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Tencent's digital twin technology helps Beijing's ecological environment governance to create artificial intelligence and blockchain innovation demonstration applications

Time : 09/10/2021 Author : g7tjd9 Click : + -
        Recently, led by Beijing ecological environment monitoring center, the key project of "site soil pollution causes and treatment technology" was jointly launched by Tencent, Beijing micro chip blockchain and edge computing research institute, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of technology and other parties& mdash; The research and demonstration application project of a new ecological environment governance system based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology has been put on the agenda. Among them, the digital twin, which integrates the Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation and other cutting-edge technologies, has become one of the "keys" to help Beijing's ecological environment governance. In November last year, the State Council issued the opinions on supporting the high-quality development of Beijing's urban sub centers, which clearly pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the urban information model platform and the operation management service platform, create a digital twin city, improve the comprehensive ecological environment management system, and build Beijing into a national green development demonstration area.
        The key special project of "causes and treatment technologies of site soil pollution" participated by Tencent and others will contribute to Beijing's ecological environment treatment and construction, and set up environmental protection samples for domestic and international. Ecological and environmental data is very important to the decision-making of environmental governance departments. However, "monitoring data is separated and insufficient to support environmental decision-making management" is also a common problem in the ecological and environmental governance system of Beijing and most cities in China. Problems such as diverse data sources and lack of sharing make it difficult for governance departments to manage environmental quality and other data in real time. Beijing's ecological environment management is a complex and extremely difficult task. Beijing covers an area of 16410 square kilometers. It needs a lot of manpower to go to the field to investigate and investigate the causes of soil pollution. The workload of inputting information is huge, and the pollutants may shift with the movement of the medium.
        In addition, in the joint treatment of pollutants, how to realize the optimization of regional coordination is also one of the difficulties. Digital twin technology can map the whole process of ecological environment governance in real cities to the virtual digital twin world, and can effectively improve the scientific, accurate and efficient decision-making of ecological environment. The governance department can collect real-world environmental data such as pollution source data and meteorological data through the sensing equipment. The digital twin system carries out dynamic monitoring, dynamic description, dynamic prediction, etc. on each entity element of environmental management, grasps the current situation, abnormality and trend of the ecological environment in real time, discovers the relationship and law in the process of environmental change, and supports the environmental decision-making management of relevant departments.
        In this "research and demonstration application project of new ecological environment governance system based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology", Tencent will focus on participating in the research of multi-source ecological environment big data fusion technology and twin mapping model. At the same time, Tencent will provide technical support for the formation of the regional coordination mechanism for ecological environment governance, help build a "one map" visualization platform for water, soil and gas ecological linkage, and realize the functions of environmental early warning, comprehensive assessment, accurate traceability and real-time monitoring management, and environmental damage evidence acquisition. In recent years, Tencent has carried out many practices in the field of smart cities and smart transportation by virtue of the core advantage of digital twin.
        Digital twin is a virtual mapping body that creates physical entities in a digital way. It is a technical means to complete the whole life cycle process of physical entities such as simulation, verification and prediction with the help of historical data, real-time data and algorithm models. Its core technologies include Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, modeling, simulation, cloud computing and edge computing. The digital twin system reflects the operation of the physical world and evaluates the state of the physical world by simulating the behavior and changes of the objects in the physical world, diagnoses the problems and predicts the future trends. In terms of urban traffic dispatching management, Tencent has built a three-dimensional holographic intersection through the end-to-side integrated holographic fusion perception system, which can realize the evaluation, early warning and control of the real-time situation of the intersection.
        On this basis, Tencent further built a real-time twin intersection, which can realize virtual real interaction and Simulation of the whole scene of the intersection. In terms of expressway management, Tencent's smart solution of "digital Antu" aims at the whole scene of high-speed construction, operation, maintenance and service. With the help of the digital twin system, it creates all-weather traffic, whole process digital control and all-round service of smart expressway. At present, the new infrastructure is driving social change, and the circulation of data elements is enabling each industry to achieve greater value. Tencent digital twin actively helps Beijing's ecological environment governance process and explores the innovative demonstration application of artificial intelligence and blockchain. It is an attempt to maximize the potential of data and will ultimately help realize the organic integration of industrial value and social value.
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