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British blockchain Association looks for "blockchain evidence" in the latest report

Time : 11/06/2022 Author : x2d5hc Click : + -
        The Wall Street Journal defines "evidence-based blockchain (ebb)" as "serious, clear and wise decisions based on professional knowledge and evidence from organizations, stakeholders and scientific research". The association pointed out that its application is very useful in many aspects: defining clear problems that can be solved by a blockchain technology, adding scientific evidence to improve the process, and better reporting potentially challenging results. This includes defining more results with evidence. The best evidence is peer-reviewed analysis, original research, case studies or critical comments published in academic and peer-reviewed journals. Speeches in scientific or academic conferences are also important. There is also unfiltered evidence, involving blog articles, white papers and publicity of scientific and technological activities.
        The blockchain evidence center (cebb), a part of the British blockchain Association, analyzed 417 blockchain projects and startups launched from 2016 to 2020. In addition, the researchers carefully examined the databases of more than 4800 companies. Only 7% of the companies analyzed showed filtered evidence when they saw "clearly defined problems". 62% had unfiltered evidence and 31% did not provide evidence. When it comes to critical reviews looking for existing solutions, the average filtered evidence drops to 5.8%. After careful review, the intervention result further decreased to 4.57%.
        The Wall Street Journal gives a lot of real examples of false statements. If you read a white paper which says that "the current processing process is slow and inefficient", "one of the biggest challenges faced by governments around the world", or "our blockchain solution will change the way of global data management", you should deal with these problems very carefully. In general, almost half of the assessed blockchain companies showed that "there is no clear evidence that the problem needs to be solved". "One third of the people did not conduct comparison and intervention analysis, and only 2% of the people received the result evidence supported by key and peer-reviewed information.
        ”。 So why is this important? What will happen next? Although the British blockchain association has solid evidence and the high sounding title of "the most famous and influential voice on the blockchain in the world", considering its support for ebb, it is not surprising that this report has become a critical party. However, blockchain companies have a lot to learn. The association rejects any idea that the organization should avoid this practice because it is too academic, and recommends that a "evidence evaluation framework" be established for all DLT projects. This includes three ideas:. Governments, organizations and enterprises wishing to invest in blockchain projects need to ensure that their use is based on scientific evidence.
        The report points out: "for every 100 pounds spent on the blockchain and distributed ledger, we recommend that at least 2 pounds be spent to ensure that the other 98 pounds actually play a role. The organization deploying the blockchain should consider playing the role of" chief evidence officer "to" ensure that the products, services and solutions of the blockchain are based on the best scientific evidence available ". "Any time and resource investment in blockchain projects must be based on a critical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the project and its potential long-term impact," the report concludes.
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