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Giant whale digital, blockchain and token

Time : 13/07/2021 Author : tw5ok2 Click : + -
        Token was once translated as "token", but this translation is not comprehensive and will affect our understanding. Accurate translation should be called "token", I.e. "circulating" and "equity certificate" "Encryption: the authenticity, anti usurpation and rewriting, privacy protection and other capabilities of the token are guaranteed by cryptography; circulation: the token must be able to flow in a network, so that it can be verified at any time and anywhere, otherwise it will not have the value of the token. The benefits of expressing the token as digital assets include: 1. Market transactions help to find the price; 2. Increase the value of assets in circulation. Assets that are not on the chain can be Compared with the shares of unlisted companies, the company's valuation at this time is generally low. Since the market-oriented trading and circulation cannot be carried out, the shares do not have a relatively reasonable market price.
        Once the company is successfully listed (IPO), we can generally see in the Chinese A-share market that the stock rises a lot in the trading days before the IPO. This is because after the company is listed, the stock is easier to trade and realize. Any disturbance in the company will immediately be reflected on the stock price. This is the effect of doubling the valuation and Issuing the market price brought by rapid trading. Similarly, the assets after being linked have the convenience similar to the stock trading or transfer after the listing of the company. After the assets are linked, digital assets, that is, tokens, are formed. Token economy is an economy that makes full use of tokens. For example, tickets, points, contracts, certificates, qualifications, etc. can all be tokens. With the help of blockchain or trusted centralized system, this system can be allowed to give full play to digital assets.
        Therefore, we can infer that the token economy will push human's digital asset management ability to a new height. The token economy may overturn the middleman, and even make the joint-stock company, a cooperation mode that has appeared for 500 years in the history of human business, so as to rebuild the structure of the organization and the distribution of interests. Return to Sohu to see more.
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