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Today's hot spot! The national standard of blockchain reference architecture is under project approval and drafting

Time : 01/01/2022 Author : s8ih5d Click : + -
        According to 36 krypton, at the round table discussion on the construction of blockchain technology standards, Wu Zhen, director of the Key Laboratory of Internet financial security technology of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the national standard of blockchain reference architecture has been developed and is now in the process of project approval and drafting. The terms, reference architecture, roles and functional modules of blockchain will be defined. Our national Internet Emergency Response Center has also taken the lead in setting up a standard for security technical requirements of blockchain platforms. Now it has also completed the draft and is seeking opinions. Our center has also led the development of an international standard for blockchain copyright in ITU. Generally speaking, there are some framework standards, but the standards for blockchain applications are still in the early stage and immature, and are not particularly urgent for the time being.
        Tang Qihang, director of the blockchain technology application and Development Working Committee of the China E-Commerce Association, posted a microblog article. Today, the E-Commerce Association, the blockchain technology application and Development Working Committee and the Xi'an Public Security Bureau jointly established the China blockchain technology application anti fraud center. Next, we will crack down on pyramid selling coins, forked coins, Shanzhai coins, fund trays, and telecom fraud issued under the cloak of blockchain, As well as illegal activities such as we media blackmail fraud and new network crimes. V God tweets that the geth team has made great progress! Forward P & eacute according to V God; terSzilá Gyi tweet, gethv1.8.19 has just been released, which improves the processing speed of synchronization blocks by 30% (15% faster than full synchronization).
        Geth, also known as goethereum, is one of the three implementations of the Ethereum protocol. It is developed by the go language and is a completely open source project. Various functions of Ethereum can be realized through geth, such as creating, editing and deleting accounts, opening mining, transferring Ethereum coins, deploying and executing smart contracts, etc. According to, Pang Huang, deputy inspector of the development and Reform Commission of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said yesterday that in 2019, the logistics projects of Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin, Qinzhou, Fangchenggang and other important logistics hub cities will be included in the national logistics hub layout and construction plan; Focus on the construction of cold chain logistics projects included in the 13th five year plan and cold chain logistics planning of the regional logistics development, especially the cold chain logistics projects in the main fruit and vegetable production areas; Vigorously promote the construction of major projects in 15 key service industries, especially the service industry projects based on "Internet +", the whole industry chain, the blockchain and other new formats and models.
        According to blockbeats, the super node has a very high status in the EOS ecosystem, and the lowest node can earn at least $1600 a day. However, there are many teams in these super nodes that only take money but do not work. After the launch of the EOS main network in June, an EOS investor was cheated by more than 1280 EOS due to the disclosure of his private key, and then turned to the EOS core Arbitration Forum ECAF. Three months later, ECAF issued an arbitration freeze order on this asset account, but the super node starteosiobp did not add this account to the blacklist. Subsequently, the scammer successfully transferred out the remaining EOS within 6 seconds of using starteosiobp to take charge of the production block.
        But starteosiobp refuses to accept responsibility.
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