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Consensys's valuation doubled in four months, and web30 application training rose

Time : 18/02/2022 Author : pzgrbh Click : + -
        With the rapid development of metauniverse, digital collections and blockchain applications, the scientific and technological circles and investment circles have aroused great enthusiasm for Web3.0. Consonsys, a Web3.0 giant incubator, has doubled its valuation in four months. Sequoia Capital has set up a professional fund for Web3.0. Microsoft, Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance and other large Internet companies have also made a comprehensive layout through investment. Global technology giants are accelerating the layout of the next stage of the Internet: Web3.0. The essence of Web3.0 is technological innovation, and the key to the next generation of Internet is talents. In order to help more Internet practitioners make rapid transformation, famous teacher teams such as Yu Jianing, Fang Jun and Li Hui of HuoDa Education launched a new course "Web3.0 application engineer training plan" at the opening bar to cultivate professionals facing the next generation of Internet.
        On April 29, 2022, Yu Jianing, President of Huoda education, was invited to give a lecture at the "class bar 2022" to explain in detail the development trend and personal opportunities of Web3.0 and metauniverse. The course of Web3.0 application engineer training plan is 12 weeks long. It is taught by authoritative expert teams such as Dr. Yu Jianing, executive director of China Mobile Communications Federation yuancosmos Industry Committee and President of Huoda education, Fang Jun, Internet technology expert and consultant partner of Huoda education, Li Hui, executive director of huochain technology blockchain Research Institute and Deputy Secretary General of blockchain service network alliance BSN, etc. from the perspective of future Internet panorama and technology trends, Comprehensively explain the core principle and application architecture of Web3.0 technology, and comprehensively cover engineering practice and development skills.
        Yu Jianing said in the lecture that Web3.0, as a value Internet of "readable + writable + owned", gives users real data autonomy, and solves the problems of data monopoly, privacy infringement, and giant "doing evil" in the Web2.0 era with a new organizational form and business model. Compared with Web2.0, Web3.0, based on the underlying technology of the blockchain, has created a digital world dominated by users, featuring open collaboration, privacy protection and ecological co construction, bringing a new paradigm for Internet value, and is also the infrastructure and application of future social, payment, service and trading markets. Fang Jun believes that the fields involved in Web3.0 are very diversified, including not only the development and deployment of blockchain smart contracts and other new technical concepts and technical frameworks, but also the iteration and upgrading of products, thinking and organizational forms.
        The Web3.0 application engineer training plan gives engineers an overall understanding of the value logic of Web3.0 through the interpretation of the panoramic ecology and technology trends, with equal emphasis on thinking, theory and practice. The course "Web3.0 application engineer training plan" is divided into three modules: Web3.0 trend and principle, Web3.0 application and development practice. According to the sequence from technical core principles to application architecture, and then to engineering practice and development skills, the teaching method of combining technology trend and application practice is adopted. At the same time, the course selects key projects of each track, deeply analyzes the core principles and design concepts developed, and helps students build Web3.0 with brand-new technical concepts, architectures, tools and product ideas.
        The Web3.0 trend and principle module covers the panorama and development trend interpretation of Web3.0, helping engineers grasp the development logic and trend of the next generation value Internet as a whole; In the Web3.0 development module, the latest technology learning and guidance in the industry such as Ethereum technology foundation and application, smart contract programming and solidity language, DAPP programming practice are included; Finally, the Web3.0 application and development practice module helps students to comprehensively master the necessary skills required by Web3.0 engineers by analyzing the latest applications, open source codes, new tools and code bases of the Web3.0 ecology, such as NFT digital collections, defi distributed financial programming and practice, and Dao distributed management new mode.
        HuoDa Education (Hainan HuoDa Education Technology Co., Ltd.) is a leading educational institution in the fields of blockchain, metauniverse and Web3.0 in China. With the motto of "linking industries and enabling entities" and the goal of "blockchain thinking" of top entrepreneurs, it has trained more than 50000 leading talents in the new economic field. Kaike bar is a leading enterprise in online vocational education in China, focusing on cultivating compound and application-oriented talents in line with the development trend of the new era. The class bar integrates the front-line teachers and practical projects of world-renowned universities and leading enterprises, and provides diversified vocational education and talent services such as advanced vocational ability and vocational qualification examination for college students and on-the-job personnel to help users achieve sustainable career growth.
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