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Yang Baohua: blockchain enhances the value of data through efficient data collaboration and produces exponential effect

Time : 29/09/2021 Author : 0c54wl Click : + -
        From August 11 to 12, the fourth geo new gravity summit was held in Shanghai Baohua Marriott Hotel. Leaders of real estate, asset management, property, leasing, industry, technology, finance, blockchain, culture and tourism and other industries gathered to think about the way to break the situation in special times, explore the second growth pole of real estate, and make a direct attack on Leju finance. Live broadcast. Yang Baohua, chief architect of Oracle blockchain, said that the blockchain enhances the value of data through efficient and reliable data collaboration and makes the value of data have an exponential effect. Blockchain is a very core technology for scientific and technological transformation. The development process of the blockchain is very similar to that of the Internet, which is divided into four stages. The difference is that the development stage of the Internet is based on ten years, and the blockchain is based on five years. The Internet has been tested, technically improved and applied to popularization.
        The blockchain has gone through four stages. According to these four stages, 2020 is in a period of accelerating commercial applications and logic. When blockchain technology is applied to enterprises, the first problem will be the selection of blockchain. At present, there are no less than 100 kinds of large and small block chains in the world. There are more than 10 kinds of very famous blockchains. These blockchains can be divided from at least two dimensions, including supply chain or alliance chain. From the social model, they can be divided into Kaiyuan blockchain or commercial blockchain. For public blockchains, they are open and anonymous, with poor performance and not so easy to manage. The alliance chain provides a good management and audit function, and also provides a good identity guarantee. It should consider the actual needs of the enterprise and the construction is relatively complex.
        He believes that the blockchain can be divided into two types from the application mode. The first application mode is relatively simple. It is used as shared data and the blockchain data is used as a shared database. The second mode is relatively advanced. It uses smart contracts to automate the whole business process. This is also the core value of the blockchain. No matter which mode is applied, we can see that the blockchain can improve efficiency and speed. At the same time, it can reduce costs and risks. At present, the three most widely used areas of blockchain include finance, supply chain and health care. As for the technical challenges of specific application of blockchain, he summarized five points: complete data security, scalable network performance, trusted smart contract, enhanced misoperation, standardization and standardization.
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