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Blockchain ① - blockchain "plate" surged by 805%, breaking the strongest record since its inception

Time : 13/03/2022 Author : 2rtjd9 Click : + -
        Stimulated by the significant positive effect of high-level efforts to develop the blockchain, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rose across the board on Monday, and the blockchain sector was bullish. According to the data, among the 126 listed companies related to the blockchain, the number of trading limits including ST shares is as high as 96, accounting for 76.19%. There are 162 trading stocks in the two markets, including ST shares, which means that blockchain stocks account for 59.26% of the total trading limit. According to the "blockchain index" made by 126 blockchain stocks, the average increase of the blockchain index is as high as 8.05%, which is the strongest record since it was opened on October 11, 2016.
        It is worth noting that the blockchain index is calculated according to the "weighted average". If calculated according to the "arithmetic average", the rise of this sector has reached 8.73%!. Although the amplitude of the whole day after the blockchain index opened sharply was not large, only 1.52%, the fund activity was quite high. On that day, the transaction volume of the blockchain sector was 48.78 million, an increase of 64.91% over last Friday; The turnover reached 52.518 billion yuan, up 84.34% from last Friday & mdash& mdash; These two numbers have both set the highest records since April this year!. "Blockchain is a long-term theme, which will soon cool down after short-term speculation.
        ”Li Weixia, an economist of Fuding asset management, told the upstream news reporter: "From the performance of the blockchain index, the sharp rise corresponds to a huge amount of long shadow shadow. This shadow line did not break through the previous high point, which is different from the upward breakthrough of the xiong'an new area index after the release of the good news. The reason why the huge rise failed to break through the previous high point is that the blockchain index is currently located in the concentrated area of the trapped market in the last 20 months, which makes a strong desire for a large amount of funds to be realized through the good news. If the plate continues to rise on Tuesday, the chips will be loose. From the perspective of technical graphics, the trend of the blockchain index can be seen from the performance of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index on October 23-24, 2001, June 24-25, 2002, April 24-may 6, 2008 and September 19-25, 2008, that is, the short-term stock market is not too busy, and it may be better to focus on the medium and long-term stock selection after waiting for the market washing.
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