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Time : 25/04/2022 Author : 2chz5e Click : + -
        As the tide of the first year of metauniverse gradually heats up, the game and Web3.0 industries have also entered a new stage of development. More and more entrepreneurs and academic experts have begun to launch a new round of attacks around cloud games, content going to sea, game culture, XR, virtual people, digital twins, digital derivative economy and other fields. Whether in the traditional game industry or the emerging field of the meta universe, the virtual reality symbiosis is a key topic that cannot be avoided. The combination of virtual and reality will help mankind enter the next era of digitalization, networking and virtualization, and will open up an endless scientific and technological future based on Web3.0. According to the 2022 global blockchain industry talent report jointly released by LinkedIn and Ouyi OKx, in 2022, more than 15 venture capital institutions launched Web3.0 special funds with a scale of more than US $4 billion, including Sequoia Capital (US $600 million), a16z (estimated US $1 billion) and other head institutions. The investment direction covers blockchain technology and gamefi.
        In order to better help the healthy growth of the industry and bring professional and comprehensive games, metauniverse and Web3.0 cutting-edge information to users through the perspective of media research, 36 krypton held a summit on the theme of "virtual reality symbiosis, endless future" in Beijing from August 2 to 3, 2022. This summit invited many investors, scholars and industrial innovators to discuss the industrial development trend. At the same time, 36 krypton united with Yuanli planet to launch the summit commemorative digital collection, and united with Shangyi Huicheng to launch ar interactive lottery and other games on the site, so that the audience attending the meeting can experience the charm of virtual reality symbiosis. SRC = in the future of games, metauniverse and Web3.0, 36 krypton will continue to carry out research through the most cutting-edge vision and professional analysis to provide comprehensive support for the industry.
        In the first half of the year, although the car market was still deeply affected by the epidemic and the chip crisis, the recovery of China's car market was also visible under the effective domestic response; Therefore, today we will take stock of the heavy new cars that were launched in the first half of this year.
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