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Led by the National Information Center, "blockchain service network" will be commercially available in April

Time : 06/06/2022 Author : e308xc Click : + -
        Beijing business daily (reporter Wei) on January 7, the reporter learned that the "blockchain service network" led by the National Information Center, jointly initiated and established by China Mobile (Hong Kong stock 00941), China UnionPay and other units will be put into commercial use in April. "Blockchain service network" is a blockchain basic network service platform, which began internal testing in October 2019. On January 6, Baidu blockchain solution super chain launched the public test of "open network". In addition, ant blockchain and Tencent cloud also launched relevant commercial services first. In October 2019, the "blockchain service network" jointly designed and constructed by six units including the National Information Center, China Mobile and China UnionPay was released.
        According to the National Information Center, during the internal testing period, the "blockchain service network" provides free internal testing for 400 entrepreneurs and 600 developers. Hangzhou is the first pilot city. According to the plan, the "blockchain service network" will be officially put into commercial use in April 2020. At present, the network has established 40 public urban nodes throughout the country. It is expected that when it is officially put into commercial use, the number of urban nodes will reach 100. Meanwhile, operators and cloud resource practitioners from Southeast Asia and Europe are also negotiating and planning to deploy local urban nodes of "blockchain service network". It is understood that the "blockchain service network" is an infrastructure network based on blockchain technology and consensus mechanism. It is an alliance chain for industrial, enterprise and government applications. It is committed to changing the high cost of the current LAN architecture of alliance chain applications, providing developers with a public blockchain resource environment, and greatly reducing the development, deployment, operation and maintenance, interoperability and supervision costs of blockchain applications, So that the blockchain technology is rapidly popularized and developed.
        According to the research of relevant departments, if it is necessary to build a traditional alliance chain LAN environment, according to the quotations of the current mainstream cloud service providers, the minimum cost per year is also more than 100000 yuan. Through the "blockchain service network", an application can be chained and put into operation with only 2000-3000 yuan per year. Internet enterprises also want to target blockchain infrastructure from the perspective of cost. On January 6, baidu super chain launched the "open network", which is similar to the "blockchain service network". It is also composed of alliance nodes distributed throughout the country. At present, it has introduced seven nodes such as Tsinghua University and iqiyi, and is open to the community.
        Tencent cloud and ant blockchain have also taken the lead in blockchain business. In 2017, Tencent cloud blockchain service platform tbaas began trial use and was officially put into commercial use in 2018. Tbaas supports users to quickly build their own blockchain service network on Tencent cloud or private cloud platform. In November 2019, the ant blockchain service network began its public test. Liu Feng, director of the blockchain technology and Application Research Center of Shanghai University of international business and economics, explained to the reporter of Beijing business daily, "Baidu is a commercial blockchain infrastructure built by enterprises, and it pays more attention to business experience, such as high TPS, low delay, low technology threshold, relatively low cost and so on.
        And & lsquo; Blockchain service network & rsquo; It is a national blockchain service infrastructure platform across the public network, regions and institutions. It will pay more attention to the security, monitoring, openness and inclusiveness of the whole network to support the core strategies of the next generation of National Smart City and digital economy development. The goal will be more macro, and the service level will be more basic, not just focusing on commercialization. ".
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