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Central bank boosts blockchain to solve the problem of cross-border trade information asymmetry omnibolt news 1107

Time : 13/03/2022 Author : e45ylo Click : + -
        According to XiaoCong blockchain and Shanghai Securities News, the press conference of "blockchain +" of Shanghai international trade single window was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on the morning of November 7. At the meeting, representatives of government and enterprises jointly signed the proposal of Shanghai E-port blockchain alliance, marking the formal establishment of Shanghai E-port blockchain alliance. It is reported that with the active promotion of the Shanghai headquarters of the people's Bank of China and the support of various financial institutions, the Shanghai international trade single window has added cross-border RMB trade financing services. Relying on the big data advantages of the single window platform, the blockchain technology has been adopted to solve the core problem of information asymmetry in the trade financing process, reduce the financing risks of financial institutions and reduce the financing costs of import and export enterprises.
        Cointegraph news, Calibra CEO David In an interview, David Marcus said that Facebook and Calibra wallets would not mix personal data from social platforms and financial data from cryptocurrency wallets. It points out that we have established a very strong "firewall" between Calibra and Facebook. In addition, Calibra is studying whether the independence with Facebook can be audited, so Calibra can actually ensure that it is reviewed by a third party.
        He added that it takes a lot of time to understand the independence of Libra Association, Calibra wallet and Facebook. According to sina science and technology, David Marcus also said that bitcoin is digital gold, but it is not a good currency for trading. Marcus said that bitcoin is like gold, because people can hold it as an investment just like they actually use gold, but the sharp rise and fall of bitcoin price is a bad choice for people who need a cross-border remittance system. Caixin news: on November 6, Yu Weiwen, President of the HKMA, pointed out in his speech at the opening of the Hong Kong financial technology week that the importance of financial technology in cross-border applications is increasing. Blockchain and other technologies will solve some long-standing inefficient financial operation problems, such as cross-border payment or trade financing. The Hong Kong banking industry will explore the application of blockchain technology in cross-border business.
        In addition, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority announced on the same day that a subsidiary of Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Co., Ltd. and a subsidiary of the digital currency Research Institute of the people's Bank of China signed a memorandum of understanding to explore the connection between Hong Kong's "trade linkage" and the trade finance platform of the people's Bank of China. It is expected to start the proof of concept in the first quarter of 2020, It will provide more convenient trade financing services for enterprises in the two places. The omnibolt enthusiast team continues to output original and hard core blockchain content, with materials from the first-line content of the encrypted world. The content of this article is published simultaneously in: carbon chain value, Sohu, Baijia, today's Toutiao, Zhihu, Jianshu, Yidian, Mars finance [omnibolt enthusiast] channel. Welcome to follow ~.
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