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After bitcoin returned to $5000, the blockchain industry began to explore 2B business

Time : 18/07/2021 Author : yagqei Click : + -
        In April, the price of bitcoin returned to $5000. After experiencing the sharp rise and fall of digital currency in 2018, the blockchain industry began to be low-key and pragmatic after returning to the high point this time. A recent trend is that the blockchain industry has 2B focused services, which will help to resist the security threats and systemic risks faced by digital assets. On April 24, Cobo, a digital asset storage and management service provider, announced that it will launch digital asset custody services for blockchain enterprises, including WAAS cloud service and staas service. The former can reduce the threshold for blockchain practitioners to start a business, while the latter can provide digital asset storage services for institutional customers.
        Jiang Changhao, co-founder and CTO of Cobo, told the reporter of economic observation that these two services can reduce the startup cost and threshold of blockchain practitioners by 90%. He said that he wanted to be "Alibaba cloud" in the blockchain industry and provide infrastructure services for blockchain companies. Cobo was founded in November 2017, and currently has three rounds of financing of tens of millions of dollars. Headquartered in Beijing, it also has offices in Seattle, Shanghai, Xi'an and other places. Its members come from Internet enterprises such as Google, Facebook and twitter. Yan Jingsi, managing director of Danhua capital, believes that the custody business of 2b is the just need of the blockchain industry. "No matter who does the blockchain, as long as it involves digital assets, it needs custody services.
        ”。 In addition to blockchain startups, some large institutions are also optimistic about blockchain 2B business. Recently, IBM, Barclays Bank and fidelity group announced to enter the digital asset custody field. Last year, Nomura Securities and Goldman Sachs of Japan also announced to invest in this field. It is understood that there are more than 7000 exchanges providing trading environments for various types of digital assets, but security is one of the pain points of each exchange. Using the digital asset custody service can improve the security of the user's private key. Jiang Changhao believes that with the revival of blockchain, some professional infrastructure construction and service blockchain companies will have new opportunities in 2019.
        He told reporters that the digital asset custody market would be a market of 100 billion.
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