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Jujube technology CEO's monthly DDC briefing (phase II) - DDC network update description and

Time : 24/07/2022 Author : dmvf1h Click : + -
        On January 25, 2022, BSN launched the "bsn-ddc basic network" (DDC network for short) and started the trial commercial phase. As of the middle of May, the DDC network has been online for more than one month. During this period, more than 500 platform parties applied to join the network, which has received wide attention and recognition in the field of DDC / NFT. In order to strengthen the communication among all parties in the DDC network ecology, enhance their understanding of DDC technology, constantly explore new business models and application scenarios, and promote the long-term sustainable development of DDC technology and DDC network, BSN development alliance has specially launched a series of activities called "monthly DDC presentation by CEO of jujube Technology". This month is the second phase of the series of activities, with the theme of "DDC network update description and DDC enabled digital marketing", Held online through "Tencent conference".
        At the briefing, he Yifan, CEO of Beijing jujube technology and executive director of BSN development alliance, gave a detailed introduction to the update content of DDC network in May, especially the newly launched DDC safe deposit box, SDK service, DDC official query and other functions. At the same time, he also shared the follow-up update plan of bsn-ddc, focusing on the self built data center of DDC network expected to be launched in August. At the same time, in order to explore how to make DDC technology break through the simple application of digital collections and serve the real economy, the real industry and the traditional IT system, the monthly DDC briefing will continue to invite third-party guests with ideas, new models and cases to share.
        The guest invited in this issue is Zhang Bin, CEO of Beijing yuanbaozang science and Technology Co., Ltd. and chairman of Beijing yifutong Financial Services Technology Co., Ltd. on how to build DDC into an interactive online advertising carrier and connect online and offline, Mr. Zhang brought a wonderful sharing. After the briefing, Mr. He Yifan and Mr. Zhang Bin gave serious answers to the hot issues concerned by the platform side, such as the DDC network update, the Yuanbao IP meta platform, and the DDC / NFT enabled real economy. (2) Launched a platform square chain service that can be deployed locally, and encapsulated the SDK into an API, including Wuhan chain, Tai'an chain and Wenchang chain (planned to be officially released on May 20);.
        (3) Bsn-ddc portal function and interface iterative optimization: add platform qualification query, optimize user registration and official DDC query display, etc;. Bsn-ddc basic network has done a lot of technical iteration work. The above (4) - (6) belong to some non intuitive optimization work. The contents of (1) and (3) will be presented in detail in the next part of this meeting. As a public system, one obvious advantage of blockchain is that it allows users to have their own private keys and manage their own data through the private keys. In the future, every DDC can be an account. Although the current blockchain cannot support TPS with high concurrency, the blockchain is also developing and its performance will be improved. Replacing the existing password account management system with the key account management system may be an inevitable trend in the next 10 years.
        Therefore, BSN launched the DDC safe deposit box and provided it to all platform parties for free. One of its purposes is to make the whole industry act together and gradually guide users to accept the new concept of private key management data. The DDC safe deposit box has been put on the chrome store and is open source. All DDC platform parties can immediately use it for free. Just integrate the methods in the open source code in the portal, you can directly interact with the DDC safe deposit box that has been put on the shelves in the chrome and microsoftedge expansion stores, provide users with a download link of the DDC safe deposit box, and pop up the safe deposit box to allow users to manage and sign their private keys locally, And returns the signature data to the platform for processing.
        At the same time, on the premise of abiding by the open source agreement, any institution or individual developer can modify the DDC safe deposit box and use it freely, or even add new functions. For example, the platform can add DDC conversion and other functions by modifying the source code. The DDC safe deposit box is not only designed for DDC and blockchain, but also can be used as a private key safe deposit box to replace the traditional password management system in scenarios unrelated to blockchain. In the future, BSN will also launch DDC safe deposit box mobile app. Get ddcfvault After the CRX file, open the Chrome browser or edge browser to enter the extended application management page in the toolbar, open the "developer mode" switch, and drag the file to the page.
        In order to reduce the development threshold of DDC and make it very convenient for developers using different programming languages to operate, the DDC network updated the SDK API in May, and the platform can download the jar package for local deployment. In the subsequent development process, it only needs to call the interface. This release will support Wenchang chain, Wuhan chain and Tai'an chain; The source code, jar package and user manual will be released on GitHub; Installation environment requirements: ① JDK1.8 or higher; ② 4-core 12g50g; ③ IOS is not supported temporarily. On the one hand, this optimization optimizes the user's query experience, and on the other hand, it further realizes the openness, transparency and credibility of blockchain and DDC generation, circulation and other operations by providing more detailed query information.
        You can regard the DDC official query as the official DDC browser. Compared with the old version query interface, the new version only requires the user to input ddcid or chain account information to query; In addition to displaying official DDC details, the query interface also displays transaction details including transaction hash, block height, source account address and target account address. In the future, the DDC network will continue to introduce new open alliance chains based on the compliance transformation of the public chain, so as to promote the integration and exchange of overseas and domestic blockchain technologies, and also conducive to the independent innovation of local technologies. At present, the DDC network is still in the process of continuous optimization. As a short-term goal, BSN is committed to improving the functions and performance of the DDC network every month compared with the previous month.
        In the long run, BSN also hopes to work with all ecological partners to gradually build DDC into an open, common governance and perfect public system. In order to further practice the concept of openness and common governance, and also to build the DDC network into the best open system and DDC infrastructure network in China, BSN plans to launch its own data center in the next update. The key points are as follows:. (1) It is expected to launch the external data center of the bsn-ddc basic network on August 15. Any legally registered company or group will be able to build a data center of the bsn-ddc basic network by itself, and the data center can deploy all nodes of any bsn-ddc open alliance chain.
        (2) The data center side will have the same authority as Hongzao technology. It can also have its own recharge portal, deploy business contracts (self recharge), establish its own customer service mode, and build a gateway to handle its own business logic. The data center can also be completely used. As long as we abide by laws and regulations and relevant agreements, we welcome all kinds of innovations. (3) After building the data center, the platform side no longer needs to call the gateway provided by the current BSN, but can directly call all the blockchain nodes in its own data center, which will greatly improve the efficiency. More importantly, it can also customize the gateway according to its own business. The recharge interface is also changed to a governance chain, and all gas recharge actions can be completed through local calls.
        (4) The bsn-ddc external data center incentive mechanism will be launched at the same time. The basic logic is: according to the gas usage of last month, the gas value will be given as a percentage on the 1st of this month. For example, in May, a total of 300 yuan was spent on gas (the sum of all chains), and all 300 yuan will be given on June 1. If 500000 yuan was spent last month, 150000 yuan will be given on June 1 (roughly logic, not the final gift proportion). The core purpose of this mechanism is to further reduce the business cost of the platform. (5) At the same time, 20-30 governance data centers established by BSN development alliance members will manage and deploy the consensus management nodes of each open alliance chain.
        Let all open alliance chains be decentralized and co governed as far as possible within the scope of Chinese laws and regulations. (the operator of the governance data center will participate in the distribution of gas revenue). In this monthly sharing meeting, BSN also invited Zhang Bin, chairman of Beijing yifutong Financial Services Technology Co., Ltd. and CEO of Beijing yuanbaozang Technology Co., Ltd., to introduce the upcoming IP meta platform of yuanbaozang with the theme of "cloud treasure - IP meta platform, enabling NFT to empower marketing". Zhang Bin believes that the current digital collection industry mainly faces the following problems:. (1) At present, the digital collection is a digital commodity without any real scene, and it still has financial attributes. From the perspective of compliance, it has a certain risk test;.
        The core problem faced by the digital collection industry is "the NFT / DDC industry needs scenarios, needs to serve the real economy, and needs transparency and compliance to achieve long-term and stable development". In order to solve the above problems, yuanbaozang plans to launch an IP meta-platform, using BSN's blockchain and DDC technology to connect the IP side, DDC platform side and offline channel side, making NFT / DDC a new generation of marketing digital carrier, making full use of all parties' resources and technologies, and bringing new compliance business opportunities to all parties. (1) IP meta does not compete with the platform (mall) and will not build its own platform. As a service provider, it provides various IP resources for the platform (mall) and provides offline channels to obtain new end users;.
        (2) IP meta will not compete with the IP party and will not build its own IP. As a service provider, IP meta will provide IP parties with various DDC platforms for IP transaction services, and provide offline channels to promote or use IP for marketing;. (3) IP meta will not compete with offline channels and will not build its own offline channels. As a service provider, it will provide IP resources for offline channels and provide various DDC platform parties (malls) as sales and transaction providers of DDC / NFT marketing tools;. (4) IP meta connects the payment system and DDC management system at the smart contract level. In addition, the transparency of the bsn-ddc network and the cross platform transaction capability provide IP parties, DDC platform parties and offline channel parties with completely fair, transparent and timely reconciliation and settlement services.
        At present, some third-party resources have joined the IP meta platform, and the platform is planned to be launched on June 15 and officially put into operation in the middle of the month. Interested platform parties can now apply to join. After sharing, the explanation will enter the question and answer session. In view of this DDC network update and DDC enabled digital marketing, online listeners raised many questions, and he Yifan and Zhang Bin gave serious answers. He Yifan: each open alliance chain has its own TPS support, smart contract operation mechanism, cost, development tools, etc. Just like the public chain, why do some people choose eth, others choose EOS or others? Each chain has its own characteristics.
        He Yifan: when the equivalent is large, the recharge of the chain account is indeed slow. In view of this, our performance optimization is ongoing. To solve this problem, the most direct way is to wait for the project upgrade in August; After upgrading, recharge and directly call the node of another local governance chain. At present, the amount of DDC is still very large. It is preliminarily estimated that in April alone, the DDC network generated three to four million DDCS. He Yifan: the difference between domestic NFT business and foreign NFT business is that foreign NFT business uses virtual currency transactions, and all settlement is directly completed on the public chain. The domestic IP party gives the IP to a platform, and the IP party has no way to know how much or how many copies the platform sells. This is where the domestic NFT business is opaque.
        Through the third-party payment business system of the IP meta platform, combined with the BSN network, it can realize the transparency and real-time settlement of the whole transaction process of the IP party and the platform party, and create a fairer and better NFT ecology. For example, a certain business (tea Baidao) is going to do a marketing activity. It went to the IP meta-platform and found Donald's IP. Tea Baidao asked Donald's IP side to design 20 Donald's images to promote tea Baidao. Every time you drink a cup of tea, you can get a Donald Duck NFT. In this process, tea Baidao is selling tea, and it will not establish an NFT platform alone. It is a channel party, and it will use IP to conduct activities; These NFTs need to be transferred through the platform Party (e.g. digital Tibet China), which is responsible for the management and circulation of NFTs; Donald Duck is the IP party, and can earn income by authorizing IP.
        NFT has become the digital carrier of marketing. Through tripartite cooperation, win-win results can be achieved. Zhang Bin: IP meta-analysis realizes the binding of settlement and property right transfer, and the transparency is increased. Inform all parties of the amount of money received. Only after the transfer of money can the real right be transferred. He Yifan: the platform can find a technology outsourcing company to realize relevant business. Because we cannot touch the smart contract of the customer, if we publish the smart contract for the platform, it will be published under our private key. We suggest that the platform side deploy smart contracts by itself. If the technology of the platform side is weak, you can find relevant outsourcing companies for help. He Yifan: This is very complicated, and it is not a technical problem.
        It involves compliance issues. For example, a domestic artist made a digital painting and uploaded it to the IP meta platform. The painting can be transferred to 60 platforms and sold on 60 platforms at the same time. At the same time, this painting can also be launched on an overseas platform. We are now communicating with an overseas platform and adopting the dual listing mode to realize that the painting is launched simultaneously on 60 domestic platforms and foreign open platforms. If it is sold on any of them, it will be offline. There is another problem. If it is sold overseas, the money can only be left overseas and cannot be returned to China. At present, the relevant funds return channels are suspected of violating regulations.
        He Yifan: the meta universe is a very big concept. If you have any projects, we can give you some support. We believe that this mechanism is more suitable for market operation. I don't think the significance of a single laboratory is too great. He Yifan: NFT can be used in many fields of the real economy. For example, there is a city in the northeast, which is rich in forest resources. They are considering whether to adopt NFT technology. In fact, every tree has an inventory management method, which includes the size, height and variety of the tree. On this basis, the carbon emissions of each tree are calculated. They are considering whether to make each tree into an NFT and then conduct life cycle management.
        Even bind the rights and interests of the tree to the NFT. When the tree is sold, the relevant NFT will also be transferred. It actually uses NFT to make inventory and sales management of trees. In addition, the historical data of NFT can be used to calculate the carbon emissions of each tree and use it as evidence to design the business logic of carbon emissions. Even the geographical coordinates of each tree can be written into NFT. When a third-party organization comes to check, based on the open, transparent and tamper proof characteristics of the blockchain, it fully realizes self-certification and greatly enhances the credibility of the business. This is a typical case of using NFT to manage offline entity assets. He Yifan: we actually want it to be used for login.
        Many websites have
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