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Tencent once again bought the British investment yuan universe start-up company,Latest blockchain project recommendation

Time : 06/07/2022 Author : pacuny Click : + -
        The fund is a rescue fund launched by former finance minister sunak during the epidemic period to invest in excellent start-ups. In this investment, the national security strategic investment fund (nssif) also provided some suggestions. Nssif was established in 2018 and mainly invests in highly sensitive defense start-ups. It is closely related to GCHQ (British government communications headquarters). Nssif will also provide start-ups with access to key security experts in the UK intelligence community. Therefore, this transaction also means that the British government, the fund supported by the CIA and Tencent of China have become partners in the investment in Hadean.
        In response, Craig beddis, chief executive officer of Hadean, said that the company has always been very clear about its investment sources, and that Tencent and other shareholders will not be able to obtain sensitive technologies. He also added that according to the national security and investment act of the United Kingdom, Tencent's investment shares are too small to notify the government. Craig beddis also said: "Tencent obviously has strong strength in the fields of games and metauniverse, which explains why we accept this investment.". According to British media reports, Hadean has cooperated with many game companies including minecraft and epicgames to jointly develop technologies that can expand the scale to support thousands of players at the same time.
        The company has also held a star ship war involving 14000 players in the science fiction game everonline, breaking the record of the largest number of players in any game environment. Craig beddis said: "the ability to replicate what is done in the real world in the virtual world is very suitable for the training of the defense department.". On January 1, 2022, Tencent acquired part of the equity of Monzo, a British star digital bank. The latest market value of the bank is 3.3 billion pounds (about 28 billion yuan). As a digital bank, Monzo supports services such as automatic bookkeeping, dynamic account notification, deposit and loan. Fashionable applications, low fees, and humanized products and services have attracted many young customers.
        At present, the bank has more than 2000 employees and more than 5 million users (an average of 100000 new users per month), of which more than 300000 use Monzo's payment accounts and commercial accounts. On February 15, 2022, Tencent again invested in firstlightfusion, a star company of nuclear fusion technology in Oxford, UK. The UK firstlightfusion company was jointly founded by Professor Yiannis ventikos, director of Mechanical Engineering Department of University College London (UCL) and Dr Nicholas hawker, lecturer of engineering at Oxford University. It mainly researches the transformation of nuclear fusion reaction into thermal energy to achieve the production of more clean energy.
        The whole team of firstlightfusion is composed of experts in science and engineering, as well as senior personnel with rich management experience. After the company was spun off from Oxford University in July 2011, it obtained seed investment from ipgroup, parkwalk advisors and individual investors. Later, the British government, Jingshun and OSI also participated in the investment of the company. At present, the company's nuclear fusion business has developed from a scientific research project of a key university to a mature company. It has not only made practical strategic deployment for nuclear fusion operation, but also developed it into a sustainable business model.
        With regard to the latest round of financing obtained from Tencent and other companies, firstlightfusion said that it would use this fund for more experiments and research, especially to build a commercial nuclear fusion power station with its own technology. On April 22, 2022, Tencent announced that it had successfully acquired part of the equity of previse, a British star financial technology company. The latest market value of the payment company was 65 million pounds (about 540 million yuan). Tencent took the lead in previse's latest round B financing. It is expected that previse will raise about 10 million pounds (about 83.6 million yuan) in this round of financing.
        Previse mainly uses artificial intelligence technology to solve the problem of enterprise payment delay. Its purpose is to enable large enterprises to pay suppliers on the day they receive invoices. Previse can use artificial intelligence algorithms to calculate the trend of the buyer's bills and then decide which bills to pay, so that the expenses can be paid to small suppliers immediately. At the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, Tencent took the lead in entering the medical field and invested in two British medical technology companies; Then he invested in a game company. On November 9, 2020, a medical technology company headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and a top genetic disease clinical genomics software company & mdash& mdash; Congenica announced that it had completed the round C financing of up to 39 million pounds, with investors including Tencent of China and legal & amp; General。
        In addition, in the summer of 2020, Tencent also acquired the shares of Oxford nanopore, a British gene sequencing company, which British media said was not small. Oxford nanopore has previously developed a rapid detection technology for novel coronavirus. On December 23, 2020, London based British game company splashdamage announced that its parent company Leyou had been acquired by Tencent, and splashdamage officially became a studio under Tencent. In terms of amount, Tencent will invest 35 million pounds (about 315 million yuan) in the first phase of ultraleap's round D financing.
        On February 25, 2021, Tencent also acquired part of the equity of British game developer payloadstudios, which developed the strategy game Tera technology, and the investment will be used to support team operation and new work development. On July 19, 2021, Tencent continued to make a move and announced that it had wholly acquired sumo group, a British game company. The transaction valued the latter at 919 million pounds (US $1.27 billion, RMB 8.2 billion). This transaction is Tencent's largest investment in the UK, the first wholly-owned acquisition of a listed company, and Tencent's largest investment in the world this year.
        Sumo group was founded in 2003 and headquartered in Sheffield. Currently, it has 14 studios in 5 countries and employs more than 1200 people. The games it participated in include dragon and dungeon, Tomb Raider, outlaw and legend, mahbuzai adventure, riot police 3, Killer 2, etc. Sumodigital also cooperated with Sega, Microsoft, apple and other companies to develop games such as sonic All Star Racing and extreme racing horizon. In addition to working outside the game room, sumo group also has a visual design company atomhawk, which has provided design services for many Marvel films.
        On October 12, 2019, the consortium led by China Tencent has completed the round a investment in sensat, a British artificial intelligence company, with a total investment of US $10 million (about 7.89 million pounds, 70.65 million yuan). As a start-up company focusing on artificial intelligence, sensat is committed to helping companies engaged in construction, mining, energy and other industries. When carrying out relevant projects, sensat helps these companies create "digital twins" where the projects are located. By accessing the MAPP platform created by sensat, customers can convert real-world data into high-precision and digital three-dimensional models in machine-readable form, and feed back real-world conditions through sensor devices in real-time. Through online reading and analysis of real-time data by computers, customers can help solve problems in the real world.
        On May 25, 2019, the British artificial intelligence company prowler IO announced that it had received investment from Tencent and other companies, and the latest valuation of the company reached US $100 million. A consortium led by Tencent of China and Pearson of Britain invested US $24 million in and acquired part of its equity. Prowler. Io was founded in 2016, headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and currently has 110 employees. Its artificial intelligence is mainly used in the business field and can help enterprises optimize their decisions. Prowler. Io's artificial intelligence decision-making platform vuku has been used by many Nordic asset management companies for risk modeling and asset portfolio optimization, and also by the Spanish logistics company paack to optimize driver routes.
        On June 4, 2019, truelayer, a British financial technology company, announced that it had received US $40 million (about 31.7 million pounds, 280 million yuan) invested by Tencent. Temasek, a Singapore sovereign fund, also participated in this round of investment. Truelayer uses financial technology to provide banks with services such as accounting assurance, KYC process, access to account aggregated transaction data, credit rating, and risk assessment. At the same time, it provides other banking services other than data, including real-time payment function (application program interface sends wire transfer), and financial transaction services enabled by psd2 and open banking.
        On July 24, 2019, antstream arcade, a start-up game company from London, announced that it had obtained a new round a financing, which was led by Tencent. Antstream, a British game company, was founded in 2014. It is mainly engaged in the retro game platform antstream arcade. It provides some classic games. Players do not need to download games, nor do they need to build simulators. They can play more than 2000 authorized classic games on the platform, including street fighter and Boxer, just by paying a subscription. On September 27, 2019, a consortium led by China Tencent completed a round of investment in everledger, a British blockchain company, with a total investment of US $20 million (about 16.2 million pounds, 140 million yuan).
        Everledger was founded in 2015 and headquartered in London, UK. The company's main product is the blockchain platform, which is used to trace the origin of diamonds and other information. Everledger took the lead in passing the certification of "digital fingerprint" on the blockchain platform, solving the information chain problem of diamonds and jewelry in the international market. In the future, Tencent will cooperate with everledger to launch the world's first wechat applet that supports blockchain diamonds, open up the diamond value chain, and let wechat users directly purchase more transparent and safe Jewelry through the applet.
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