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From the perspective of community governance, science and technology use artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to open up the "last kilometer" of urban governance

Time : 28/12/2021 Author : r8kiyj Click : + -
        At the same time, in the digital age, with the support of intelligent technology, we undoubtedly have a stronger ability to boldly imagine this "last kilometer". And Hangzhou, a third-party service technology company focusing on community governance and Industry Consulting & mdash& mdash; Vision technology is implementing the beautiful vision of building a harmonious community. For a long time, the convening of the owners' meeting has been a "long-standing problem" of community governance. On the one hand, the owners have low knowledge rate, low participation, difficult to start voting, and it is time-consuming and laborious. The owners do not know the voting content, do not know when to vote, do not know the process, etc; On the other hand, it is the issue of credibility. The industry committee and the property management are responsible for the delivery and counting of votes. The unprofessional operation also makes the owners unable to vote with real confidence. The owners will question the authenticity and fairness of the votes.
        From the above "pain points" and "blocking points", vision technology creates a complete set of solutions for the owners' meeting of the community & mdash& mdash; Ding Dong is the cloud platform of the neighborhood smart community. The author understands that from Hangzhou as the starting point, more than 1000 communities have officially launched the platform. Through online and offline voting, network, telephone, paper and other channels, publicity has been carried out, creating favorable conditions for the resolution of various issues in the community and the easy convening of owners' meetings. As a core system of the dingdong neighborhood smart community cloud platform, the voting system of the owners' meeting is the first in the community governance mode. Based on the blockchain technology, the network voting method through real name authentication, coupled with compatible offline voting and artificial intelligence voice call voting, adopts the public key and private key principles, hides the owners' information through the voting code, Publicize the voting opinions of all owners at the owners' meeting and synchronously use the blockchain technology to chain up, so as to ensure that the statistical results cannot be overturned, tampered with or revoked, and realize the fairness, openness and fairness of the owners' meeting.
        According to Xi Yongli, the founder, as a constituent system of urban digital intelligent management, the cloud platform also includes community governance management system, industry committee office system, property management system, inspection and inspection system, property evaluation and supervision system, and property satisfaction evaluation system. It provides industry committee supervision, property service supervision Digital services at the level of community information management. Whether it is the community owners' meeting or undertaking inspection, evaluation and supervision, the customer composition of vision technology is mainly G + small B end. In order to obtain customers, vision technology adopts the following methods: on the one hand, make full use of existing products and technologies, develop and select the third-party partners with resources and capabilities in cities, and expand the active provinces in the country; On the other hand, make use of the digital tuyere of community governance to seek cooperation with the government.
        Facts have proved that this set of combined boxing is very effective. Vision technology, which has been established for less than 5 years, has served more than 3000 community communities and millions of families. Its business scope covers most provinces and cities in China. It has successfully incubated 32 third-party institutions in 17 cities in 7 provinces, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan and Ningxia. First of all, we will continue to promote the model of government and urban partnership, increase the implementation and promotion of local community governance by supporting and incubating local third-party organizations, and establish a business system by business and region;. Secondly, we will continue to strengthen the standardization promotion of the online + offline service mode in the Yangtze River Delta and other first and second tier cities, establish service standards, improve the operation level, establish brand image, and lay out and cultivate the post service market. We will work hard to penetrate more cities in the future.
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