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Blockchain is mysterious? Expert: Chengdu will become an intelligent "city of the future"

Time : 13/01/2022 Author : q4if5w Click : + -
        As the focus of current attention, blockchain is not less popular. How is the development of Chengdu's blockchain? Today, the reporter interviewed experts from Chengdu blockchain Research Institute, the first blockchain Research Institute in Southwest China, and representative enterprises of Chengdu blockchain. They sorted out the current situation, advantages and future of Chengdu's blockchain development, and described a "city of the future" that is becoming more intelligent due to blockchain technology. The blockchain is like "a multi-party encrypted distributed bookkeeping". For example, using blockchain technology, your family's accounts will no longer be controlled by your mother alone. Instead, on the basis of some agreement reached by family members, everyone will truthfully record the expenses in the account book. Once the records are unalterable, and everyone can see them.
        "Decentralization", "information sharing" and "trust system" are the characteristics of the blockchain. Xia Qi, executive director of the blockchain Research Institute of the University of Electronic Science and technology, compares blockchain to "a mirror". Before the blockchain technology, we did not have the ability to see the complete real world. What you see may be false, incomplete or missing. Just like in ancient times, people knew their appearance through bronze mirrors and water surface, but this was very different from the real appearance. Secondly, since no system can achieve a consensus of trust involving multiple parties, no one will trust it even if it is reflected, so it is very important to build a trust system. So how does this technology work? This requires mentioning "blockchain +".
        Xia Qi introduced that at present, the application scenario of blockchain in Chengdu is mainly in government services. Presumably, most people have experienced the dilemma of working in government departments, requiring multiple certificates and going back and forth. When the blockchain meets government affairs, n times of running becomes "at most once". The electronic license system is a successful exploration of government affairs reform. For example, when you go to the housing authority to transfer the property, you need to bring a marriage certificate. If you share the information between the Civil Affairs Bureau and the Housing Authority, what will happen? Another example is that if you want to withdraw the provident fund from a provident fund centre, you need to go to the housing authority to withdraw the housing certificate first. These are all time-consuming and laborious things. To open up the business data between various departments that need collaboration, realize data sharing, and achieve business collaboration, the magic function of the blockchain will appear.
        Xia Qi said that in the future, ordinary people do not need to prove to the government what they have handled and what records they have. "I just need to prove that I am me. Through data connection, the government should know better than me. I will never make any jokes about the need to prove that my mother is my mother.". It is understood that in the ranking of Chinese blockchain entrepreneurial activity cities in 2018, Chengdu ranks first in the southwest and sixth in the country. Its business areas include finance, asset management, energy, commerce, information security and other fields. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 200 block chain enterprises in Chengdu. The Chengdu urban block chain development strategic plan (hereinafter referred to as the plan) proposes that Chengdu will strive to build a national block chain industry ecological innovation demonstration area, a national block chain industry cluster area, and "China's block chain innovation capital".
        By 2020, Chengdu will be built into a domestic first-class and western leading blockchain industry highland, with the scale of the city's blockchain industry exceeding 20 billion yuan. 20 national and provincial blockchain innovation carriers such as key laboratories and enterprise technology centers; The R & D investment of blockchain enterprises accounts for 15%; Build a highland of domestic blockchain technology talents, and introduce and cultivate 20000 people. Xia Qi, executive director of the blockchain Research Institute of the University of Electronic Science and technology of China, told the reporter that various cities in the country have different strengths in the blockchain field, and Chengdu's advantage is the underlying platform technology of the blockchain. In 2017, the blockchain Research Institute, CO sponsored by the Cyberspace Security Research Center of the University of Electronic Science and technology, Chengdu Jiwei IOT e-commerce Co., Ltd. and Jingrong town innovation and entrepreneurship enterprise Xunji Chengdu Technology Co., Ltd., was officially inaugurated and established in the University of Electronic Science and technology, which is also the first blockchain Research Institute in Southwest China.
        "We need independent and controllable underlying blockchain technology, which is just like Huawei's own system. It is impossible to use foreign things, and there is a risk." Chengdu has taken the lead in this field and mastered the core technology. Without integration with real life, blockchain technology will not be able to exert its magic. Therefore, the landing of blockchain application scenarios is becoming more and more important. Chengdu's attempt in the financial field is an example. In May 2018, the Chengdu municipal government and the Chengdu Branch of the central bank joined hands to explore the construction of a blockchain based intellectual property financing service platform. After more than one year's efforts, some achievements have been made in this subdivision field.
        Xia Qi introduced that the platform was developed by xunxi Chengdu Technology Co., Ltd. as the technology developer, and the Chengdu Branch of the people's Bank of China took the lead in accessing three types of banking institutions. At present, the internal test version of the platform has been released and is expected to be open to the public within one month. "This will become an important starting point for Chengdu to build a western financial center and an international business environment." The emergence of this platform will help solve many problems, such as the difficulty of loan financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, the difficulty of bank control, and the difficulty of department supervision. Although blockchain technology is still in the exploratory stage in many fields. Practice at some points is like a pioneer, opening a new door. Xia Qi suggested that Chengdu should respond quickly and introduce a series of measures such as local standards, supporting policies and industrial standards to provide good government guidance.
        Ten years ago, who would have thought that you didn't need to carry cash when you went out? With the support of 4G, 5g and other technologies, the arrival of electronic payment and face recognition brings the ideal into reality. As the next generation of disruptive core technology, blockchain is leading the world into a new era of trust. It breaks through the barriers in various fields, realizes information sharing, and obtains the optimal solution of urban management. How to establish a "trust system" to ensure the consistency of accounting? Technically, we only need to rely on the "consensus algorithm" in the system. The bigger challenge lies outside the technology, such as how to realize real multi-party accounting. The reality is that in many scenarios, participants are unwilling and have no motivation to participate in this distributed ledger.
        It takes courage to write down small books without reservation. "Just imagine what would happen if education, food safety, health care, medical care, etc. could join hands with the blockchain?" Ruan Yafen gives an example. If one day you have a wearable device, it will be connected to the health app of your mobile phone in real time. At the same time, these data are shared based on the blockchain platform. It can be seen by many institutions, including not only hospitals, but also medical insurance bureaus and drug manufacturers. This means that when you are sick and hospitalized, all health conditions, medical history, or examination results in other hospitals can be mastered at the first time, so as to provide more accurate and rapid treatment. Let's imagine that this health app is connected to the school side. The school can not only customize meals according to the children's health big data, but also pay close attention to their physical conditions.
        And this may just be the tip of the iceberg in the future world. The blockchain provides a possibility, that is, optimization is no longer a simple summation of multiple parts, but through the storage of the process, to achieve the optimal allocation of resources and improve the refinement and intelligence of urban management. Please make rational comments and speak in a civilized manner. Do not release information that is illegal or harmful to public order and good customs. We will not publish or delete information that may cause legal disputes and damage public order and good customs.
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