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[optimize the legal business environment] Baotou Iron court held a seminar on insurance cases and blockchain certificate verification

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        And other platforms to support the identification and reproduction of the authenticity, legality and relevance of the evidence materials after the parties and their agents provide online evidence and cross examination. In order to better optimize the rule of law business environment, give full play to the service and guarantee role of judicial work on the business environment by means of information technology, and promote Baotou railway court to start from the needs of enterprises and the masses for the rule of law and solve the problems faced by blocking points and difficulties, on April 15, Baotou Railway Transportation Court held an insurance case coordination meeting and a blockchain certificate verification application seminar, and invited Tencent group Four insurance companies including Beijing fengdiao Lishun science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Baotou Antai notary public office and Baotou Central Branch of Ping An insurance company of China carried out exchanges and discussions. Zhang Bolin, Secretary of the Party group and President, presided over the meeting, and judges and assistant judges from various business departments attended the meeting.
        At the meeting, president Zhang Bolin introduced the Inner Mongolia court's promotion of the construction of the "Inner Mongolia court blockchain evidence verification center" and the application of Baotou Iron court in the "blockchain + notarial service" to all participating units. He invited all participating units to jointly discuss the application scenarios of blockchain in the field of litigation, and explore how to solve the difficulties, blockages and pain points encountered by enterprises in the jurisdiction in litigation through information means. Mr. Jiang Hongming, general legal department of Tencent, gave a detailed introduction to the participants on the overview of Zhixin chain, the application cases of judicial blockchain certificate verification in the trial field and the application scenarios of blockchain in the insurance industry. The participants had in-depth discussions and exchanges on the application of judicial blockchain technology in litigation, fully affirmed the feasibility and necessity of providing judicial blockchain certificate verification services in the insurance industry, put forward positive suggestions and opinions, and hoped that blockchain technology could solve the problems that often occur in the process of litigation: insurance contract disputes have difficulties in proving whether insurance companies "fulfill the obligation of notification in advance", There are many problems in property insurance disputes, such as long identification time, long litigation cycle, and many data transfer nodes between the notary office and the court during the application of "notarial service + blockchain".
        All participating units said that after the meeting, they would continue to negotiate on the scope, convenience and security of cross system data linking between insurance companies, notary offices and Zhixin chain, as well as the evidence linking. In the next step, Baotou Iron court will continue to extend judicial services, give full play to the role of trial execution, continue to explore and promote the landing and application of "blockchain + notarial service", "blockchain + litigation service", "blockchain + trial execution" and other scenarios, strive to create an open, transparent, convenient and efficient legal business environment, enhance the sense of judicial access of enterprises and people, and provide services to ensure the high-quality economic and social development of the jurisdiction. A: when a transaction or dispute occurs, the parties can use the blockchain certificate technology to fix the electronic evidence to generate the corresponding hash value in a timely manner, and submit it to the court through online filing and other channels.
        The judge can verify whether the evidence has been tampered with at any time through the "blockchain evidence verification center" and presume whether the evidence has legal authenticity. Special statement: the above content (including pictures or videos if any) is uploaded and released by the users of our media platform "Netease". This platform only provides information storage services. On August 5, in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, an ice cabinet was placed at the entrance of the supermarket to provide free chilled water for people in need. Supermarket owner: it is within the scope of his ability.
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