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Blockchain promotes the rapid development of digital economy, and asset digitization is an inevitable trend in the future

Time : 11/03/2022 Author : 8afvez Click : + -
        Blockchain technology is an advanced technology. Its distributed accounting function can also record every piece of data well. At this year's domestic digital economy development conference, the country first proposed to incorporate blockchain technology into the digital economy development map. It should be noted that before this, there were only a few dozen domestic companies related to blockchain technology. Now, a few months later, blockchain companies are springing up like bamboo shoots. Blockchain technology can effectively drive the development of the digital economy, and our asset digitization is also an inevitable trend in the future. In the second half of this year, the country also began to issue our own digital currency & mdash& mdash; digital yuan
        After more than 10 offline pilot tests, the digital RMB has basically matured. Have you considered a question? It is reasonable to say that China has its own legal currency (RMB), and the state has also announced that the exchange rate between RMB and digital RMB is 1:1. So why do you want to create a digital currency? Some friends may think that this is superfluous. In fact, it is not. Let's take a brief look at the difference. First of all, RMB is the legal currency of our country. This kind of currency can only be used in our country. However, whether it is in foreign countries or in trade with other countries, foreigners will basically not charge RMB. Why? For example, when we Chinese get foreign money, we can't spend it directly. Many people don't know foreign money, and they can't distinguish the line of the money. Foreign money needs to be converted into RMB in the bank, and there are fees such as handling fees. The process is quite troublesome, so many people are unwilling to collect foreign currencies when trading.
        Secondly, if every country chooses to pay its own country's legal currency when trading with other countries, isn't it troublesome? Therefore, under the circumstances at that time, the United States was the strongest, so the United States chose the United States dollar as the currency of various countries. After decades of development, the United States, relying on the status of the US dollar, has cut all countries into leeks again and again. In these decades, each country has accumulated a lot of US debt (for those who want to understand the reasons for us debt, please refer to the previous article: countries around the world are accelerating de dollarization). On this basis, countries do not want to be cut by the United States any more, so they add other additional payment methods to traders who support us dollar payment, such as eth payment and oil cryptocurrency payment.
        Finally, China's issuance of digital renminbi is also a virtual digital currency. This virtual digital currency has one advantage: no matter what kind of virtual currency is exchanged, it will be exchanged at the same value. There are not so many procedures for exchange between legal currencies, and there will be no handling charges. This is also why it is said that asset digitization is an inevitable trend in the future. Some friends may say that they like to touch the thick stack every time they pay their salaries. They have no other idea but to be happy. Now, the salary is directly paid to the bank card. Looking at the series of numbers, although I am happy, I no longer have the feeling I used to have. The reason why assets are digitized is also for the development of digital economy. In the future, blockchain technology will occupy a large part of our life.
        I believe friends seldom take cash when they go out, right? (Note: This article is for reading only and does not involve any investment suggestions).
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