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A close conversation with Toby Gilbert, CEO of coinweb

Time : 30/06/2021 Author : 76oi20 Click : + -
        Tobygilbert has made great progress since he introduced blockchain technology and its potential at the end of 2017, which makes him explore this new growth point. Although the winter of encryption in 2018 brought losses to many similar projects and start-ups, Toby never regretted the choice he made. On the contrary, he raised funds to create coinweb (cweb / usdt) and continued to work with the founding team in an invisible mode. They firmly believe that this will be a revolutionary pioneer solution to the blockchain problem. We conducted a close-up interview with the CEO of coinweb, a cross chain computing platform, to deeply discuss how its technology will play a key role in this field.
        In the middle of 2017, Knut Vinger, our co-founder and chief technology officer, explained to me the problems related to blockchain. I found that this seems to be an obvious technical bottleneck that needs to be solved. I think if this technology is fully developed in the future, it will have great market potential. Then I had an epiphany! At present, coinweb has become the only solution to many problems faced by the technology field, as we predicted at that time. At a time when the whole industry of blockchain technology is still in its infancy, coinweb has determined a path to achieve its growth and development through collaborative strategies, which is quite unique in the field where most infrastructure projects directly compete with each other rather than integrate their functions and communities.
        Our core value proposition is to provide a cross chain platform (but please do not confuse it with multi chain solutions such as Polkadot) to provide unlimited expansion, speed and security enhancement in a decentralized environment that can be used in the real world environment. Coinweb takes a unique approach. It combines the innovative blockchain technology architecture with the battle proven traditional technology to solve the problems that no project can solve so far. Coinweb is building a core protocol, which is parallel to the available retail and corporate products. These products will be released before the release of the main network, including cross chain tokenization, multi tenant wallets that can be white marked, and a simple market. All these are supported by digital asset licenses in multiple jurisdictions, fully integrated legal currency to crypto track, and an experience operation team.
        We will not wait until the complete platform is completed before we try to promote the adoption of the working components of the platform. Let's take a look at the actual use of this technology: on the basis of large-scale adoption in the next three to five years, who will be its users? What platform will we build to support this vision? In short, coinweb will not be another scientific project without leaving the laboratory!. Those who participate in the blockchain field have the habit of inventing and applying new terms, and new entrants to the field often feel confused. The reality is that if one is willing to learn and apply what he has learned in this field, the project itself is no more complex than any other technical method to solve daily problems.
        Unfortunately, many parties who have been involved in some kind of crazy projects like to make it more and more complicated than the actual situation!. We are building available technologies in the short term, and will focus on pushing retail and enterprise users to the platform before the release of the main network. Anyone can build on coinweb without permission. At that time, we expect that the network effect will begin to appear. We have signed the agreement and are in the late stage of issuing cross chain tokens and building e-wallets for many well-known people with tens of millions of customers. In addition, for each layer 1 blockchain we connect to, we will integrate with existing communities, because the platform solves the problems of each chain, rather than multi chain solutions. These solutions only create new chains in their ecosystem and build communities from scratch.
        That must be a product. The focus must be on continuous construction and transportation to drive adoption momentum. A common method in this field is to build it, and they will come with an attitude. We fully agree with this idea. Coinweb will bridge the gap between the ideology of core technologies and the use of the real world, even if we have to spend some time explaining some interesting vocabulary!. Coinweb is a second level cross chain computing platform, integrated on multiple underlying blockchains. Coinweb's core value proposition is to achieve scalability through parallel execution computing (using RDOC protocol) without damaging the security and decentralized functions of the underlying first layer chain, thus successfully solving the Triple Dilemma of the blockchain.
        Coinweb brings the interoperability of blockchain to a new level without adding blockchain as a bridge or other additional consensus layers. The platform also enables smart contracts to autonomously respond to events in multiple basic chains. The import and export license of legal currency has been obtained to help increase the liquidity of the upcoming coinweb wallet and the incubation project built on coinweb. The wallet will include cross chain token function, enabling retail users to design, set up and issue their own tokens. Coinweb will also launch a more comprehensive token platform, which can be used to convert conventional assets into tokens, including financial assets, commodities, artwork, intellectual property, real estate, etc.
        Currently, two defi projects are located on the working components of the platform. The two defi projects have issued and sold stable tokens worth more than US $150 million in the past 18 months. Coinweb currently handles about 5-7% of all bitcoin cash transactions. In the first half of the year, although the car market was still deeply affected by the epidemic and the chip crisis, the recovery of China's car market was also visible under the effective domestic response; Therefore, today we will take stock of the heavy new cars that were launched in the first half of this year.
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