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A week of mutual gold, blockchain concept stocks raised the trading limit; The whole family bucket of KFC in Canada can be paid in bitcoin

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        Baidu responded to the launch of the blockchain open platform baas: it was launched in July last year. On the day when it was launched, it was reported that Baidu launched the blockchain open platform "baas" on the website. Baidu financial responded that the platform was launched on July 21 last year. Baidu's blockchain open platform "baas" is a commercial blockchain cloud computing platform, mainly to help enterprise alliances build their own blockchain network platform. Interface news learned exclusively that Xu Ling, who was originally responsible for overseas business, will no longer be responsible for it, and Yao Chengzhang will also be the head of the overseas business department. At the same time, JD's insurance business line also welcomes a new leader. Zhao Dawei will be the head of insurance business, reporting directly to the CEO of the financial group. Zhao Yisong will no longer be the head of insurance business.
        According to the reporter's understanding, Zhao Dawei, the new leader of's insurance business, once worked in Jinsheng insurance and Anbang insurance group. In 2016, he served as the chairman and general manager of Anbang's Bangbang win-win network technology company. Recently, qudian officially launched the auto financial service product - Dabai auto installment (hereinafter referred to as "Dabai Auto"), which has the advantages of minimum 10% down payment, loan cycle of up to 4 years, and low audit threshold to enter the auto financial business, and auto financing leasing is the key to the layout. The product setting of Dabai automobile is very similar to the existing automobile finance leasing products. Consumers can use it for one year in the form of low down payment and monthly rent payment; After one year, you can choose to settle the balance payment in one time or by installments, or you can choose to return the car.
        Dabai Auto's car purchase process gives full play to o2o advantages, requiring the borrower to go to the store to see the car and pick up the car after making an online appointment, which is conducive to giving play to the advantages of the store layout of qudian's cash loan business in the second, third and fourth tier cities and the development of follow-up services. 36 krypton learned that the Internet auto insurance e-commerce auto technology announced on January 11 that it would acquire the auto insurance business segment of Pan China financial holding, an insurance agent group. As a result, Cheche technology will obtain pan China national insurance business license, service outlets and infrastructure in more than 100 cities across the country. This acquisition can integrate network, contract, license plate and other resources for Cheche technology, integrate insurance technology with offline infrastructure, and fully acquire the traffic value of offline scenarios.
        Cheche technology refers to the integration of online and offline scenarios and businesses as "new insurance retail". With this system, Cheche technology's partners, such as PICC financial services, Taikang online, Zhongan, Anxin and Yi'an, can also carry out digital, intelligent and personalized "new insurance retail" business. The US Securities and Exchange Commission announced on Monday (January 8) that the stock trading of a blockchain technology company would be suspended. This company is called ubiblockchaininternet (ubia), which is a blockchain project and service promotion company headquartered in Hong Kong, China. UBI has soared by more than 1000% in the past year, and its trading suspension lasts from 9:30 a.m. on Monday to 11:59 p.m. on January 22, local time.
        This week, Microsoft suspended accepting bitcoin payments due to unstable bitcoin transactions. On January 10, a Microsoft spokesman told Au said that Microsoft had accepted bitcoin payment again. Since 2014, this software giant has started to allow users to add bitcoin funds to their Microsoft accounts for software payment. However, in the past, Microsoft has suspended bitcoin payment twice, one in 2015 and the other in 2016. It is worth noting that although Microsoft has accepted bitcoin payment again, the problems such as bitcoin transaction delay have not been solved, so it is not ruled out that it may be suspended again in the future.
        In a recent report, Credit Suisse pointed out: blockchain line year. In this blockbuster report on digital currency and blockchain, Credit Suisse divides the development of blockchain technology into seven stages, including concept formation, proof of concept, prototype, test, parallel production and production. Among them, 2025 after the seventh stage of production is the time point for mainstream society to adopt blockchain. Warren & middot; Buffett was interviewed by CNBC. He predicted that the digital currency would eventually disappear completely, and said: as far as cryptocurrency is concerned, I can almost say that their fate will be miserable... But I don't know when and how it will happen.
        Buffett continues to say that he is betting that the price of digital currency will fall in the next five years. On January 11, in view of the recent media reports that the relevant mobile phone application software infringed on the personal privacy of users, the information and communication administration bureau of the Ministry of industry and information technology interviewed Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd., ant financial services group (Alipay) and ByteDance Technology Co., Ltd. (Toutiao today). The three enterprises said that they would conduct a comprehensive inspection of relevant services, strengthen internal management, improve product design, draw inferences from one instance and seriously rectify according to the requirements of the regulatory authorities. In the future, we will continue to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations and relevant provisions of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and further standardize the collection and use of users' personal information.
        On January 10, the Internet Information Office announced that in response to the Alipay annual bill event reported by the news media recently, on January 6, 2018, the Network Security Coordination Bureau of the state Internet Information Office interviewed the relevant principals of Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. and sesame Credit Management Co., Ltd. Alipay and sesame credit said that they would conscientiously implement the requirements of the regulatory authorities, find problems from the source, profoundly learn lessons and comprehensively rectify. On January 11, Taiyuan central sub branch of the people's Bank of China forwarded the notice of the people's Bank of China on printing and distributing the anti money laundering on-site inspection data interface specification (Trial) of banking financial institutions.
        The notice requires that since March 1, 2018, the people's Bank of China and its branches shall organize and implement anti money laundering on-site inspection projects, and the non bank payment institutions under investigation shall provide the data required for on-site inspection according to the interface specifications. Non bank payment institutions shall make all preparations for extracting data according to the interface specification before February 28, 2018. The risk event of "overseas Chinese prospering bonds" continued to ferment in the insurance industry. In addition to the previous industry warnings, according to the Shanghai Securities News, on January 11, the CIRC issued a fine to Zheshang property insurance, which was involved in the risk event of "overseas Chinese prospering bonds", exposing five major problems of the company, involving business, personnel appointment, internal control management and other aspects.
        The penalty of being fined 2.02 million yuan and ceasing to accept the new business of guarantee insurance for one year has sounded an alarm bell for Zheshang property insurance and even the whole insurance industry. Recently, the Committee on foreign investment of the United States (CFIUS) rejected the case of ant financial services' acquisition of xuhuijin investment, which attracted international attention. On January 11, Gao Feng, a spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, responded at the regular press conference of the Ministry of commerce that China is not opposed to the normal security review of foreign investment by relevant countries, but is concerned about the tendency of setting glass doors and spring doors for foreign investment on the basis of national security. Affected by the continuous boom of blockchain concept stocks in the overseas market, blockchain concept stocks in the A-share market have recently performed well.
        According to the securities times, the blockchain index rose 5.88% on January 9, the largest one-day increase of the index in the past year, and the transaction volume also reached a record high. In the face of the rapid rise of blockchain concept stocks, several listed companies issued announcements to clarify the relationship between the company's business and blockchain last night: gaoweida (sz300465) said that there was no business income related to blockchain, Fengfeng Group (sz300431) said that it had no control over Fengfeng new film, and Sifang Jingchuang (sz300468) said that blockchain cooperation projects made little contribution to performance. 36 krypton learned that panda auto insurance (Beijing Yite chuangsi Technology Co., Ltd.), a technical service platform for auto insurance, has completed a + round of 50 million yuan. The investors include happy investment, Shenghui capital and original capital under yonyou. The last round of Xinjun capital, illu capital, Lenovo star and Jiuguo investment have all followed.
        Founder Wang Gang told 36 krypton that the funds raised this time will be used to strengthen the research and development of the financial technology platform, the construction of the claim settlement system, and the introduction of industry talents. The company plans to enter other regions this year. South Korea's bitcoin trading volume ranks third in the world, behind Japan and the United States. Recently, the virtual currency investment survey launched by samurain, a Korean recruitment information website, showed that 31.3% of the respondents were "speculating" in currency. The average investment amount of each "coin" was 5.66 million won, equivalent to 34500 yuan. 21.1% of the respondents said that the rate of return was about 10%; 19.4% of the people have made more than 100% of the profits. Overall, the actual average rate of return has reached 425%.
        According to coindesk, according to the news from the Korean news agency SBS, the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Korea is preparing to legislate to completely close domestic exchanges to pave the way. According to the report, the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Korea will legislate to treat digital money broking as an illegal act and completely close the exchange. The Ministry of justice plans to formally start discussing this issue this week. According to the analysis of zero one finance and economics, the global virtual currency market may be affected by this news, showing a downward trend. Billionaire Michael & middot; Michael Novogratz announced plans to open a digital currency commercial bank that provides comprehensive services, and to build it into a Goldman Sachs in the digital currency ecosystem.
        More importantly, it is said that Michael & middot; Novogratz has put all of its digital assets worth $400 million on this ambitious project. According to relevant news disclosure, this cooperation will build Galaxy digital into a full-service digital asset commercial bank, which will provide customers with asset management, major investment and consulting services, and exclusive trading services. According to the content disclosed by the South Korean media new1 Korea, the South Korean government believes that at this stage, income tax, enterprise tax and transfer income tax can be levied on enterprises related to virtual currency, and whether other taxes should be levied needs to be discussed and studied.
        At present, South Korea has established a virtual currency tax working group, which will study and formulate specific tax planning in the next six months. Coincidentally, India has also focused on the tax issue of virtual currency. A month ago, Indian tax authorities visited several bitcoin exchanges across the country to define their users. The reason for the Department to take this action is that it suspects that some exchange users have tax evasion.
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