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Facebook will form a new team to explore blockchain technology. Is the social network coming?

Time : 17/01/2022 Author : h7xalp Click : + -
        It is understood that David Marcus, the head of the team, used to be the head of messengerapp, and Kevin Weil, the former product head of instagram, will also join the blockchain department. The number of employees in the team will be less than 12. David Marcus wrote on his Facebook on Tuesday: "I am forming a group to explore how to make the most of the blockchain on Facebook.". According to public information, when David Marcus was the president of PayPal, he said that once the blockchain community can "solve all problems", Facebook messenger will accept cryptocurrency payment.
        From the suspected interference in the US election to the disclosure of users' personal privacy data, in the past few months, Facebook has struggled to advance in the face of criticism from the outside world. In April, Facebook's stock was downgraded for the first time, and the stock price fell in response. 36 krypton has previously reported that it is difficult for Facebook to eradicate the problems of fake news, Internet bullying, data privacy protection and excessive commercialization by relying on existing technologies alone. The user data in social networks are stored on a centralized platform such as Facebook, and the data leakage problem is inevitable to occur again. The blockchain technology may bring a new turn for the privacy and security of users.
        The natural decentralized nature of blockchain technology subverts the setting of traditional social network centralization, ensures the privacy and security of users, returns data ownership to users, prevents users' private data from being collected, used and harassed by the platform, and provides tamper proof functions. Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, also said earlier that blockchain technology can reduce the control of Internet oligarchs. It has great potential to help the Internet return to the original design intention of "everyone is equal". He believes that blockchain is the best solution to solve the problem of network privacy. Telegram, a social application founded by Russian entrepreneurs, is the first platform that combines blockchain technology and social networking, and has 200 million users worldwide.
        Previously, 36 krypton also reported on the blockchain community platform Qunqun, the blockchain social product Ono, and the overseas IM application yeecall.
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