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On February 11, in the blockchain morning post, the Italian securities regulatory authority closed two crypto investment and trading websites

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        According to coindesk, Jerry Cuomo, vice president of IBM blockchain technology, said that the enterprise blockchain is a blue ocean and a catalyst for further investment. For every $1 spent on the blockchain, $15 is spent on other cloud services. Blockchain is a new type of enterprise application, participating in the application modernization and new cloud native application, data and analysis trends. The blockchain part of blockchain applications only accounts for about 20% of the total solution, and 80% of other technologies can make the network lifelike. According to coindesk, US President Donald & middot; Trump's budget proposal of $4.8 trillion for fiscal year 2021 released on Monday reintroduces the US secret service into its jurisdiction and seeks to expand the supervision of the Ministry of finance over cryptocurrencies.
        The US secret service is now a department of the Department of homeland security. According to the report, the personnel adjustment will "create new efficiency" in the investigation of criminal acts involving cryptocurrency and financial markets by the secret service bureau. It will also give the Ministry of finance more firepower. As stated in the budget, "disintegrate financing, hold rogue countries and human rights violators accountable, and detect and curb financial crimes." According to the document, technological advances in recent decades, such as the increasingly close links between cryptocurrency and international financial markets, have led to more complex criminal organizations and revealed the links between financial and electronic crime and financing and rogue state actors. According to nulltx, according to Steven Zeiler, CEO of anypay, a payment processing service provider, there is a major error in bitcoin payment.
        The company will completely disable the BTC payment option from its terminals. This error revolves around the use of "RBF (replace by fee, replace an existing transaction with a higher transaction fee)" to process transactions faster. Lower fees may lead to longer confirmation requirements, which is not ideal in the actual payment environment. The company claims that the customer can withdraw the BTC payment through this, thus exposing the company to serious risks. According to the news of cointegraph on February 10, the Italian securities regulatory authority has closed six foreign exchange trading websites and two crypto investment and derivatives trading websites.
        According to media reports, the French national financial commission (consob) accused the eight foreign exchange websites of providing illegal trading products and services in violation of mifid2 and the financial consolidation law (tuf). According to the news of the securities times on February 11, in view of the opinions on Smart City Construction released by Shanghai and supporting the traceability of blockchain data, Huachuang Securities pointed out that as an emerging technology, blockchain has great potential in many fields of new smart cities. In terms of infrastructure, the use of blockchain technology can explore the efficient exchange of data and information between information infrastructure equipment and improve the coordination ability of information infrastructure. In terms of data resources, it is expected to break the original data circulation and sharing barriers and provide high-quality data sharing guarantee by virtue of the characteristics of the blockchain such as its own data non tamperability and traceability.
        With the support of the government and the efforts of enterprises, China's smart city construction has made phased progress. On February 10, it was reported that Shanghai released several opinions on further accelerating the construction of smart cities, which supported the traceability of blockchain data. According to the news on February 9, Tu Shengwei, deputy director of the Institute of industrial economy and technological economy of the national development and Reform Commission, said that the construction of the grain production functional zone and the important agricultural product production protection zone ("two zones") is a "ballast stone" for strengthening the effective supply of important agricultural products. We will promote the pilot construction of digital villages and accelerate the application of modern information technologies in agriculture, such as the Internet of things, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, the fifth generation mobile communication network, and smart weather.
        We will strengthen the construction of modern agricultural facilities and enhance the comprehensive agricultural production capacity.
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