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League of heroes will launch comics with marvel; Tentacle live broadcast announced that iqiyi had become a new investor; Tencent games and blockchain games

Time : 25/06/2021 Author : y30oad Click : + -
        According to foreign media reports, Tencent game announced on November 19 that it will cooperate with the blockchain E-sports entertainment platform to launch an all-weather E-sports live channel, which will include live broadcast hosts from fazeclan, method and NRG, as well as other interactive functions, such as game prediction. The new channel will support theta reward mechanism, and users can use theta tokens to purchase and upgrade in-game props. Theta tokens are generated on the theta blockchain. The domestic game live broadcast platform tentacle live announced today that it received investment from iqiyi in the first quarter of this year. The specific investment amount has not been announced yet.
        At the beginning of this year, tentacle received a round D financing of US $120 million led by Google. This time, it was announced that it obtained iqiyi investment. Tentacle is the first bullet screen live broadcast platform focusing on live mobile games in China. It was officially launched in July 2015. According to the verge news, instagram announced that it has created some machine learning tools to identify which accounts use third-party services to create zombie powder and false likes. After discovery, it will automatically delete zombie powder and false comments and likes under these accounts. Any account identified as using a third-party application to increase popularity will be notified, and if the third-party application damages their account security, they will also be prompted to change their password.
        (taste and play). The short video app "mobile times" recently completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, led by kunyan capital and co invested by Qiyi Bo fund under iqiyi. Kunyan capital has invested in projects such as the second shift plan and uncle Kai's storytelling. In April this year, "dynamic" received tens of millions of yuan of pre-A round financing from Chuangshi partner capital and lotus capital. (36 krypton). According to the verge, the foreign media, riot games, the developer of the League of legends, is working with Marvel Entertainment to bring the League of heroes into comics.
        This is a rare crossover for this nine-year-old multiplayer strategy game. Greg street, the creative development director of riot, a new graphic novel called "League of Heroes: Ashe: the mother of war", which is being launched by the two companies, told the verge that these comics are either independent works of specific heroes in the game or new formats and artistic styles. Hedgehog commune is a vertical information platform focusing on the content industry. Its focus areas include paper media and digital publishing, Internet information and social platforms, video and audio platforms, film and television entertainment, content entrepreneurship and we media, secondary media, VR / AR and artificial intelligence and other future content development directions.
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