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Zhu Ming, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, and his party came to Shengjian to listen to the work report

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        On the morning of May, Zhu Ming, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Tian Haitao, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, and his party visited Fusheng international to investigate the Henan blockchain Industrial Park. Zhao Kai, member of the Party Working Committee of Zhengdong New District and executive deputy director of the Management Committee of Zhongyuan science and Technology City, Mao Zhengjian, director of the information and software department of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Li Xiaoyan, director of the future Industrial Development Bureau of Zhongyuan science and Technology City, and pan Dong, founder of Shengjian Sheng Jian was accompanied by general manager Ma Jiren and other enterprise representatives. Director Zhu and his party first visited the exhibition hall of blockchain and metauniverse, and then went to Shengjian Zhengzhou R & D Center for on-the-spot inspection. The founder pan Dong gave a detailed introduction to the company's key projects: Henan blockchain public service platform, opennft, and Shengjian distributed AI data privacy computing platform in terms of Technology selection, framework construction, platform operation, etc. the research group and his party spoke highly of them.
        At present, Shengjian's core products have all passed the localization software and hardware adaptation, and at the same time, it has completed 16 compatibility certifications with ecological partners such as kylin, Tongxin UOS, openeuler, Huawei Kunpeng, Feiteng, Longxin, Zhaoxin, haiguang, and so on, making further progress on the localization road. Director Zhu demanded that, first, we should focus on the construction of the industrial park, increase the attraction, do a good job in the service support of enterprises entering the park, further enrich and improve the contents of the exhibition hall, and enhance the development vitality of the park; Second, we should continue to optimize the business environment, the government should set up a platform, actively organize enterprise docking activities, and help enterprises solve the bottleneck problems that restrict development; Third, it is necessary to guide and support enterprises entering the park to improve their core technology and constantly enhance their core competitiveness.
        Director Zhu said that in the next step, the future Industrial Development Bureau of Zhongyuan science and technology city will actively cooperate with the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, cooperate with the digital industry innovation center of Henan Province, fully promote the investment attraction of Henan blockchain Industrial Park, prepare for the opening ceremony of the park, and strive to create a national blockchain Industrial Park. 2. Currently, it supports Baidu open network, BSN DDC, Eth and other blockchain networks, and cooperates with many international mainstream blockchain manufacturers such as Baidu to jointly promote the research, market education and commercialization services of NFT digital assets. 3. The opennft browser wallet plug-in has been open source and donated the open atomic super chain.
        In the future, more mainstream public chain networks will be added to provide ft / NFT / Dao protocol layer and infrastructure services. 1. Makerone is an aggregation trading engine for digital assets. It is committed to the construction of the digital asset virtual world of NFT + Dao and provides safe and reliable asset monetization and liquidity technical services for global users. 2. The brand name comes from the number one player of readyplayerone. In makerone, developers, creators, opinion leaders, professional organizations and other roles work together, and everyone can become a creator and contributor of the virtual world of digital assets.
        3. It is the first open-source digital collection platform on the baidu super chain open network. It is jointly built by Shengjian team and several IP asset operation institutions. The platform includes services such as intellectual property management, derivative creation, derivative discovery, purchase, collection and trading, and is committed to building the world's leading NFT digital asset compliance infrastructure. 1. Shengjian distributed AI data privacy computing platform is a solution focusing on distributed machine learning and privacy computing technology based on decentralized storage. It is an innovative solution integrating blockchain, artificial intelligence and privacy computing technology. 2. The platform supports a multi-party secure computing framework in which multiple learning processes run in parallel, integrating multiple horizontal federated learning and vertical federated learning algorithms, multi-party secure computing, dynamic containers and other technologies.
        3. Decentralize the management of storage nodes, prevent privacy leakage, support fault tolerance, resist storage cheating, support unlimited data management, ensure the full link credibility of multi-party data joint modeling, and realize the availability and invisibility of sensitive data in cross domain applications. Shengjian focuses on blockchain technology research and development and digital asset services; Focusing on the fields of smart city Metacity, technology finance and digital government; Serve and implement large-scale data sharing and exchange and regulatory platforms, customs and cross-border trade finance, supply chain finance, automated trading, digital entertainment IP derivatives and other industry users. The team is from Huobi, Microsoft, China soft, Yisheng information, the futures and Derivatives Research Institute of Zheng Shang Institute, the PLA Information Engineering University, and the Institute of information technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has rich experience in the fields of blockchain, cloud computing, cryptography, and financial transactions.
        Many members of the team were shortlisted as expert consultants and certified lecturers of the national open atomic open source foundation, and actively carried out the formulation and application promotion of standards and specifications in the direction of open source and blockchain. Obtained more than 20 blockchain related invention patents and software copyrights; Participated in more than 20 international and national blockchain industry standards. Shengjian blockchain data sharing and exchange platform has won 16 localization and adaptation certifications such as Huawei cloud Kunpeng cloud, Huawei cloud stack 8.0, Huawei Kunpeng 920, and Longxin. It has also won the third prize of the government application track of the "2021 Huawei Kunpeng developer competition", the "2021 scientific and technological innovation excellent solution of the China Information Technology Frontier conference", the "outstanding award of the Northern Division of the Fifth China blockchain development competition", the "openatomxupchai2021 excellent case Openatomxuperchain is an outstanding individual contributor award of the open source community.
        Together with China Industrial Internet Research Institute and other ministries and commissions and central enterprise research institute, it was selected as the national blockchain innovation and application pilot.
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