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Lujiazui reading club preview | at 19:00 tomorrow, sun Xiaohan will speak on time about deep understanding of blockchain

Time : 16/07/2022 Author : 8s1hgf Click : + -
        Based on the author's more than 20 years of working experience in the information technology industry and rich investment experience in blockchain enterprises, the book combines the key core application cases of global blockchain by tracking and researching the industry development, participating in industry seminars and visiting enterprises, and deeply and superficially analyzes the impact of blockchain on people, based on the changes and experiences that people deeply understand, It popularizes the impact of blockchain technology on people's daily life, work style and social structure for readers. In addition, the author predicts the business scenarios and opportunities that blockchain technology can develop in the future, so that people can better adapt to the changes in the world. Managing partner / Executive Director of Shanghai Hongguan Asset Management Co., Ltd., doctor of Fudan School of Economics - Dulun University, honorary consultant of Asian blockchain society, senior consultant of blockchain Laboratory of Donghua University, entrepreneurship and innovation tutor of blockchain incubator of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, contributor of Forbes China technology and investment, and columnist of blockchain media - Mars finance.
        He once served as the deputy general manager of Fujian Xingwang Ruijie Network Co., Ltd. (A-share listed company), and served as the senior operation director of Dell (DELL) technology group. His leading projects won Mike Dell president award. The main research and investment fields include information technology, semiconductor hardware equipment, big data, artificial intelligence hardware and software, Internet of things, blockchain and other industries' technology development routes, industry development directions and business models, value chain innovation, etc. successful cases include: enterprise investigation, juxinli, Beiye technology and other investment projects.
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