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The total issuance amount of usdd exceeded US $1.2 billion, and the corresponding destruction amount of TRX exceeded 1.6 billion

Time : 01/06/2022 Author : t0o86k Click : + -
        The latest news: the stable currency usdd of wave field decentralization algorithm was officially issued and circulated on May 5. As of May 6, the total amount of usdd issued was US $126720006, exceeding US $120 million. The corresponding amount of TRX destroyed was 1670366012trx, exceeding 1.6 billion TRX. Usdd (decentralized USD) is a decentralized algorithm stable currency initiated by the wave field joint reserve and the mainstream institutions of the blockchain. Usdd operates on the wavefield network and accesses the Ethereum and coin security chains through the bttc cross chain protocol. More blockchains will be accessed in the future.
        Usdd uses TRX to link with the United States dollar (USD) and maintain its price stability, so as to ensure that users can use a stable, decentralized and financial freedom guaranteed digital dollar system.
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