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Blockchain platform,Runtong online office "the last kilometer", Hangzhou took the lead in launching the electronic seal application platform of blockchain Technology

Time : 11/10/2021 Author : 7t9kqn Click : + -
        On July 17, Hangzhou, the "first city of digital economy", launched the country's first blockchain electronic seal application platform. In the future, Hangzhou's enterprises' electronic seals will be desensitized and linked to the chain, so as to realize the authenticity, traceability and non tamperability of the use of seals, and completely eliminate the risk of "radish seals". It is reported that this platform relies on the unified electronic seal platform of Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou City brain. It is under the charge of Hangzhou Data Resources Management Bureau, with the participation of Hangzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau and Hangzhou Public Security Bureau. It is jointly developed and completed with ant blockchain. At present, many printing sites have put forward new requirements for electronic seals. For example, the online declaration in the government service scene is often "tripped" in the last link, and the physical seal is still required after printing the document.
        The signing process of enterprises in different places is complex and needs to be mailed. Especially during the epidemic period, the use of physical seals cannot achieve "zero contact", which seriously affects the signing efficiency of enterprises. The original electronic seal is not equivalent to the real physical seal. The same enterprise and unit often has multiple electronic seals from multiple issuing agencies. However, the standards of issuing agencies are different, and the electronic seals are not accessible and cannot be mutually recognized, which causes troubles to enterprise management and cannot systematically track the use process of seals. Ant blockchain has a strong underlying credit capability and the world's leading blockchain patent technology. The Hangzhou blockchain electronic seal application platform launched based on this technology has realized the integration of physical seals and electronic seals for the first time, the same model and the same track. There is only one electronic seal for a single enterprise, and the signature is linked throughout the chain.
        Compared with traditional physical seals, electronic seals based on blockchain rely on cryptography technology and PKI infrastructure. Identity verification is required for each use of seals, and seal approval can also be set to record the process of using seals. Compared with other electronic seals, the electronic seal based on the blockchain is linked from the initiation and signing to the end, realizing multi-party authentication and multi node secure storage during the use of the seal, and achieving rapid verification of the evidence through the judicial department through the blockchain cross chain technology. The launch of the blockchain electronic seal application platform will greatly improve the business environment of Hangzhou. With the characteristics of the blockchain, such as non tampering and full process traceability, it solves the security problems of enterprise seal management, loss, snatching and forgery, and provides efficient and convenient public services for Hangzhou.
        At that time, Hangzhou government service seal information will be synchronized on the chain and realize safe circulation. Enterprises can also quickly verify the authenticity of official seals online, comprehensively improve the digital level of Hangzhou, and complete the upgrade from "running once at most" to "not running once". Xu Qingshan, Deputy Secretary General of Hangzhou municipal government and director of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of data, introduced that after the platform goes online, the new market entities will obtain electronic seals based on the blockchain and realize the synchronous issuance of electronic licenses and electronic seals. Registered market entities can apply through zheliban, Zhejiang government affairs service network, Hangzhou office service, Alipay, Dingding and other portals. The blockchain electronic seal application platform launched this time, as an important infrastructure built by Hangzhou Based on cutting-edge technologies, will provide assistance for the establishment of Hangzhou enterprise credit system and open the "last kilometer" of enterprise digitization.
        The blockchain electronic seal scenario application platform is a new infrastructure of the first city of the digital economy. The platform supports the use of digital signatures, handwritten signatures, u-keys, cloud electronic seals and other pan electronic seal scenarios. It is recorded through multi node authentication and multi node secure storage. It combines the characteristics of the blockchain that can not be tampered with and the whole process can be traced. It naturally conforms to the use process of seals and supports the solution of offline seal management, loss Forgery and other security issues can support the application of electronic seals safely and conveniently, and realize the change from dead seals to live seals. After the COVID-19 outbreak, enterprises have increasingly strong demands for the government to provide diversified digital services.
        During the epidemic period, business contacts were interrupted due to the use of seals. The blockchain seal solved the problem of working at home, completed the contract signing on the chain, ran through the last kilometer of working at home, and completely cured the intestinal obstruction of online office. The digitization of enterprise seals is the breakthrough of enterprise digitization, and the COVID-19 epidemic accelerated the process of enterprise digitization. Hangzhou should take the lead in deploying and leading enterprises in digitalization. After the "Hangzhou urban block chain electronic seal application platform" is launched, the new market entities will issue electronic seals synchronously after completing the industrial and commercial registration. Registered market entities can also apply for electronic seals by themselves. Through applications such as zheliban, Zhejiang provincial government affairs service network, Alipay applet, and Zhejiang government nail, the application of electronic seals can be completed in just a few steps, providing a convenient channel for verification and use.
        The traditional paper seal mode is time-consuming, easy to lose, easy to stain, difficult to file, and the cost of sending documents back and forth every year is not small. Through the use of blockchain electronic seals, enterprises can sign various matters online, avoiding the trouble of traditional mode. In addition, the use of enterprise blockchain electronic seals can be combined with the approval process to trace the use of each seal, and the approval process can be linked, which not only ensures the safety of seal use, but also reduces the cost of collaboration and trust. Therefore, the use not only does not increase the burden on the enterprise, but also reduces the cost and increases efficiency for the enterprise's operation. Compared with the traditional physical seal, the blockchain electronic seal is completely based on cryptography technology and PKI infrastructure. Each time the seal is used, the identity needs to be verified. The willingness to sign each time is verified by Alipay face brushing. In addition, the seal approval can be set and the process of each seal use can be recorded.
        In addition, compared with other electronic seals, blockchain electronic seals are linked in the whole process from the initiation of signing to the end. It can not only solve the problem of evidence storage during the seal process, but also directly view the signing records on the official website of the judicial chain. Once a judicial dispute occurs, electronic evidence can be directly verified and used by the court. During the epidemic period, Hangzhou implemented the "cloud land reading, online transaction and online contract signing" to strive to realize the process of land parcel bidding from land viewing, land reading, land selection, registration, bidding and contract signing without leaving the house and clicking the mouse. After the successful bidding of industrial land, the transferor and the transferee can directly complete the signing and notarization of the land transfer contract through the online platform without going to the site to sign the transaction confirmation and the land transfer contract, reducing the transaction cost and shortening the working time.
        The Hangzhou blockchain electronic seal application platform is an important infrastructure for the digital transformation of Hangzhou enterprises. Build a trust system for the digital economy through the support of blockchain technology, and solve the problems of "misuse of seals" and "false seals". The printing process is linked and trusted, and the government service is upgraded from "running at most once" to "not running at all". Enterprises can print credit online, optimize office processes, and effectively improve the business environment of Hangzhou. The blockchain electronic seal application platform was built by the ant blockchain team under ant group. It is a leading blockchain service provider in the world. The platform is fully open, and social and commercial organizations provide products and services that are more in line with government and business needs.
        Through the market-oriented competition mechanism, promote the innovation power of the whole society and promote the vigorous development of enterprise service industry. At present, the third-party electronic signature platform has a large number of commercial practices, and these practices can also reverse enable the platform, so that the platform can not only send electronic seals, but also make full use of electronic seals, enabling the digital economy. The blockchain electronic seal application platform is very easy to use. Through the applications such as Dingding, Alipay and zheliban, you can enter the "Hangzhou urban blockchain electronic seal application platform" to receive and use the electronic seal, verify the identity of the signer and verify the signing intention, and complete the seal. Government service platforms such as Zhejiang provincial government service network and Qinqing online will also provide user-friendly tutorials and operation videos to guide users.
        The blockchain electronic seal application platform is the infrastructure of the digital economy. The platform is open to the public. Qualified third-party electronic signature platforms can apply to join the platform to provide electronic seal services. The user authorizes the third-party electronic signature platform to use its blockchain electronic seal through the platform, and the signing service is provided by the third-party electronic signature platform. If the relevant signing process involves a party not using the blockchain electronic seal, the third-party electronic signature platform can provide the seal making and signing service. Support mutual recognition and trust between blockchain electronic seals and non blockchain electronic seals. In addition, if the signing process involves one party using an offline physical seal, the platform can also embed a digital watermark invisible to the naked eye in the text, so that the authenticity of the seal and document can still be verified even after the electronic document is printed.
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