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Can Shanda Diwei listed Shandong create an Alibaba in the blockchain field?

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        The tuyere of new infrastructure, the reform of the release, management and service in the construction of digital government, the industrial opportunities under the new technology of artificial intelligence + blockchain, and the superposition of several tuyeres, can Shandong cultivate an Alibaba in the blockchain field?. Shanda Diwei is in the critical period of transformation, and Shandong is also in the critical year of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. A large number of opening scenarios have supported local enterprises to make large increments and overtake in the industrial Internet era. How can these two forces achieve each other when they collide?. "An Internet service with 100 million users is enough for this enterprise to take off." Zheng Yongqing, President of Shanda Diwei Software Co., Ltd., told Qilu Yidian reporter of Qilu Evening News.
        On June 23, the people's community block chain service platform in Shandong Province and Zibo City constructed by Shanda Diwei was put into operation, which is the first provincial people's community block chain comprehensive application platform launched by the National People's social system. On this platform, the digital materials of seven kinds of certificates and certificates, such as personal insurance payment certificate, endowment insurance payment certificate, work injury certificate, labor contract and social security card, are linked. Enterprises or individuals do not need to provide original certificates and paper materials when doing business. They can log on to the "blockchain + government" service platform to retrieve the information materials on the chain just by scanning the code and authorizing. The human resources and social services in Shandong Province have thus entered the "chain era", which has also affected the transportation of Shanda latitude & mdash& mdash; After Zibo opened the field of human resources and social security, the leading product "digital safe" in the blockchain era, which the enterprise had high hopes for, was officially launched and began market exploration.
        In this blockchain application, after the birth certificate, ID card, household registration book, graduation certificate, marriage certificate, award-winning certificate, driver's license, medical record and other certificates or materials are digitized, they can be placed in the "drawer" of the digital safe. When used, the certificate can be displayed from the mobile phone, just like the health code. At the launching ceremony, the relevant person in charge of the human resources and Social Security Department of Shandong Province said that it is necessary to open up all the scenarios that can be linked in the human resources and social security of Shandong Province as far as possible to form a unified platform and service system covering all levels and departments of the province. At present, the market share of Shanda Diwei in the field of human resources and social security and medical insurance in Shandong Province is 85%, and 14 prefectures and cities in the province use the human resources and social security system and medical insurance settlement platform developed by Shanda Diwei.
        Shandong has a population of 100 million. Once the social security scene is opened, it means that the "digital safe" will have 100 million potential users. In the blockchain application development boom, there has not been an app with potential users of 100 million, which is enough to change the fate of a technology company. According to the prospectus, Shanda Diwei is currently a major enterprise in the fields of social security, medical insurance and power consumption informatization in Shandong Province. Its medical insurance products cover 80% of designated pharmacies and designated medical institutions in Shandong Province, and guarantee the settlement volume of 11.8 billion people in the next year. In 2019, the revenue of Shanda Diwei was 498 million yuan, and the net profit was 78.1766 million yuan. Compared with the revenue of other listed companies in the same industry, such as Guodian Nanrui (32.4 billion yuan), Neusoft group (8.366 billion yuan), and Wanda information (2.125 billion yuan), the volume was small, and 80% of the revenue was in Shandong.
        In 2019, Shanda Diwei's revenue in the field of electricity consumption accounted for 36.66%, and the revenue in the field of human resources and social security accounted for 33.09%; The revenue of medical insurance accounts for 21.28%, which also makes Shanda Diwei eager to find new market opportunities. At present, Shanda Diwei has listed artificial intelligence + blockchain as the company's first strategy. Li Qingzhong, Zheng Yongqing, Xiao zongshui and other executives are engaged in research in this field. The trusted delivery platform developed by the company based on blockchain technology, from the lowest platform to the development of the application layer, has independent intellectual property rights, and has won the Grand Slam of blockchain operation service, technical function and information security qualification issued by the office of network information technology, which is used in government affairs, medical care and other fields.
        For Shanda latitude, this is a new round of technological tuyere to achieve transformation and achieve a leap in magnitude. As far as Shandong is concerned, this is a new round of technological revolution, which is driving new industries such as the reform of regulatory services and medical care and health care, and constantly releasing value. In September 2018, Jinan high tech Zone explored the application of blockchain technology in government services, and gave birth to the first digital business license based on blockchain technology in the country, creating the "Jinan speed" of 35 minutes for enterprises to start up and 113 minutes on average. This is the first water test of the application of Shanda Diwei blockchain in the reform of pipe laying service. Up to now, 325 government services have been linked in Jinan high tech Zone, and more than 8400 enterprises have obtained blockchain e-certificates.
        Subsequently, Jinan high tech Zone will promote the use of the blockchain technology based "one-time completion of enterprise startup" system in the Jinan area of the pilot free trade zone. In November 2019, during the visit of the delegation of Shandong Province to Japan and South Korea, the "chain free trade" was regarded as a highlight of the Jinan area of the free trade zone. It realized "no meeting approval" and "5A government service", and became the embodiment of the excellent business environment of the free trade zone. On November 24, 2019, China's medical insurance electronic voucher was officially launched, and China's first medical insurance electronic voucher was born in Jinan. As the builder of the platform, Shanda Diwei provided comprehensive technical support. In the medical institutions such as Jinan first people's Hospital and Shandong Qianfo Mountain hospital connected to the platform, patients can conduct online diagnosis and treatment, issue prescriptions online, and pay for medical insurance online only after activating the medical insurance electronic voucher online. The drugs are delivered to the home, and the whole medical treatment process can be completed without leaving the home.
        The use of the platform effectively reduces the risk of crowd aggregation and cross infection in the hospital waiting and settlement. Previously, prescription circulation and online reimbursement of medical insurance have always been the two pain points of "Internet + medical care". Shanda Diwei Internet hospital service platform realized the whole process of online prescription circulation and online medical insurance settlement based on medical insurance electronic vouchers through "Ai + blockchain" technology. The online trusted circulation of prescriptions is realized through the non tamperability of the blockchain; Based on the strong regulatory characteristics of the alliance chain, the medical insurance bureau uses AI algorithms to conduct intelligent regulation on prescriptions, ensuring the safe use of medical insurance funds, thus truly breaking through the previous limitations of "Internet + medical".
        The data collection of electronic medical records has always relied on the "hard collection" of administrative instructions, which involves the intellectual property rights of the hospital and the personal privacy of patients. The hospital has no driving force to collect the data to a designated institution, and even if uploaded, the data quality is not high. According to the law, when a patient visits a hospital, the hospital has the responsibility to provide the diagnosis and treatment information to the patient. There is no technical problem. Every time a patient visits a hospital, the patient can download the diagnosis and treatment information and store it in the digital safe, which naturally generates an electronic medical record. Zheng Yongqing said that this mode is in sharp contrast to the original centralized data management mode, except that one is kept in the hands of designated institutions and the other in the hands of individuals.
        As long as the people form the habit of "asking for data", it will become a natural behavior. In the digital economy era, the digital safe is like a "wallet" that everyone needs to use, but it contains digital assets. Using the digital safe to "pay" digital materials is just like using mobile phone wechat payment. It sounds a little ahead of time, but this day will come sooner or later. Zheng Yongqing said that the value of technological innovation is not to find a truly feasible mode by bypassing the blocking point or breaking through the pain point?. On November 9, 2019, Zheng Deyan, vice mayor of Jinan City, said during the investigation of Shanda geographic latitude that Shandong is lagging behind in the Internet. Can Shandong lead in the blockchain? Can Shanda Diwei become Alibaba in the blockchain field?.
        To become Alibaba in the blockchain field, the prerequisite is to become an infrastructure provider like tmall and JD logistics. Tmall and JD logistics are the infrastructure in the era of consumer Internet. The former has 700 million users and the latter has 387 million users. Social security is related to everyone and every enterprise. From this entry point, we can promote the promotion of digital safes and rapidly expand the scale of users. Logically, there is no problem. The key lies in the implementation of the "government opening scenario". Zheng Deyan said during his inspection at Shanda Diwei that whether it is financial payment, administrative approval, urban governance, or social services, the Jinan area of the pilot free trade zone should be fully opened to blockchain enterprises, and Jinan should be fully built into a national leading blockchain industry cluster.
        Up to now, such a leading "blockchain + government service" mode has not yet gone out of Jinan hi tech Zone, and is still trying out 37.99 square kilometers in Jinan area of pilot free trade zone. In May 2017, Wang Wentao, then Secretary of the Jinan municipal Party committee, led the Jinan party and government delegation to Hangzhou, Hefei and Zhengzhou. One of the Hangzhou experiences learned was how Hangzhou could help Alibaba grow through opening up the government scene. Zhou Jiangyong, former Secretary of the Hangzhou municipal Party committee, said, "it's my smallest expenditure to brush Alipay by subway.". During the epidemic this year, the Canton Fair moved to the cloud, which means that the Canton Fair is facing a brand-new structural design and process reengineering. Tencent was designated as a technical service provider, which gives Tencent, which is transforming to the industrial Internet, a valuable practical exercise.
        The reporter of Qilu Evening News noticed that since last year, the "government opening scene" has become a high-frequency word for the transformation of Shandong's new and old driving forces, which means that the government opening scene has been tried first, and the awareness of supporting enterprises to do increment has been established. Jinan has become the third artificial intelligence innovation and application pilot zone and Innovation Experimental Development Zone in the country after Shanghai and Shenzhen. After the city of "double zone superposition", it proposes to open up multiple artificial intelligence application scenarios in multiple fields. This year, Qingdao proposed to build the world's industrial Internet capital. Meng Fanli, mayor of Qingdao, said at the national two sessions that this year, Qingdao will release 500 industrial enabling scenarios and 200 future urban scenarios to attract head platform manufacturers through open scenarios.
        In the prospectus of Shanda Diwei, it is pointed out that the software and information technology industry like Shanda Diwei has rapid technological upgrading and iteration, and must carry out technological development efficiently and grasp the development trend of industry, technology, products and services, otherwise the core competitiveness of the enterprise will be affected. Now, Huawei and Tencent are developing trusted delivery platforms and products based on blockchain technology. Shanda Diwei is facing fierce competition in the same industry, and this opportunity of tuyere is fleeting. The deep reason behind the slow action of some local governments lies in the "North-South difference" in concepts and consciousness & mdash& mdash; Northerners always think, have others done this, and I will not do it if others have not done it; Southerners are wondering whether this should be done? Is there a feasible way? If these two are OK, then do it.
        How to fully exploit the dividends of the science and innovation board after landing on the science and innovation board? The urgent problem faced by Shanda Diwei is that it must go out of Shandong to obtain the incremental market; Quickly push the strategic new products developed by the company to the market as soon as possible to form new core competitiveness. "We have confidence in the third stage because we have stored differentiated products and services with independent intellectual property rights and infrastructure in the second stage, which are of great value to society and citizens." Zheng Yongqing told the Qilu Evening News reporter. The R & D base of Shanda Diwei Zhangqiu software park is the "top ten" industrial key project for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province, and the core innovation carrier of the artificial intelligence cluster of Qilu science and technology innovation corridor.
        The total investment of the project is planned to be 1 billion yuan. Shanda Diwei will build it into a first-class high-tech software park in the country and build a nationwide medical and health cloud platform and Internet service platform. As an enterprise, Shanda Diwei is crossing the tuyere; As Jinan City and Shandong Province, they are also crossing the tuyere. Shanda Diwei seized the opportunity, and the whole Jinan and Shandong might be in the lead. In the era of competition in metropolitan areas, regional central cities attach great importance to the key role played by enterprises that occupy the majority of strategic emerging industries in urban development. A typical example is Hefei. At every industrial outlet, Hefei city "gambled" right: in 2007, it invested in New Oriental, and now New Oriental is the best item supplier in China; In 2011, we bet on Changxin semiconductor. After the trade war started, the chip became the industrial tuyere; In 2019, Weilai automobile took root in Hefei, and the sales of new energy vehicles in Anhui accounted for 12% of the country.
        On September 7, 2019, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Alibaba wrote a thank you letter to Hangzhou, the city where it was born, which contains the flesh and blood relationship between a city and an enterprise. Last year, Qingdao put forward the concept of "city partner" at the global venture capital conference. This year, Haier, which is developing in a different way, is closely linked with Qingdao's industrial Internet development strategy, and supports Haier Kaos; On the industrial ecological construction of Qingdao's smart city, Wang Qingxian said that supporting Hisense is to help Qingdao. In May this year, Shanxi Changzhi invested 1.8 billion yuan to build two blockchain platform projects, and Changzhi national high tech Zone established a blockchain industry guidance fund of 500 million yuan.
        One of the two platforms provides basic support for blockchain applications such as government affairs, industry and finance, and the other is an energy trading blockchain platform with a transaction volume of more than 100 billion, which is built by Changzhi local enterprises. "I'll not only give you experimental fields, but also fertilize your seedlings and give you money." Industry insiders said that Changzhi, a fifth tier city, urgently needs to seek industrial transformation through blockchain. To build such a blockchain platform, the cost of 50 million yuan is enough. By throwing a lot of money to support local enterprises to become bigger and stronger quickly, and when there are good local enterprises, the city will naturally rise; If local enterprises become bigger, they will be able to compete in the country. Shenzhen is one of the major bases of the domestic blockchain industry. In 2017, projects in the blockchain field were listed as the strategic emerging industry of Shenzhen, and Tencent was included in the support list.
        In the past two years, Shenzhen has successively opened tax invoices, intellectual property protection, enterprise bankruptcy and other scenarios to Tencent, which has supported Tencent's application development in the blockchain field. "This is a huge leap forward opportunity. Will an Internet leading service enterprise rise quickly? When the service population base is large enough and the service content is attractive enough, it will rise quickly." Zheng Yongqing said that this is a matter that needs to be vigorously promoted by the government, and the government's initiative is crucial to the development of enterprises. Only when the digital assets of the government, enterprises and individuals are more widely linked and used, can an industrial closed loop with production and consumption be formed, can a larger scale of digital assets be forced to be linked and used, can the solutions be optimized and iterated quickly, and more new scenarios be developed, and can there be more room for the growth of emerging industries.
        In terms of AI + blockchain services, SDW has established a core innovation system, with a supporting platform and a software intelligent factory, which is equivalent to a combine harvester. The three blockchain information services of Dawei chain, Dawei chain public service platform and Dawei chain digital license public service platform have been filed by the national network information office. Dawei chain products have been run on domestic mainstream cloud platforms such as Unicom cloud, telecom cloud, Alibaba cloud and Huawei cloud. Both Alibaba and Huawei have put forward cooperation requirements to Shanda Diwei. On November 5, 2019, Shanda Diwei signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei to promote the landing of Kunpeng ecology in Shandong. Zheng Yongqing said that we can join the ecosystem of Alibaba and Huawei, and grow into a national company with these large platforms.
        However, this is not our core opportunity. Our core opportunity lies in the core technology of the blockchain service field. We should seize this opportunity to realize takeoff in the third stage. This choice is undoubtedly good for Jinan. Shanda Diwei is a leading artificial intelligence enterprise in Shandong Province. The take-off process of such a local enterprise will have a huge pulling effect on the local industry. In the 2019 software comprehensive development index report released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Jinan ranks fourth after Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, and has a good industrial foundation in the software service industry. This picture is
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