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Alipay applied the blockchain technology to the housing provident fund industry. How far is the blockchain from us

Time : 24/07/2022 Author : zm0dvg Click : + -
        According to the report of it home, on October 17, ant financial service blockchain and Huaxin Yongdao created a "joint cloud platform for dishonesty punishment and deposit proof". Hainan Province will take the lead in using the platform to realize cross center and cross regional sharing of provident fund blacklist and deposit proof. This is also the first time that the housing provident fund industry adopts the blockchain technology. According to Alipay, Quzhou and other places in Zhejiang Province will also synchronously access this cloud platform to solve the blacklist sharing problem. It is hoped that through the technical empowerment of Alipay, the use and sharing of information in the provident fund industry will be traceable, tamper proof, shareable and more secure, serving different business scenarios. Dear little friend, if you have any suggestions worthy of recommendation, you can leave a message in the comment area ~ if this article is helpful to you, welcome to like and follow it, and return it. Let us grow together in the coin circle ~.
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