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Company research | what kind of posture will the next generation social platform take?

Time : 07/02/2022 Author : 9a4q1f Click : + -
        As a solution for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual participants to share the Internet dividend. Now, both China and the United States have begun to explore blockchain social networking. There are not only traditional Internet platforms such as Facebook, telegram, Tianya and Jianshu, but also start-up blockchain social platform enterprises such as Ono and steemint. From them, the think tank selected two leading community platforms in China & mdash& mdash; Jianshu and Ono, from the perspective of the token economy system, comb the development of the blockchain + social industry, with a view to presenting the characteristics and dynamics of the domestic blockchain + social industry for your reference.
        We learned from the technical experts related to the psychological chain that the transformation of the token should be combined with its original mature products or business models, and can be well combined, so as to solve various original conflicts of interests. The design of token economic model may be different for different products and enterprises, and even for different scenarios. The difficulty in the design of token economic model lies in the reasonable arrangement of interests, because mature product enterprises must face mature interest arrangements, including shareholders and customer relations. [core point]. The traditional centralized social media makes high profits by taking advantage of the platform. As the creator of social content and the only contributor of daily data, it has never received corresponding returns.
        In terms of the consensus mechanism, the token systems of Jianshu and Ono are both based on the POC mechanism to design a blockchain content ecosystem. In terms of tokens, the number of tokens in Jianshu adopts the mode of continuous issuance, and does not adopt the token economic system of complete deflation or constant total amount. While Ono chooses the quantitative issuance mechanism and destruction mechanism year by year to maintain the final total fixed. In terms of decentralization, Ono proposed to establish a decentralized social network, but Jianshu's token system could not achieve decentralization, and did not fundamentally solve the disadvantages of the real Internet platform. Social networking: the centralization of social networks. There is no doubt that there are great opportunities in the social network market. Take Facebook as an example, in 2017, Facebook achieved a revenue of $40.653 billion, of which advertising revenue was $39.942 billion, accounting for 98% of the total revenue.
        However, the huge commercial success can not stop its disadvantage in public opinion. As a centralized social media, Facebook has a large number of bad news and the deterioration of information flow. The commercial content of major brands has flooded the news push and exceeded the posts of personal relations. Relying on the existing technology, it is obviously difficult for Facebook to eradicate the problems of fake news, Internet bullying, user privacy protection and excessive commercialization. Even in general, these problems exist in today's centralized social media. The following common problems exist in centralized social media:. Flooding of low-quality content: the centralized platform grabs the flow value and attention value of most content creators and platform users, while the lack of incentives for high-quality content further leads to the lack of motivation of content exporters, leading to the loss of high-quality content and high-quality users.
        Insufficient security: in the centralized social platform, the user information can not be guaranteed, and there is a risk of theft. The platform itself uses the user data to do evil and seek private profits from time to time. The data leakage incident of more than 50 million users of fcaebook in early 2018 is a typical case. Limited self owned rights and interests: the centralized platform relies on the centralized algorithm to fully control the distribution rights of content, squeeze the attention value of users for personal gain, and affect the user experience. Lack of sense of belonging and participation: there is a natural opposition between the centralized platform and users in their interest demands. The content exporter cannot get the due benefits: in the centralized social platform, the traffic income is completely controlled by the platform, and the content exporter cannot get the due benefits.
        Token economy: the combination of blockchain and token. "Blockchain technology, token economy system and community economy" are called "blockchain economy" by the combination of current currency circle and chain circle. Among them, the token economy is to coordinate the organizational form of production relations through incentive means, that is, "contribution is reward". As long as they make contributions, they will receive corresponding rewards and equity certificates, which will greatly mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of participants, and can fully stimulate the vitality of the economy and promote economic growth. In the Internet era, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual participants are facing a more cruel reality: the winner takes all phenomenon of the Internet platform. Especially in this era, content is no longer produced by professional websites or specific groups, but is the result of the participation and creation of all netizens.
        Anyone can express their views or create original content on the Internet to produce the information they need. Of course, the rise of decentralization is also related to the fact that all people pay more attention to their rights. Too much energy has been accumulated in the treatment of personal data and their privacy. If this energy is not effectively alleviated, all social media platforms may be subverted. Only by returning the right of the centralized system to the people will it be an inevitable trend in the future. In the process of token design, the difficulty lies in the reasonable arrangement of interests, because mature product enterprises are bound to face mature interest arrangements, including shareholders and customer relations.
        The token economic model must be based on a deep understanding of specific industries. Only when the token economic transformation is combined with the blockchain technology can the disadvantages of the Internet platform be truly changed. Facing the social field of blockchain, many domestic companies have their own characteristics. According to the concept and background of the founding team, they have chosen different token transformation paths. Two leading social networking companies in China & mdash& mdash; Jianshu and Ono are analyzed from the perspective of token design. As the leading creative community in China, Jianshu has gathered a large number of high-quality authors and works by relying on convenient creative tools and intelligent distribution strategies, and is deeply loved by young people.
        The team has obtained multiple rounds of financing from high-quality investment institutions such as sig Haina Asia, Junlian capital, Saifu investment fund and Gobi venture capital. According to the white paper, Jianshu has been launched on the web, IOS, Android and other mainstream platforms. The total registered users are more than 12 million, and a new content is generated every 3 seconds on average, with an average monthly flow of more than 200 million times. Up to now, the global Alexa ranking of its main station is about 500, and the China ranking is about 60. In terms of tokens, Jianshu uses the POC mechanism to measure the contribution of community users, and gives token rewards accordingly. The total amount of token tokens continues to increase in the later period, with an initial total of 3 billion tokens. An additional 1 million FTNS are issued every day for ecological incentives.
        Jianshu is applied to the content community application field of massive users through token transformation to solve the problem that traditional Internet users cannot obtain their own contribution certificates and income returns. Ono is a free, equal and decentralized blockchain value network, aiming to create a prosperous and common Ono ecology with onomainnet. Onomainnet is based on EOS The underlying public chain of IO adheres to the principle of common prosperity and governance, and modifies the consensus mechanism and smart contract based on EOS. Original consensus mechanism, no need to buy ram, support millions of TPS, and open source. Provide the most powerful infrastructure for all or the blockchain dapps that will exist in the ONO ecosystem.
        At the same time, Ono has been invested by Fu Sheng, CEO of cheetah mobile, Songhe Fengfeng, Zhulu capital, Huachuang capital, coin capital and other top institutions or investors of tens of millions of yuan. According to the white paper and Ono ecological construction personnel, the total registered users of Ono are nearly 4 million. In terms of token design, Ono uses the contribution proof POC mechanism to define and quantify the contribution of users, and issues matching onots. The initial issuance of onot tokens was 75 billion. In onosns, a quantitative issuance mechanism and a destruction mechanism will be implemented year by year to maintain the final total fixed, not exceeding 100 billion pieces. Ono changes the original business model of centralized organizations exploiting traffic value and attention value, and proposes to use onot, a circulation token based on blockchain technology, to balance the economic interests of content creators, attention value providers and platform providers.
        Provide guarantee for the construction of a social network featuring "decentralization, community co governance and diversity". The companies with the highest global market value in the world today are Internet platform companies. In the future, blockchain will change the world much more than the Internet. It is expected that more companies with a market value of trillion US dollars will be generated in the blockchain ecosystem. The rise of decentralization is also related to the fact that all people pay more attention to their rights. Too much energy has been accumulated in the treatment of personal data and their privacy. If this energy is not effectively alleviated, all social media platforms may be subverted. It is an inevitable trend in the future to return the rights of users to users in blockchain social networking.
        Historically, no enterprise has been able to operate against the trend and remain safe.
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