable and open bearing and the mind of embracing all rivers. On October 14, the 14th CSDN blockchain Technology Salon will come to such a city with strong cultural atmosphere and scientific and technological innovation as scheduled& mdash; Chengdu!.
        Chengdu can be said to be the birthplace of the earliest blockchain project. It originated from the famine and flourished in the streets and lanes. It is known as "mahjong". Why do you say so? In short, it has the following basic characteristics of the blockchain:. 1. There are four miners in a group. The miners who first collide with the correct hash value of 13 numbers can get the accounting right and get rewards. 2. It cannot be tampered with. Because convincing the other three people requires too much calculation and physical strength. 3. Typical value Internet. The value in my pocket didn't last eight times, so I went to their pocket. 4. Decentralized, everyone can be Zhuang, which is completely point-to-point. 5. Utxo, unspent transaction expenses.
        It can be seen that the blockchain not only originated early in Chengdu, but now it is spreading in full swing! Therefore, in this activity, let's carry the feelings of Chengdu and hum the ditty of "Chengdu": "walk with me in the streets of Chengdu, whoo ~ whoo ~", and witness the enthusiasm of Chengdu developers together!. Returning to the theme of this issue's blockchain salon, although blockchain is still a hot topic in the streets and lanes, and the momentum of technology development continues to rise, which brings us great imagination and subversive ability, DAPP based on blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and there is no DAPP with large-scale practical application value. For most developers, DAPP is a gold mine that needs to be developed!.
        DAPP in the blockchain 3.0 era is a blueprint for the future blockchain world described by blockchain technologies such as consensus mechanism, smart contract and cross chain integration. It can improve user experience and reduce development difficulty. From the perspective of reality, although many enterprises are exploring the application of blockchain technology and have also adopted blockchain encryption and distributed technology, there is no large-scale operation in the application process, which makes the relevant events unable to be verified by large-scale people, and the trust required by the resulting applications is difficult to reach a high level. Therefore, many applications are only technical blockchains, Instead of the blockchain on the application, the blockchain does not play a real role.
        CSDN, the world's largest Chinese developer community, has initiated and held "CSDN blockchain Technology Series Salon" in response to the strong demand of technology developers since January 2018. Currently, the 10 salons have covered 9000 people, all of whom are high-quality or potential technical talents in the industry. Since the 11th issue (August 2018), we officially opened the "CSDN blockchain Technology Salon Super City sharing meeting". This CSDN blockchain Technology Salon will be held in Chengdu, the "land of abundance". With the theme of "blockchain core technology and DAPP development", focusing on the core technology of blockchain, development trends and challenges, smart contracts, DAPP development, "blockchain +" and other contents, four blockchain technology experts will be invited to give in-depth analysis to blockchain technology developers and enthusiasts in the form of lectures and interactive discussions, And share some feasible solutions and the opportunities and challenges faced by the blockchain at this stage.
        Organizer: CSDN co organizer: blockchain base camp, geek group venture capital, lemon technology strategic cooperation media: blockchain, blockchain digging network, blockchain insight time: 13:30-17:00 pm on October 14 (Sunday) Venue: Building 5, Zone D, Tianfu Software Park, No. 599, shijicheng South Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, inspiration coffee. Guest introduction: Zhang Xing, head of nuls Technology Research Institute and technology community, founder of blockchain bottom modularization. POC (proof of credit) credit consensus mechanism based on node credit is proposed for the first time. Domestic blockchain pioneer explorers, information security experts, full stack engineers, and data security experts in the financial field are familiar with the operation principle of blockchain, familiar with the Linux kernel and database implementation principle, and are committed to creating a flexible and easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure and reducing the commercial application process of blockchain technology.
        He once worked in Jiangnan Keyou, leading product design and R & D. his leading terminal information security products and bank counter real-time card issuing products have been used in more than 20 financial institutions. Topic introduction: smart contract is a bridge linking the underlying technologies and applications of blockchain. Zhang Xing, the initiator of nuls project, will bring in-depth understanding of smart contracts to developers around such topics as what smart contracts are, the characteristics and development environment of smart contracts, the role of smart contracts, how smart contracts work on the blockchain, and how to quickly develop smart contracts and dapps on the underlying public chain. Guest introduction: Chen Dahong, CTO of the initial chain in China, product leader of the initial chain, responsible for the layout of the product matrix under the entire initial chain ecology, contributor to the development of the core code of the initial chain light wallet app, has been engaged in the IT industry for more than 20 years, and has rich experience in the design and development of Internet products and software project management.
        He has independently completed the development of the whole set of government traffic business management system, took the lead in assisting the business of Shenzhen traffic management system to realize online office networking, and led the new trend of big data management. He used to be a senior lecturer of Dodi Internet Group, and trained a large number of high-quality talents for the Internet industry. As the technical partner of caihuohuo, he was responsible for the research and development of new products, server clusters and high concurrency processing. Topic introduction: share the relevant technical content of public chain DAPP development in the blockchain industry, refine the technical focus of DAPP development, analyze the relevant development technical knowledge, and introduce the examples of DAPP Development & mdash; The relevant technical content of wallet development, revealing the difference characteristics of the initial Chain Wallet and the later optimization and improvement measures.
        Guest introduction: Yan Qiang, lemochaincto. He obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees from the school of computer science of Sichuan University. He was responsible for the R & D of products with more than 100 million users in Tencent, the R & D of clients in QQ browser team, the micro cloud of Tencent cloud storage products and the cloud file data storage group service of browser, and the R & D of Q + WebOS in QQ team. Contacted blockchain projects in 2013, with mature architecture experience and full stack engineer. Topic introduction: with the growth of the amount of blockchain data, the node operation cost is gradually rising. Under the pressure of memory, bandwidth and computing performance, most dapps choose to trust the data provided by a specific node.
        This speech will deeply analyze how light nodes can balance the use experience and data reliability, and provide the greatest assistance for DAPP landing. Guest introduction: Yi Xiaochun, product director of Zhigui technology and product director of zig baas. Graduated from the Department of automation of Tsinghua University, he used to be a senior product manager of Alibaba. He has rich product experience in many fields such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, culture and entertainment. Topic introduction: share the understanding of blockchain as a service (baas), introduce the baas platform based on hyperledgercello, and the exploration and practice of distributed identity identification, Oracle and other related technologies, and through the blockchain cloud service platform Zig & ndash; The on-site demonstration and interaction of baas realize the development of the bottom layer of dappdemo.
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