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Ruize science and technology public lecture helps young cadres popularize blockchain knowledge

Time : 29/09/2021 Author : es8wjt Click : + -
        Many people are still reading flowers in the fog, seeming to understand. In addition to the hype and chaos of various virtual currencies in recent years, most people keep a distance from this complex new thing. In October of this year, China officially announced "taking blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology", which made blockchain topics, which had been silent for a long time in China, become popular again at a rocket like speed, and set off a new wave of technology and application research upsurge. Ruize technology, a newly hatched enterprise in Zhongguancun maker Town, has deeply cultivated blockchain technology and application in the process of development in the past year. It has rich experience and unique insights in this field that can be shared with young cadres in the hot spring area. On December 26, the 18th cultural salon selected "the principle and application of blockchain technology" as the theme of the activity. More than 30 members of the leading group of Wenquan Town, members of the civilized hot spring group and young cadres participated.
        Yang Hui, founder and CEO of Ruize technology, brought the theme "how to build a blockchain + Internet big data ecology". Ms. Yang Hui introduced the history, current situation and trend of the development of the blockchain industry, and deeply analyzed the problems and bottlenecks in the current industry. She proposed the great significance and value of blockchain technology in protecting the data security, rights confirmation and value-added of Internet users' behavior, and combined with the needs of relevant government departments, Explained the combination and application of blockchain technology and government service innovation. The participants exchanged views with Ms. Yang Hui on how to integrate their work with blockchain, especially on how to apply blockchain technology in the field of public resource sharing.
        Subsequently, Shen Shuhang, chief blockchain architect of Ruize technology, gave a keynote speech "blockchain technology principle, development and application", which introduced the birth and evolution history of blockchain in detail, elaborated the development status of blockchain technology and the imagination of distributed collaborative business network at the current stage, introduced the basic principles and key technology points of blockchain in simple and simple terms, and focused on the exploration of blockchain in application. Members of the on-site leading group actively interact with each other and discuss the technical feasibility in combination with their actual work needs. After the two courses, everyone said that although they had a preliminary understanding of the principle and application of blockchain, the amount of information was relatively large and some were brain burning. They will further strengthen their study in the future and gradually explore the application direction in practical work.
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