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Synergic communication (01613, HK) invested in the intelligent blockchain platform at a total cost of HK $10 million

Time : 11/07/2022 Author : ah0wg9 Click : + -
        [Financial News Agency] synergetic communication (01613-hk) announced that on April 19, 2021, the company signed a share subscription agreement with Yaoling Co., Ltd. ("target company", which is an independent third party of the company). According to the subscription agreement, the company or its nominees will subscribe for new shares of the target company, which is equivalent to about 3.33% of the issued share capital of the target company expanded by allotment and issuance of subscription shares after the completion of the transaction, with a total consideration of HK $10 million. It is reported that the target company is mainly engaged in open intelligent blockchain platform and storage mining technology related to blockchain and decentralized cloud computing system. After the subscription, the company and the target company will further enter into a cooperation agreement on customized development and design services related to the Ethernet data blockchain storage mining business.
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